What to feed a rat

Before giving in to a child in a request to buy a decorative rat, think about whether you can handle it. Believe me, your baby will play, but rather torment the animal, and everything else, both care and the stress received by the rat, will fall on your shoulders.

But if comfortable living conditions have already been created for the rodent, it remains to think about its nutrition.

What to feed a decorative rat?

It should be noted that domesticated rats are no less smart and quick-witted than their wild relatives. Moreover, all the actions performed by the rodent are funny and very cute. They constantly wash themselves, take food with their front paws-handles and bring it to their mouths – well, mini-people, and nothing more!

What can you feed a rat?

Yes, to begin with, let’s find out how to diversify the rat diet. Babies are omnivorous, but not everything that they may like should be given to them. Various cereals, nuts, carrots and other vegetables, crackers – all this tough food will help the rat grind down its ever-growing front teeth.

Cereals and greens are excellent helpers in maintaining the health of a pet, a storehouse of vitamins and fiber with carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables promote good digestion. Fish and meat are protein foods, where without it.

Like all living things in the world, a rat needs drinking water. But it should always be fresh, so change it every day. Borscht, soups and broths are very much respected by the rat brethren. So from your table – to their table – you will dine together. Moreover, the mood will rise. It’s so funny to watch a rodent catch potatoes or cabbage from a liquid dish.

Rats also need calcium. Therefore, do not forget about dairy products. Plain milk, fermented baked milk are also suitable. Do not give fatty and sweet dairy products only. And make sure when your pet nibbles on a vegetable or fruit so that he does not swallow the bone, there is very harmful hydrocyanic acid. what to feed a decorative ratIt is better if you remove the harmfulness yourself in advance.

And now a list of the most important rat foods. They must be given to the animal every day – garlic, fish oil, yeast, plums, chalk, eggplant, bananas and tomato juice.

What can’t you feed a rat?

In no case should you feed a rat fatty and sweet, this can lead to many diseases. Raw meat and citrus fruits are also blacklisted. Salty, like spicy, is strictly prohibited. And don’t try to fool around and give the rat an alcoholic drink. They quickly get used to it and then cannot live without it.