Unpretentious fish for the aquarium

Often, many novice aquarists make miscalculations that lead to the death of underwater inhabitants. The best solution is to purchase some of the most unpretentious and inexpensive fish for the aquarium first. After a few months, when the ecosystem becomes stable, and you deal with all the problems, it will be possible to gradually expand the number of species of inhabitants.

What are the most unpretentious fish for an aquarium:

Guppy. Any such list is better to start with guppies. These viviparous creatures are omnivores and forgive mistakes even for inexperienced children. Their females are grayish and do not stand out as an exotic species, but males always look good in an aquarium, differing in the original color of the tail and body.

Unpretentious fish for an aquarium 1

Sword-bearers. Swordtails are such a common species that even those people who have never dealt with aquariums know about them. They are slightly larger than guppies, but they are distinguished by a peaceful disposition and calmly get along with their neighbors. These creatures got their name because of the shape of the tail, vaguely reminiscent of a medieval sword. If you are looking for an unpretentious fish for a small or medium aquarium, then there are no better contenders to be found.

Unpretentious fish for an aquarium 2

Danio rerio. Another candidate for beginners can be called zebrafish, which amaze with their resistance to adverse conditions. True, we note that in the absence of proper aeration, they look more lethargic and stay mainly in the upper layer of water. The most impressive zebrafish look in the form of a small flock.

Unpretentious fish for an aquarium 3

Gourami. Gourami come in pearl, marble, honey, gold, and other exotic colors. In nature, they often live in stagnant water, therefore, these fish are not demanding for aeration; it is unnecessary to create a strong current in the aquarium for them.

Unpretentious fish for an aquarium 4

Neons. These cute fish are tiny in size, but in flocks they look quite colorful. Provide them with good nutrition, lighting, weekly water changes, and they will delight you with their amusing games for a long time.

Unpretentious fish for an aquarium 5

Barbus. If a beginner aquarist likes active flocking creatures, then he should definitely pay attention to moving barbs. You can find fish of this type of cherry color, ruby, green, mother-of-pearl, with transverse or longitudinal stripes.

Unpretentious fish for an aquarium 6

Tetras. Tetras are also unpretentious and quickly adapt to the conditions of detention, but they need aquariums with a volume of at least 30 liters and good aeration. There are fish of this type of golden color, copper, silver, pink, blue. The largest is the royal tetra, which grows up to 6 cm.

Unpretentious fish for an aquarium 7

Catfish tarakatum. Our hardy aquarium fish are instantly recognizable by a pair of long upper antennae and a pair of short lower antennae. Coloring in catfish can vary from hazel to light cream, usually darkening noticeably with age.

Unpretentious fish for an aquarium 8

Pecilia. Pecilia are able to live in small vessels, where there are dense thickets of plants and free space in the center. Many lovers successfully keep a couple of these peaceful fish even in five-liter jars.

Unpretentious fish for an aquarium 9

Black mollies. The main condition for keeping these beautiful unpretentious fish is a constant temperature of the aquatic environment and a sufficient amount of plant food in the aquarium. Molliesia grows in good conditions up to 20 cm. The volume of the tank must be at least 60 liters – 100 liters, otherwise it will be cramped.

Unpretentious fish for an aquarium 10