Dogs that do not shed: the best breeds and the nuances of caring for them

Getting rid of dog hair during molting is not easy. She pursues the owners everywhere and everywhere, remains on clothes and furniture. In this article, you will learn about whether there are non-shedding dog breeds suitable for an apartment, what are their features, and what are the nuances of caring for these pets.


If you are sure that there are dogs in the world that are unable to shed, then you are deeply mistaken. Absolutely all dogs periodically get rid of unwanted hair. But the scale of this phenomenon in different breeds is different. There are pets in which wool falls out in very small quantities completely imperceptibly and does not have an unpleasant odor. This is happiness for the owners.

It is easy to keep such a dog in a city apartment: there is no need to carry out a thorough cleaning every day and constantly clean things from dog hair.

Dogs that are considered non-shedders are divided into several groups:

  • wire-haired animals have a soft and delicate undercoat, coarse and hard outer coat, which practically does not fall off;
  • curly-haired friends of a person also do not dot everything around them with their hair, but their attractive fur coat needs careful care: pets get dirty, collect garbage on wool during a walk;
  • representatives of naked and almost naked breeds – exotic animals, they do not part with wool, since it is absent, they may have a smell characteristic of naked animals, which is not like the smell of a dog.

List of breeds


People who select a decorative companion dog for keeping in a city apartment should pay attention to a few small non-molting species.

  • Yorkshire Terrier. This is a brave and fearless friend. Cheerful, playful, he gets along well with children and is suitable for keeping in a large family. The dog does not have an undercoat, which can cause a lot of anxiety when shedding.

  • Scott Terrier. This is a representative class dog – a favorite of actors and presidents. In Russia, she became popular thanks to the People’s Artist of the Soviet Union Mikhail Rumyantsev – a clown named Pencil. The famous comedian did not find a better stage partner than the faithful and kind Scottish terrier Klyaksa.

The coat of the dog is hard, the undercoat is thick and dense.

  • West Highland White Terrier. These dogs are very energetic and do not know peace. The charming snow-white coat is harsh, and the undercoat is dense and thick. These are excellent hunters, but city dwellers are happy to breed them in apartments as pets.

  • Chinese crested dog. This is a funny creature, completely devoid of hair on the body. Long fringes are only on the muzzle, on the ears and paws. There are individuals covered with a rare thin fluff.

A pet requires careful attitude, care and attention.

  • Shih Tzu. The birthplace of a pet incredibly similar to a lion cub is China. The dog accompanied the emperor of China everywhere, he will accompany you wherever you go. The kind cute creature does not shed, does not smell and does not cause allergies.

  • brussels griffon. The heart of this dog will forever be devoted to only one owner, and the animal will treat the rest of the household with caution. Excessive attention spoils his character: the griffon becomes wayward and spoiled. Reasonable severity in education will not hurt.

The wool of the wire-haired Griffons does not cause trouble for the owners.

  • Bichon Frise. This cheerful creature is a lap dog from France, a faithful companion and favorite of royalty. Astrakhan Bichon will be friendly with children. He is always ready for the bustle and unrestrained fun. He needs space, so the ideal place for him to live is a large apartment.

  • Poodles: toy and miniature. These are smart and kind dogs with high intelligence, wonderful and loyal friends. There will be no smell or wool in the house. An active animal requires long walks, attention and careful care.

  • Maltese. This charming, sweet and gentle aristocrat can be kind and obedient or spoiled capricious, depending on how you educate. This lap dog is suitable for older people leading a measured lifestyle.

Bolonki from Malta are the owners of a long luxurious fur coat.

  • Affenpinscher. The main qualities of the breed: high intelligence and fearlessness. Despite the miniature size, the character of the dog is not “pocket”. The animal’s hair does not remain on household items and does not cause allergies, but the pet requires care.

  • Lhasa apso. This small dog is very proud and courageous in character. She will protect you, guard the house and give affection. The coat of the pet is long, hard, with a soft undercoat.

There will be no wool in the house, but daily combing and weekly bathing will have to be done.


This group also includes a large number of breeds.

  • Basenji. A dog that cannot bark has conquered the world with its quick wit and friendliness. Pets get along well with children and other animals. Suitable for people with an active lifestyle.

Non-shedding Basenji is very clean and has no smell.

  • Medium poodle. From other representatives of this breed, dogs differ only in size. These are not only magnificent circus performers, but also true friends and security guards. They behave intelligently and do not bark for no reason. Lush wool will not crumble in your home with a carpet and hang in tufts on clothes, but caring for it is very troublesome.

  • Mexican hairless dog. It has hair only on the head in the form of a funny tuft. The animal is great for allergy sufferers. The nature of the pets is flexible and sociable, they are very playful, but obedient.

  • American Hairless Terrier. The animal requires careful attitude and constant care, and in return it will delight with devotion and love. He loves children very much, enjoys playing and talking with them.

Caring for a pet, like any bald dog, is thorough.

  • miniature schnauzer. A brave friend, smart, cheerful and very active. The dog has a hard coat with a dense undercoat. Regular trimming and clipping is a must.

  • Norfolk Terrier. Representatives of this breed are very kind, quick-witted, obedient and unpretentious in care. This dog is a godsend for the lazy. It does not require daily brushing.

Trimming is carried out once a year.

  • Wheaten Terrier. Dogs of this breed can live both in a city apartment and in a country house. The dog is friendly and obedient. Skillful upbringing will help overcome her natural stubbornness. Kindness and affection are a guarantee that the Wheaten Terrier will become your friend.

  • welsh terrier. A friendly dog ​​will keep you and other animals company. The dog is active, restless, cocky, self-confident and sometimes naughty, but not aggressive. She just likes to show her character.

To keep this animal, the apartment must be spacious.

  • Tibetan Terrier. This is a wonderful friend and guard for your family. If you are away often and for a long time, then you should not start this breed in a city apartment: the animal will begin to yearn, its neighbors will be disturbed by its barking and howling.

The biggest

It is worth highlighting the largest dogs that do not shed.

  • Giant Schnauzer. This giant handsome man is an excellent hunter, a loyal friend and an excellent watchman. A large dog needs a lot of mental and physical stress. Definitely need a course of study and training. Giant Schnauzer does not shed and does not smell like a dog. Hard wool requires constant care, otherwise it falls into tangles.

  • Airedale. An unpretentious and kind dog in the house takes up a lot of space, but does not require much care. The coat of the dog is hard, ostevaya, resembles a wire. The animal is suitable for a large active family with children.

  • Russian black terrier. This huge good man will become everyone’s favorite. And his love is enough for everyone, from young to old. This is an excellent watchman, protector and friend. The thick coat of a pet requires proper and timely care.

  • Kerry blue terrier. This dog will brighten up your leisure. He wants to always be close to his loved ones, but he never gets in the way. This is a good friend and companion. The dog has a strong physique and excellent health.

  • Portuguese water dog. Bred specifically to help fishermen, she swims beautifully. Dense curly wool has water-repellent properties.

Rigid villi do not fall on the floor and furniture, do not cling to clothes.

  • Whippet. This is a family English dog that lives perfectly in an apartment. He is friendly with children and other animals, obedient and non-aggressive. The dog does not need special care, constant cleaning of wool is not needed. The animal has a very short pile, which falls out in small quantities and is extremely rare.

  • Greyhound hound. The most popular in Tsarist Russia, thin-legged and tall aristocrats with long hair or smooth hair, will not decorate your home with their hair. Dogs don’t smell bad either.

The nature of the greyhound is lazy, you need to pay a lot of attention to its upbringing.

  • Commander. This dog has a very unusual appearance. The animal has a lot of wool, and it resembles coarsely chopped homemade noodles, which covers the body of the animal with a continuous cloak to the very ground. The felt suit of the commander is not combed, but, if necessary, unraveled with his hands.

So that the dog does not get dirty, and the bundles of wool do not fall into tangles, the pet needs clothes. The dog is smart, highly organized, non-aggressive, gets along with other animals.

Despite such an exotic look, she feels great in a city apartment.

Care rules

If the dog does not shed, does not emit an unpleasant odor and does not cause allergies, this does not mean that it does not need care. Rather, on the contrary, these animals need proper timely care, which is as follows:

  • pets that do not shed their hair on their own need to be combed regularly;
  • dogs with a medium hard outer coat must be trimmed in the salon or do it yourself;
  • long-haired dogs need to be combed out and bathed in a timely manner so that the animal does not form tangles;
  • regular grooming in the salon and a haircut are mandatory procedures for dogs such as poodles, lapdogs, Yorkshires;
  • it is necessary to regularly clean the skin of animals from dead particles and prevent the appearance of dandruff in order to avoid irritation and dermatitis, especially in short-haired and hairless dogs; for this, they purchase special gloves and sanitary napkins for animals;
  • it is necessary to regularly clean the ears and wash the eyes, keep the animal’s oral cavity in order;
  • do all the necessary vaccinations and give vitamins.

Hairless dogs require special care. They are afraid of cold and drafts, and the sultry sun can leave burns on delicate skin. Dogs of these breeds definitely need clothing that protects the body.

Bathing such animals is necessary more often than others in order to wash off the dust and secretions that may occur on the skin. Long-haired pets also need a wardrobe that protects them from bad weather, dirt and insects that cause serious illness.

Carefully follow the rules for caring for the dog you choose, then your house and clothes will be clean. If the animal suddenly began to molt profusely, be sure to contact your veterinarian.

How to choose?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a dog breed.

For what purpose are you buying a pet:

  • this is a future little companion that you can easily hold in your arms and carry with you everywhere – such a dog should have a minimum weight, be sociable and peaceful towards others;
  • you want to have a family friend and a favorite of children – the dog must be cheerful, active, non-aggressive and well-mannered, patient with childish antics;
  • choose a guard and a watchman – a large dog, strong and hardy, will do;
  • you need a friend for an active pastime – the animal must be active, capable and hardy, well trainable.

Analyze how much time you and your loved ones are willing to devote to your pet:

  • many decorative dogs just need your presence nearby, at home, on the couch, and most dogs of medium and large breeds need some exercise and long walks in the fresh air;
  • if you are not lazy, you will be able to take care of any breed; for those who do not want to strain, often comb and cut the animal, it is better to choose a non-shedding dog that requires a minimum of time for grooming.

Think about how comfortable living with a dog will be: whether you have other pets in the house, a park or a dog park near the house, whether you can spend money on expensive grooming, clothing or training.

What to feed?

The nutrition of non-shedding dogs is fundamentally no different from feeding dogs of other breeds. The menu of animals should contain all the vital vitamins, macro- and microelements, then the dog will be healthy and will not cause any problems to its owners.

For nutrition, it can be used as ready-made feed premium, super premium and holistic, as well as food carefully prepared by the owners from natural products. When using ready-made feeds, it will be enough to take into account the required serving size and the manufacturer’s recommendations on the package.

The natural menu is often combined with vitamin complexes, which the veterinarian should recommend.

In order for the animal to remain in good shape, it is enough to adhere to the following simple rules:

  • adult dogs are fed 2 times a day;
  • puppies are fed more often: up to 3 months – up to 6 times a day, from 3 months – 4 times a day, and after 6 months they gradually reduce food to 2 times by 10 months;
  • pets should always have fresh water;
  • it is forbidden to give bones, sweet, salty and spicy;
  • with a natural diet, the diet requires lean meat, sea fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and cereals.

For more information about dogs that do not shed, see the following video.