Minskin cats are not so common in Russian apartments. The fact is that kittens of this breed are extremely rare, and you can buy a real purebred Minskin practically only in America. However, those who decided to buy such a kitten never regretted their choice. The short-legged cheerful pet quickly conquers all households with its charm, leaving no one indifferent.

Origin story

The first Minskin kitten appeared in the USA in 2000. Work on breeding a new breed began a couple of years earlier in Boston. The breeder Paul McSorley wished to develop a short-legged cat with shaded areas of hair in the style of the Siamese breed. Already by 2005, Paul was able to achieve the birth of 50 cats that fully met his requirements. To obtain the Minskin, a hairless Canadian Sphynx and a short-legged Munchkin were crossed.

Later, Burmese cats and Devon Rex provided assistance in breeding the breed. The result was somewhat similar to Bambino cats, the kitten was born with short legs and unusually silky skin.

Due to the fact that the first kitten was born quite recently, the breed is considered young and even experimental, and therefore very rare. Work on improving the breed continues at the present time. In 2008, Minskins were allowed to participate in exhibitions and received recognition from the International Cat Association. To date, there are a little more than 100 individuals of this amazing breed in the world.


The size of a purebred adult cat is semi-cobby. The figure of the animal resembles a Munchkin, of which it is a cross between. The growth is rather low, and the neck is long. The weight of an adult individual is up to three kilograms.

According to the standards of the International Cat Association, the purebred Minskin has the following standards:

  • round broad head, pronounced chin, muzzle short and wide, mustache pads embossed, neck flexible and well developed;
  • the ears are large, tense, wide, the tips are slightly rounded, wide at the base, there are cats with hairless ears;
  • eyes are round, large, wide-set, look expectant, sensitive, somewhat perplexed;
  • the nose at the end has a slight bend, no hump;
  • whiskers in different specimens are rare, broken, in some individuals there are no whiskers;
  • the body seems long, in the hips the line of the spine is slightly raised, the wide chest has strong muscles;
  • the paws are short, above and below the knee joint they have the same distance, the hind limbs are somewhat longer than the front ones;
  • the tail is longer than the body, the diameter narrows from the base to the tip, the end of the tail is slightly blunt;
  • coat is short; fur points are observed on the muzzle, ears, paws, on the tail and under the tail; there are specimens with fur paws, hips, shoulders, but a hairless belly;
  • at a young age, some individuals have noticeable folds in the skin, borrowed from the sphinx;
  • the color of cats is solid, tortie, tabby, coloring with white inclusions, colorpoint coloring is considered popular.


Despite their short stature, Minskins are very active, agile and nimble animals. They easily climb on a hill, easily jump on cabinets and other pieces of furniture. Their manner of movement resembles ferrets. These are curious cats and cats, but not so self-confident. Minskins lend themselves well to training, as they have high intelligence, in relation to humans, these individuals are quite accommodating, they learn quickly and think well.

Despite their curious nature, these cats are not particularly courageous. They are very fond of care, attention and do not withstand loneliness. The Minskin cat prefers to always be in the zone of attention of its owner, she likes to follow his movements, participate in household chores, follow the owner. And although the cat loves affection, she tries not to impose it on the owner. If the owner goes on vacation, it is recommended to take the pet with you.

He will not cause problems due to his accommodating and ability to quickly adapt to new conditions, and at home alone he will yearn and may even get sick.

Individuals of this breed get along well with other animals, even with another cat, the male representative of the Minskin will find contact. Excellent these cats are dogs, birds, rodents. This animal does not need walking in the fresh air, the cat feels quite comfortable in a city apartment. She does not need a large area. The mischievous nature and desire to play in this breed persists into old age, so it is recommended to change toys often.

Do not forget to arrange a separate rest house for your pet and equip a scratching post.

Conditions of detention

There is nothing complicated in caring for the Minskin, this animal does not need any special conditions. Every day it is recommended to comb the points on the cat’s body, for this use a brush with soft natural bristles. It is required to regularly smooth the body with a damp sponge and wipe the tear ducts with a cotton swab. Bathing is carried out 2-3 times a month, use shampoo for short-haired cats for this procedure.

Do not use hygiene and cosmetic products.

Take your pet to the vet for a monthly dental cleaning. Examine the ears once a week, and if necessary, remove dirt and wax from the ears with a cotton pad. Once a month it is recommended to cut the claws of the Minskin. Regularly wipe the cat’s tail with some kind of degreaser. The fact is that all cats have sebaceous glands hidden under the coat on the outer side of the caudal process, while in Minskins they are not hidden by anything, and therefore the tail requires special care.

Do not use alcohol based products.

Due to their quick wits, kittens are quite quickly accustomed to the tray, buto these are very clean animals, and if the owner did not clean the pot on time, a neat pet can go to the toilet in a cleaner place, which will cause dissatisfaction of the owner. Therefore, do not forget to carefully clean the animal’s toilet.

Cat nutrition should be dry and wet food of premium and super premium classes. In the USA, it is customary to feed these cats exclusively with purchased food, as they balance all the elements necessary for the pet’s health. In Russia, some owners occasionally pamper their cats with natural food, but here it is important not to offer food “off the table”. The natural diet of any cat should include boiled meat and fish, cottage cheese, vegetables.

Despite their small size, the daily allowance is the same as for cats of other breeds, however, it is recommended to feed Minskins more often, since they do not have additional heating in the form of wool and therefore energy is processed faster.

Visit your veterinarian regularly and deworm your cat once a quarter. To date, the breed has been little studied, and there is practically no information about its health. However, it is already known that representatives of the Minskins are prone to allergies and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. To avoid the problems of posture curvature and chest deformity, it is important for the pet to provide a daily motor load.

It is allowed to cross cats of this breed with sphinxes, munchkins, burmese or domestic short-haired cat. On average, representatives of the breed live 10-14 years.

See below for a video about the features of the Minskin cat breed.