best cat food

Proper nutrition is important not only for humans, but also for our four-legged friends. Cats are especially finicky eaters, so food selection will be one of the most important steps in caring for pets.

Veterinarians recommend giving preference to natural food. But not everyone has enough time and money to create daily balanced portions for a little fluffy.

Our article will save you time and money by suggesting which food is the best for cats and which product will become your pets favorite treat.

Feed types

Experts unanimously agree that the best food for cats is a varied and balanced diet, in which all types of food take place.

  1. canned food. Such food is adored by both baby kittens and adults. Canned food will be the best option for pets who do not drink enough fluids. A distinctive characteristic of the product is a high level of humidity. Sealed packaging will allow you to store the product for a long time.
  2. Dry food. Due to its hardness, such food allows cats to clean their teeth well from plaque. The best dry food for those cats that are left unattended for a long time. Croquettes remain edible for several days.
  3. Important! Provide the animal with a sufficient amount of drink, which will be freely available to the cat at all times.

  4. Wet food. Food in this category is small pieces in a liquid sauce. The moisture level is much lower than in canned food.
  5. Important! If the cat did not eat the entire portion, then the rest will have to be thrown away. After opening the package, the product is not recommended to be stored. The best wet cat food is the one that comes in small bags.

Feed types: rating

The classification depends on the characteristics of the composition: the ratio of meat and offal, nutrients, the presence of preservatives, flavors. Our rating will help determine the best cat food.

  1. Economy class products have one advantage that is important enough for most consumers, cost.
  2. Ingredients: cereals, cellulose, by-products. Meat is no more than 5%. Manufacturers add prohibited preservatives, dyes and other ingredients to this class of feed.

  3. Premium food has a better composition. But even in the presence of real meat, such a product contains components that can harm the health of a four-legged pet. The advantage of this food is nutritional value.
  4. Famous brands: Natural Choice, Royal Canin, Bozita, Happy Cat, Matisse.

  5. Super premium class differs in the use of high-quality components, with a minimum amount of dyes, preservatives and thickeners.

Among the popular manufacturers: 1st Chice, Arden, Holistic, Pro Nature, Profile Adult Cat.