small aquarium

In most cases, people who suddenly become interested in aquarism and want to have this miracle at home start with small volumes in order to learn everything and make sure that it really captivates them so much that a large piece of the underwater world of 200 liters can become the next stage.

It must be said that a small aquarium for beginners can be quite full in beauty and fit very harmoniously into the environment. With a little imagination and providing the underwater inhabitants with everything they need, you can decorate a coffee table, your own desktop and a shelf in the living room or in the nursery with such an aquarium.

small aquarium care

If you choose the shape of such an aquarium, it is better to give preference to a traditional cube or parallelepiped, rather than a huge glass or ball. The fact is that in such round-shaped aquariums it is more difficult to attach a filter and a compressor, and without them the fish will not be able to live for a long time. In addition, curved walls are more difficult to clean with a scraper.

It should be said right away that if you buy a small aquarium with the idea that it is easier to care for it, this is not true. Caring for him is more difficult than for a huge two-hundred-liter giant. The fact is that in a small amount of water, waste products of fish and uneaten food accumulate faster, its walls quickly overgrow with green fringe, it is more difficult to control the temperature in it and more frequent water changes and cleaning of the bottom with walls are required.

In general, there are a lot of difficulties with a small aquarium. In addition, it is desirable to always have a supply of settled water for emergency replacement of a quarter of the total volume.

In order not to aggravate the situation, do not place the aquarium near a window and sunlight. It is also necessary to adjust the duration of the daylight hours – from 6 hours at the beginning of the arrangement of the aquarium to 10 hours by the time the biobalance is stabilized.

Decorating a small aquarium

Continuing the theme of the complexity of caring for a small aquarium, it must be said that it is really difficult to find the optimal ratio of fish, plants, decor in it to create biological balance and harmony. So, who to put into your mini-aquarium?

The fish should be small in size in order to feel comfortable in a small amount of water. And there shouldn’t be too many of them. By nature, they should be peaceful and calm.

You can combine several types of fish if they have the same maintenance requirements. For example, it can be guppies, gourami, golden and cherry barbs. They all fit well and look great together.

A small pond with one goldfish or one cockerel looks great. An aquarium with a small school of neon or zebrafish looks amazing.

Decorate a small aquarium with small pieces of moss, Microsorum, Anublas and Vesicularia plants. Do not oversaturate the aquarium with vegetation and decorative elements, leave more space for the free movement of its main inhabitants.

small marine aquarium

A marine aquarium is considered small if its volume is less than 100 liters. For starters, you can try to build a simple aquarium and make it viable.

For basic equipment, you will need a fluorescent, fluorescent, or metal halide lamp with a color temperature of 10,000 K, 12,000 K, or 20,000 K. It will need an actinic lamp that produces a deep purple light that allows some fish and corals to fluoresce. For a normal aquarium, 12 watts per liter of water is enough, if the corals are more rigid, 24 watts per liter of water can be used.

Use a 50W or 75W EboJager heater to heat water. Although it is likely that in a small aquarium you will not need heating, but the heat emitted by the backlight will be enough.

You will also need a small Powerhead pump with 20 rpm and a filter – external, internal or wet-dry filter. And it is best to have a filter system with a sump to remove organics, a mechanical filter, a chemical and calcium reactor for stony coral reefs.