silica gel for cat litter

Once known and actively used only in industry, silica gel at some point made its way into cat trays. This was due to the fact that the material has a unique hygroscopicity and the ability to absorb odors. Such important properties for cat litter could not go unnoticed, therefore, for some time now, bags with the inscriptions “silica gel cat litter” have begun to appear on the shelves of pet stores.

What kind of silica gel is used for cat litter?

It would be reasonable to ask the question: is industrial silica gel different from those that are packaged in bags and sold in specialty stores with pet products? The difference in cost is noticeable, and I want to understand – do I need to overpay, or can I buy silica gel at a chemical warehouse?

By and large, any silica gel is a transparent or tinted silica granules. Chemically, this material is completely inert, that is, it cannot harm the health of the animal. And the inscriptions that it was cleaned and somehow processed before becoming a cat litter are very doubtful from the point of view of chemistry.

When you open a bag of “cat litter”, you will see no less dust than in a bag of industrial silica gel, so the mention of its cleaning or additional antibacterial impregnation is more likely a marketing ploy. So, when choosing which silica gel is best for cat litter, do not try to buy products from the most expensive companies.

Undoubtedly, as a cat litter, silica gel is a good option because it absorbs a lot of moisture and odor before it wears out and needs to be replaced. This is much more convenient than removing lumps of fallen sawdust or sand.

On average, 8 kg of silica gel filler is enough to fill a toilet for one cat for a period of 2-3 weeks without the need to replace it. Just do not blindly believe the assurances of sellers that the color indicator granules will signal you the need to replace the filler. As a rule, the resource of granules comes out much earlier than their color changes. silica gel for cat litter1So here again we can talk about advertising tricks.

Specifications of silica gel cat litter

When choosing silica gel (in a pet store or in a chemical warehouse), be guided by parameters such as:

  • grain size – 2-8 mm;
  • mass fraction of grains – 95%;
  • bulk density – 430 g/m3;
  • moisture capacity – 5.1-85.6% depending on the relative humidity in the room.