silica gel cat litter

There are several different types of cat litter on the pet products market, they differ in their quality indicators, in composition and each has its own positive aspects and disadvantages.

Silica gel litter for cats appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already managed to gain popularity among pet owners for its high hygienic properties, as well as the ability to cope with odor.

Silica gel cat litter, having a unique material structure based on silica gel (polysilicic acid), does not stick to the paws of the animal, it is able to quickly absorb moisture, due to which it is dry in the tray for quite a long time. This material is non-toxic, chemically its composition resembles ordinary sand, which is a very important quality, because a pet often licks its paws after going to the toilet. The same property allows it to be disposed of as the simplest garbage.

Silica gel cat litter granules resemble small pieces of glass, which looks quite aesthetically pleasing – even after use, the litter does not look like a viscous, unpleasant mass. Completely absorbing moisture, it allows the pet’s paws to remain dry and not spread small particles throughout the apartment.

Silica gel cat litter has another very important quality: it does not cause allergic reactions in animals. This product, being quite expensive at first glance, quickly pays for itself due to the cost-effectiveness of the packaging, it is enough to use for a month.

Clumping silica gel filler

Clumping silica gel litter is ideal if one pet lives in the apartment, because after the cat has gone to the toilet, the lump should have time to dry, become hard, then it can be easily removed from the tray without changing all its contents. The toilet should be cleaned daily, removing lumps and solid waste.

Before you start using the silica gel filler, you should carefully read the instructions so that later you do not complain that moisture, glass, has stuck to the bottom of the tray and stuck to it, along with particles of the filler. In order for the filler to properly clump and remove an unpleasant odor, it should be poured in a layer of 8-10 cm, at least.

Which silica gel filler to choose?

Fillers that perfectly absorb moisture, eliminate sharp, unpleasant odors, prevent the spread of bacteria and require replacement only once a month, provided that solid waste is removed on time, are fillers of the brand “Trixie Fresh and Easy”, “Best Pat”, “Mr. wedge”. They are quite expensive, but they fully justify their price with high quality.

More acceptable cost and sufficiently high quality have fillers of such foreign brands, silica gel cat litter1like the American “Fresh Step” manufactured by Clorox. One of the best imported fillers is “Catsan”, made in Germany – it contains natural minerals, it is light, has high absorbent abilities.

We should not ignore the products of domestic manufacturers, such brands as Murzik, Our Brand and Kotyara – they have proven themselves on the positive side and enjoy well-deserved popularity.

It is very important to maintain hygiene in the cat litter box – this affects the health of the animal, so you should choose a filler that will suit your pet and will not cause him negative feelings.