Signs of childbirth in a cat

If wild animals learn to cope with all pressing problems on their own, then many pets have lost their most important instincts and need the help of their owners. In addition, breeders and simple lovers, who always take their wards seriously, try to do everything so that the offspring of the wards are born viable and healthy. Therefore, they always know how the birth of a cat begins, how much time has passed since mating, in order to be 100% ready for this important event.

How is pregnancy in cats?

A healthy animal practically does not need intervention in the process of pregnancy. Most often it lasts from 60 to 65 days. True, sometimes this period can be shorter or longer by a week or even ten days. Much depends on the physical data of the fluffy mother, her breed, the size of the offspring.

Already after 3 weeks after mating, you can see some first signs that the cat will soon give birth. The animal becomes demanding for caresses, its rhythm of life will change, activity decreases. Sometimes there are vomiting in cats, the mammary glands change color. On palpation, the doctor is able to see an increase in the size of the uterus.

By the 6th week, the babies inside the womb are growing up, which causes a rounding of the cat’s torso. You can feel them with your hands during the examination and there is no doubt that your ward is pregnant. The expectant mother tries to sleep more and eat well, otherwise she behaves calmly. By the 9th week, the mammary glands swell significantly, and colostrum is secreted from them at times. By this time, pale discharge sometimes occurs from the uterus. Animals periodically search for a place where they can equip a lair.

Signs of early labor in a cat

  1. A day or two before the scheduled date, the body temperature of the woman in labor decreases (it becomes about 37 °).
  2. The cat tries to carefully lick the reddened genitals.
  3. The nipples become hot and pour as much as possible.
  4. Uterine contractions 4-8 hours before birth cause characteristic movements in animals that can be compared with “humping”.
  5. The cat becomes restless and may call for help. It happens that some females, on the contrary, try to hide in secluded places.
  6. Feeling the tummy with your palms, you can notice the first contractions – this means the beginning of the opening of the cervix.
  7. The main signs of an approaching birth in your cat are the arching of the back of the woman in labor, contractions visible with the usual eye, the animals squat or lie down on their side. All this indicates that within the next hour babies will appear.