Saluki - description, history and breed standard, features of character and color

One of the most ancient breeds of hunting dogs is the Saluki. Animals are distinguished by delicacy, nobility, elegance, intelligence. Tall and lean, the dog was bred for hunting small game without a gun and participating in long-distance races. Representatives of this breed are also called gazelle dog, Persian or Arabian greyhound.

Description of the Saluki breed

The outwardly elegant Persian greyhound is distinguished by incredible activity and speed. The animal is difficult to train, ambition and willfulness prevent the establishment of the necessary contact with a person. They obey only those who have shown the makings of a leader and the necessary level of rigidity. Representatives of the Saluki breed prefer to live by their own rules, slightly moving away from others.

The watchdog qualities of gazelle dogs tend to zero, they rarely give a voice and are extremely friendly. Life expectancy with proper maintenance ranges from 11-15 years. Saluki features are:

  • narrow, but proportional to the body head;
  • slanting elongated eyes;
  • long mobile ears, set high and covered with hair;
  • “Bulldog” grip with teeth;
  • tight tucked up stomach;
  • broad muscular back;
  • silky, but at the same time dense coat;
  • strong legs with “steel” muscles.

saluki description

History of the Saluki

It is not known for certain when the Arabian greyhound appeared. The found rock paintings and remains indicate that dogs began to purposefully breed 5-6 thousand years ago. The habitat of animals is ancient Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Syria, Anatolia, Arabia. For many years, the dog population lived in isolation in the Arab nomadic tribes, as a result of which the appearance and characteristics of the animal have remained unchanged until our times. In Europe, the first individuals appeared in 1895.

Saluki Standard

In 2000, the FCI classification regulation No. 269 was published. According to it, the Saluki, as a breed of dog, belongs to the group of greyhounds of the long-haired section with feathering. The country of origin is Iran. The main characteristics of the breed:

  • male growth within 65-71 cm, females – 58-65 cm;
  • weight – 17-30 kg;
  • the coat is smooth or in the form of feathers, always elongated on the ears and with feathering on the hind legs and tail;
  • low set and very long tail with a narrowing at the end;
  • the nose is chocolate or black;
  • general appearance is taut and harmonious;
  • the neck is long with a spectacular bend;
  • movements are fast but smooth;
  • temperament is calm, restrained, up to aloofness, without excessive aggression.


Saluki character

Self-loving animals have a fine mental organization. Being near them, you can not raise your voice and show your irritation. It does not matter at all to whom the angry words are addressed. As soon as he hears the raised tone, the Saluki dog moves away from the source of the noise. The Arabian greyhound obeys only its owner, it is pointless to demand obedience in relation to the rest of the environment. Although at the same time the animal treats any familiar people friendly and friendly.

The dog is distinguished by intelligence, delicacy, poise, unpretentiousness in communication. Representatives of the breed do not require attention from the owner, but do not impose their own. At the same time, if a Saluki greyhound is left to herself for a long time, then this may end up with her having fun on her own. The pranks of the animal are far from harmless, everything can end in a smashed room, damaged furniture, shoes or clothes.

Saluki color

There are no restrictions on the color of the coat of dogs, only brindle colors and signs of albinism are subject to culling. Most representatives of the Saluki breed have the following shades:

Saluki – care

The true representatives of the arid climate, which are genetically inherent unpretentiousness to living conditions and tolerance to heat, do not require any special care. It is necessary to regularly comb out the coat, occasionally bathe, systematically clean the ear canals and trim the nails. Most of all, the gazelle dog needs long and active walks, where she can run around and show her temperament, agility and endurance.

Representatives of this breed love space, warmth in the cold season and soft beds. It is best to keep the animal in a country house with a closed yard; a cramped apartment is not suitable for living in a Saluki. In winter, the dog is cold and uncomfortable, so it is best to keep it at home, moving it to an outdoor enclosure with the arrival of warm days. In view of the structural features of the body and in order to preserve sofas, ottomans and other pieces of furniture, the pet must be provided with a soft and cozy bed.

Saluki – interesting facts

The following interesting information is known about these pets:

  1. The origin of the name is associated with the ancient Arab city of Saluk. According to another version, dogs are called a derivative of Seleucia, a city of ancient Syria, located at that time on the banks of the Tigris River.
  2. While running, the Saluki Persian Greyhound is capable of reaching speeds of up to 70 km / h, so it will not be difficult for her to overtake a galloping horse or hunt gazelles.
  3. Animals have an original paw structure, thanks to which they easily penetrate where dogs of other breeds cannot reach. Salukis are able to open the refrigerator, so they need to be looked after indoors.