Roulettes for dogs - device, principle of operation, features of different types, how to choose?

When choosing a leash for their pet, many are attracted to dog leashes that are easy to use. There are several models with their own characteristics. It is important not only to choose the right one, but also to use such a device.

Leash device for dogs

Externally, this product is a small plastic case, which is equipped with a handle, a button and a latch-latch. If you look inside to understand how the roulette for dogs is arranged, you can see a drum there, on which the leash is wound. In the center there is a spring in the form of a tape, which compresses / unclenches depending on the action performed. The duration of use of the device depends on it, since after it is damaged, the tape measure will not work. During the walk, such a leash is always in tension, which provides good control.

A modern tape measure leash for small dogs and large breeds is capable of performing the following functions:

  1. Using the product eliminates the need to manually pull and wind the leash.
  2. Since the tape measure does not sag, the animal gets more freedom to move.
  3. To control the behavior of the pet and protect it from conflicts with other dogs, it is necessary to keep the animal at a safe distance. There is a short stop function for this.
  4. A long-term stop will help teach the animal to follow the “Near” command.
  5. Some models have a pet return feature. To use it, you need to stretch your hand in the direction of the dog, press the brake button, and then pull the animal towards you.

Dog roulette device

The principle of the roulette for dogs

It has already been said that the central spring is the main element of the device, which allows the leash to twist and unwind. The scheme of how the roulette leash for dogs works is very simple: when the pet moves in the direction of the owner, the spring is compressed and the leash is unwound. When the dog moves away from the owner, the opposite action occurs. If you press the button located on the panel, then the unwinding will immediately stop and the length of the leash will be fixed.

Types of roulettes for a dog

Existing products can be classified into two groups: cable (cord) and tape (belt). A tape measure for dogs of small breeds and a product for large pets will differ. In addition, there is a division in length, so, in most cases, it is 3-8 m. Manufacturers also offer interesting models, for example, there are luminous and multi-colored options, for a “fashionista” a dog roulette with rhinestones and other decorations is suitable. For evening walks, a product with a flashlight will be useful.

Roulette-rope for a dog

The main difference of this option is the presence of a kapron cable of circular cross section. A piece of wide braid with a carabiner is fixed at its end. It is strong, but experts say that such a roulette leash is more suitable for small dogs. It is important to consider that the manufacturer for each model indicates how much weight the product is designed for. It is necessary to carefully use such a leash, since the cable during movement can cause injury.

Roulette rope for a dog

Dog tape measure

At the heart of such devices is a wide nylon braid of a flat section, which is completely twisted into a box. It has increased strength compared to the cable. This roulette is for large dogs, as well as for representatives of medium breeds. It is good if metal fixing elements are used in the product to withstand the expected load. An unpleasant moment of tape roulette for dogs is that the belt can be pulled together and twisted.

Dog tape measure

How to choose a tape measure for a dog?

There are several tips from experts that should be considered when choosing.

  1. The buttons of the device should work well, not be loose or stick. For their operation, the owner does not have to make serious efforts when pressed.
  2. A leash for large dogs, and for small ones too, must have a high-quality carabiner. It is important that it matches the size of the pet, while not being too heavy and not preventing him from moving. It is good if the carabiner has a swivel, which ensures the rotation of its parts, thanks to which it will be possible to avoid twisting the tape.
  3. It is better to choose roulettes for dogs that have a rubberized body. Such a device will be comfortable to hold in your hand, and with sudden movements of the animal, it will not slip out.

Double tape measure for dogs

Owners of two animals do not need to buy separate leashes, as there is a great alternative – a double tape measure. Such a product is able to withstand weight up to 22 kg, which is important to consider, because if the weight of two pets is above this limit, the mechanism will quickly fail. The two dog harness has a rotation system so the straps won’t get tangled. Manufacturers paint the ribbons in different colors to match the buttons, making it easier to manage.

Double tape measure for dogs

Reflective tape measure for dogs

On the market you can find options for roulettes, the belt of which is made of durable reflective material. In most cases, it is colored bright yellow. Reflective dog leashes are ideal for walking your dog at night. With it, you can control your pet, providing additional security.

Reflective tape measure for dogs

Rating of roulettes for a dog

There is a wide range of such products on the market. The products of such campaigns deserve attention.

  1. vitacraft. The leashes of this brand cannot be called cheap, but the price is justified by high quality and reliability.
  2. vitacraft

  3. Flexi. The Flexi dog roulette is very popular. It demonstrates an excellent combination of price and quality.
  4. Flexi

  5. Ferplast. Owners of large dogs should recommend the products of this manufacturer.
  6. Ferplast

How to use a dog tape measure?

After purchase, it is recommended to try out such a leash at home. The roulette collar for dogs is assembled according to the scheme:

  1. One part of the connection must be inserted into the other and the safety bracket closed. The housing must be tightly fixed.
  2. Using a special wheel, it is necessary to adjust the handle.
  3. Put the safety loop on the dog, and then pull the carabiner through it and the collar. It is important that during the execution of these actions, the blocking button is pressed.

The main actions when using a tape measure for a dog include the following:

  1. Practice stopping the animal by pressing the brake button. In this case, you should give the dog the command “Stand”.
  2. When the pet runs up to the legs, it is necessary to turn off the locks so that the length of the leash is shortened and it remains taut.
  3. In order to return the animal, you need to stretch out your hand, press the brake button and pull it towards you. After the latch must be released, stretching the arm forward. During this, the tape measure will automatically rewind.

There are a number of rules regarding the safe use of a leash:

  1. Before each use, check the dog tape measure for damage, as it must be in good condition.
  2. Do not allow your pet to play and chew on the product.
  3. To protect yourself from injury, it is recommended to always use a safety loop.
  4. Do not combine a tape measure with a noose collar. Otherwise, the animal may be harmed.
  5. Make sure the tape is not tangled. When using a cable type tape measure, do not grasp the cord with your hands.
  6. Do not use this product to tie an animal to a bench or post.
  7. When walking in busy places where control over the pet is important, it is recommended to keep the tape measure on the latch, at a short length.
  8. To prevent the leash from getting tangled, do not allow the pet to go into dense thickets of grass.
  9. Returning from a walk, it is necessary to clean the dirt from the tape and cable. If the product is wet, then corrosion can be avoided only when completely dried, by unrolling the tape measure to the maximum length.

How to fix a dog leash?

In most cases, breakage occurs due to too active movements of the dog. Jerks of the leash lead to breaking off part of the spring, so the mechanism stops working. There is a simple instruction on how to fix a tape measure for a dog:

  1. Loosen the screws and remove them. Wring out the case and divide it into two parts.
  2. If the problem is in the cord, then you just need to find the torn edge and fix it with a plug.
  3. If there is a problem with the coil, it is necessary to open its middle by prying the convex part with a screwdriver.
  4. Remove the broken spring bend. It is important, when performing all actions, to hold the rest of the spring in the coil with your thumb.
  5. Using pliers or tweezers, pry off the end of the spring, heat it over the fire of a lighter, and bend it so that it does not fall out of the core.
  6. Replace the lid and other parts by assembling the dog tape measure.