Pointer dog breed - features of maintenance and care

These are representatives of the oldest English pets. The Pointer dog breed is distinguished by refined manners, elegant appearance, which are combined with physical endurance and power. They can become excellent friends for hunters and excellent companions, happy to accompany their owners.

English Pointer – breed description

The British Hound is a smooth-coated hound that is used for hunting birds. His characteristic search for game is at a gallop. Having smelled a bird, he makes a swift throw – it seems that the pet is flying through the air with his head up, without touching the ground. Description of the dog Pointer – fast and temperamental dog of medium size with short hair and spotted color. He is an excellent companion for sports and hunting, is extremely devoted to his family, practically does not shed, requires minimal care.

English Pointer - breed description

Pointer dog – origin of the breed

Individuals first appeared in Britain in the 17th century. The name of the breed means “pointer”. This fully characterizes the working essence of the dog – smelling the game, he stands up and shows the owner the direction. It is believed that his ancestors were brought from Spain, crossed with setters, greyhounds, foxhounds, newfoundlands. British breeders have made the appearance of individuals more sophisticated. The influx of blood of the cops from Italy and France added to their ease.

The English Pointer is a hunting dog with a perfect sense of smell, great alertness and speed. It is suitable for all kinds of chasing any game on land and water, has excellent vision. The Breed Fanciers Club was founded in London in 1891. Since 1904, the appearance of the breed has not changed, a certain standard has been maintained, hunters are popular all over the world.

Pointer dog - origin of the breed

Pointer – breed standard

These are short-haired individuals with graceful forms. Pointer – a detailed description of the breed:

  • average height up to 65 cm, weight – up to 30 kg;
  • strong back, tucked up stomach;
  • muzzle – straight, blunt;
  • eyes – medium, smart, with dark shades;
  • ears – triangular, with rounded ends, set high, hanging down;
  • the belt of the hind limbs is powerful and muscular, which provides the dogs with a strong repulsion;
  • paws – long, with thick pads;
  • short, close to the body, shiny coat;
  • color – monophonic (white, black, coffee, red, fawn), two-color with speckles and large spots (black, coffee, yellow-piebald).

pointer breed standard

Pointer dog breed – character

The English dog is smart and loyal. On the hunt, he shows himself as a fast and brave animal, at home – calm and friendly. Pets are well trained and implicitly execute the commands of the owner. They are active and hardy. Animals build close relationships with all members of the family. The description of the Pointer dog breed emphasizes their peacefulness towards children – they get along with them, endure screaming, dragging their ears. They get along well with other pets (except birds).

The animal is always full of enthusiasm, eager for action and does not sit still. He needs to devote time to exercise every day, otherwise the dog may become restless and naughty. The Pointer dog breed does a good job of guarding the house, it can warn of a threat, although it is not considered a watchdog. These are sensitive natures – periods of loneliness are hard to endure. They are considered excellent partners, there are practically no flaws in the character of the English beauties.

dog breed pointer - character

Pointer hunting dog – maintenance and care

Caring for a British gentleman will not take much work. Pointer hunting dogs need hygiene, infrequent grooming, regular exercise, quality feeding, and maintaining health through vaccinations. They can live in a city apartment only under the condition of dynamic physical activity. Dogs should not be in drafts. For sleep, a couch with an orthopedic base made of a well-cleaned material is suitable for them.

English Pointer breed – care features

With good care, English dogs live up to 15 years. There are simple rules for their content:

  • the pointer should live in warmth due to short hair, weak body protection is its disadvantage;
  • you need to walk with your pet for two hours daily, he needs exercises – he can get a ball or a frisbee;
  • the English Pointer dog breed has sensitive skin, hypoallergenic hygiene products are needed, if red spots are found, contact a veterinarian;
  • you can bathe him as needed;
  • for the possibility of safe walks in the fresh air, the pet will need protection from fleas and ticks;
  • the coat of the Pointer dog breed is short, you can comb it once a week, during the molting period – wipe it with a damp rubber glove;
  • hanging ears deserve special attention – they need to be wiped twice a week;
  • claws are trimmed twice a month.
  • for the prevention of tartar, cleansing bones should be used.

breed english pointer care features

Feeding Pointer Dogs

To maintain health, you need to pay attention to the diet of the animal. Specialized high quality feeds are well suited for feeding a pet. The Pointer is a hunting breed with an active lifestyle. From natural food, he needs lean meat (chicken, veal, rabbit), beef bones (from five months), offal, sea fish. Useful for animals vegetables, fruits, herbs – boiled and grated. In the diet you need to add a spoonful of vegetable oil. Such food will provide the body with proteins, nutrients and vitamins for the development of the animal, improving the skin and coat.

Feeding Pointer Dogs

English Pointer puppy – maintenance and care

Having chosen an English thoroughbred baby, you need to immediately begin to adapt it. Raising a Pointer puppy begins with getting used to its place – a couch located away from drafts. From childhood, the baby is taught to hygiene procedures – examining the ears, eyes, paw pads. To allow him to do this, you need to treat him with a treat.

An important point is that a puppy is introduced to people from childhood – they are taken to public places, otherwise it may grow up shy. Babies are vaccinated at 3, 6, 12 months of age, then vaccination is carried out annually. During the growth period, the puppy should receive meat, eggs, milk, and cottage cheese for food. He eats 6 times a day, after six months the number of feedings is reduced to two. The British do not tolerate separation from the owner, they need to be gradually accustomed to it from childhood.

english pointer puppy maintenance and care

The Pointer dog breed attracts with excellent flair, humility, tirelessness and speed. At home, he is elegant, positive, courteous, and at work he is serious and hardy. These are nice pets who try to please the owner in everything. They are full of energy that they will bring to the family, saturate the home atmosphere with inexhaustible positive and gentlemanly manners.