Dog food Monge - range overview

More than half a century ago, the Monge family created the Monge dog food, made from leftover chicken meat that they raised and supplied to the best restaurants in Italy. Fed on ecological and natural feed, chickens are an excellent raw material not only for human food, but also for all adored pets. After decades of development, the company is ready to offer an impressive range of feed.

Types of dog food Monge

Monge Italian dog food is incredibly popular far beyond its country of origin. Breeders around the world have appreciated the impeccable recipe, the company’s care for all categories and features of pets of all ages, all breeds without exception and with any health condition, the widest range of products, which, moreover, is constantly updated taking into account the diets and needs of dogs to maintain them. health, optimal weight in accordance with age and one or another level of activity.

To date, Monge dog food is available in seven brands, and each of them includes both dry and wet food. It:

  1. superpremium.
  2. Special Dog Excellence.
  3. special dog.
  4. Gemon.
  5. VetSolution
  6. Simba.
  7. BWild.

types of dog food Monge

Dry dog ​​food Monge

In 2013, the newest and most advanced plant in Europe was opened, where Monge dry food was produced. However, the first crackers for dogs appeared much earlier – in 1994. All products in this category are produced taking into account the age characteristics of small, medium and large breeds. This is how the classic composition of Monge looks like – dry dog ​​​​food:

  1. In the first place is always meat (chicken, lamb, salmon, duck, pork, ostrich, etc.) at least 36%.
  2. In second place are cereals (rice, corn). They are at least 25% in the feed. They are sources of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates.
  3. The remaining ingredients, such as flax seeds, soy lecithin, dry brewer’s yeast, citrus fruits, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), mannanoligosaccharides (MOS) and many others, act as sources of useful elements necessary for the dog’s body.

For gluten-intolerant dogs prone to gluten allergies, there is a special Monge grain-free dog food Grain free, which does not contain rice and other grains, but includes duck with potatoes or anchovy with peas. In addition, a line of grain-free medicated feeds for various cases of health disorders has been developed – VetSolution. A limited amount of cereals are also found in the BWild Dog Feed the Instinct line. They do not contain rice and potatoes, and 65% of their composition is meat, as nature intended.

dry dog ​​food Monge

Canned food Monge for dogs

The wet food line includes pates and canned food:

  • wet monoprotein Solo food (single-component composition);
  • fresh moist gluten-free pâtés without added sugar;
  • Fruit pates with pieces of fruit and berries combined with meat;
  • Grill series with juicy pieces of grilled meat.

canned Monge for dogs

Monge Dog Food Series

The entire range of Monge dog food can be divided into the following series:

  1. For puppies and adult dogs, representatives of breeds of different sizes – from small to large.
  2. Specialized feed for pregnant and lactating bitches.
  3. Special dry food for animals with health problems requiring special diets.
  4. Hypoallergenic food.
  5. Meat-rich foods.

The daily allowance of Monge dog food depends on many factors:

  • the age of the dog;
  • her size;
  • lifestyle;
  • the presence or absence of health problems;
  • the period of bearing or feeding puppies.

On the example of an average dog with an adult weight of 15 kg, the calculation of daily intake, divided into three or four meals per day, will look like this (based on the Monge Dog Medium Puppy & Junior food):

  • at the age of 2 months, he needs to consume 276 g of feed;
  • A 3-4 month old puppy eats about 340 g of food per day;
  • at 5 months, the daily rate increases to 365 g;
  • the norm of a 6-7 month old puppy is 376 g;
  • An 8-9 month old puppy needs 360 grams of food daily;
  • a one year old dog needs to consume 355 g of food per day.

dog food series Monge

Monge PFB for adult dogs

Monge adult dog food is available for different breeds and flavors:

  • food for adult dogs of small (Dog Mini), medium (Dog Medium) and large (Dog Maxi) breeds;
  • food for adult dogs of small breeds Monge PFB Dog Mini with lamb/salmon;
  • food for adult dogs of absolutely all breeds Monge PFB Dog Specialty with chicken, potatoes and rice / salmon and rice;
  • Specialty Monge food for adult dogs lamb with rice and potatoes for all breeds;
  • dry food for older dogs of any breed Monge PFB Dog Specialty with duck or rabbit, rice and potatoes;
  • hypoallergenic pet food Monge PFB Dog Specialty with fish;
  • dry food for adult dogs Gemon PFB Dog tuna/rice, lamb/rice;
  • food for adult large dogs Gemon Dog Maxi and small dogs – Gemon PFB Dog Mini with chicken;
  • dry food for adult small dogs Gemon PFB Dog Mini tuna/salmon;
  • food for adult medium dogs Gemon PFB Dog Regular with chicken;
  • dry food for adult active dogs Gemon PFB Dog Performance.

Monge PFB for adult dogs

Dog food Monge Mini

Foods for small breed dogs are formulated in such a way as to positively influence the optimal weight of the animal, help rid the teeth of plaque and tartar. The reduced size of dry food granules is suitable for medium-sized dogs. Monge food range for small breed dogs:

  • food for puppies of small breeds Monge Dog Mini Starter, as well as Mini Puppy & Junior;
  • food for adult representatives of small breeds Monge Dog Mini;
  • food for adults, but small dogs with lamb/salmon/chicken Monge Dog Mini;
  • food for adult representatives of small breeds with tuna/salmon Gemon Dog Mini.

dog food Monge Mini

Dog food Monge Dog Maxi

Food for dogs of large breeds provides for the presence of substances necessary for the development of strong muscles, increased endurance and activity under high loads, increased immunity, and the normal functioning of all joints. Monge dry food for large breed dogs:

  • food for puppies of any large breeds Monge Dog Maxi Puppy&Junior;
  • food for adult representatives of large breeds Monge Dog Maxi;
  • food for adults of large breeds Gemon Dog Maxi with chicken.

dog food Monge Dog Maxi

Dog food Monge Dermatosis

Monge dermatosis for dogs belongs to the Grain Free Veterinary Diets line of grain-free veterinary foods and is intended for cases where the animal suffers from skin diseases accompanied by inflammation, has a tendency to allergies, chronic itching, food intolerances, inflammatory bowel diseases, pancreatic insufficiency or chronic diarrhea. This medicinal feed is supplied exclusively to veterinary clinics.

dog food Monge Dermatosis

Monge Best for Dog Breeders

Monge Italian dog food is truly one of the best dog food for absolutely any breed, size, activity level, and health condition. With a wide range of pet food options, there is one that is perfect for your pet. Judging by the reviews of the owners of four-legged friends, the food can be chosen for everyone, and its content, individually compiled taking into account all the nuances, allows the dogs to develop well, lead an active life, not get sick and delight the owners with their excellent mood for many years.

Monge Best for Dog Breeders