List of the most dangerous dog breeds

A dog, of course, is a friend of man, but at the same time, one should not forget that it is directly related to the wolf, which is a dangerous predator, and on an empty stomach it can attack anyone, including humans. At the same time, there are completely harmless breeds that can be considered relatively safe both due to their complaisant nature and due to their modest size, while other pets were created specifically for aggression and are of impressive size.

Some dogs are much more dangerous than most of their relatives, and this is a fact that must be taken into account when choosing a four-legged friend.


Especially for readers, we have compiled a rating that allows you to understand which animals are considered the most dangerous and potentially aggressive. At the same time, we do not allocate places in the ranking and do not pretend to strict compliance with any statistics, and there are a number of reasons for this.

The main reason is that it is not possible to compile an unconditionally correct list of potentially dangerous breeds. It is not very clear how dogs should ideally be assessed for aggressiveness.

The authors of many calculations are oriented on the statistics of attacks and murders, but because of this, even Labradors appear in some collections, which are usually perceived as calmness and kindness itself. This criterion cannot be a priori correct, because a rare angry Labrador can become a killer due to its impressive size, but smaller dogs are usually much meaner and more aggressive, it’s just easier to fight them off.

In addition, such statistics never take into account the prevalence of the breed. It is clear that in such collections the most popular varieties of dogs will always appear, and those that are represented by literally a couple of dozen individuals will not be found there, even if they are extremely ferocious animals.

It must also not be forgotten that In many ways, the degree of aggression also depends on how the dog was raised. It was not for nothing that the old song sang about the fact that a dog can bite, but this is from the life of a dog – a significant percentage of attacks and murders committed by animals is a direct response to bullying by the owner.

It is clear that some breeds are more ready to stand up for themselves and will definitely not tolerate humiliation even from their own owner, but theoretically even the calmest pet can be pissed off – if you try very hard.

Among other things, training is also important. As you know, a guard or fighting dog needs to be specially trained in aggression. If she grew up in a kennel where the puppy was taken care of, and then fell into good hands, then she, without encountering the cruelty of others, is unlikely to think much about dominating those around her. This is also an important point that affects the statistics – perhaps the dog itself is not so bad as its owner, who taught the beast aggressive behavior and got distracted, forgetting to control his ward.

All these differences lead to there is simply no clear definition of a potentially dangerous dog. For example, in December 2018, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation compiled a list of potentially dangerous dogs, which immediately included 69 breeds that are undesirable to walk without a leash. This list, adopted in March 2019 by the State Duma of the Russian Federation and approved by the government, has been reduced to only 13 breeds – this shows that different people can fundamentally have different attitudes towards the concept of an unsafe animal.

If we also take into account the legislation of different countries, then we may encounter the fact that there are much more discrepancies – foreigners can include dogs in their lists that are not on the Russian list, and vice versa.

Considering all of the above, we have own list, which is wider than the one adopted by the State Duma, but less extensive than the one originally compiled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Perhaps this approach is correct, since the law requires walking dangerous dogs strictly on a leash, but an aggressive pet is the main danger for the owner himself and his household, which means neither a collar nor a muzzle completely solves the situation.

Top most evil breeds

Our consolidated rating includes types of dogs dangerous to humans, the presence of a threat from which is recognized both in Russia and around the world. Someone can dispute certain positions of the selection, but we still advise you to keep your eyes open with such dogs – at least during walks, you should carefully monitor that the pet does not have the opportunity to show aggression towards others. Recall that there are no positions in our rating, so the dogs presented are not sorted according to any criterion of danger or aggressiveness.

Tosa Inu

The first representative of the list is a prime example of how an animal can not be included in the Russian tops of danger simply because it is relatively rare. In fact this animal is quite aggressive, because our Japanese neighbors at the end of the century before last brought this large animal specifically for dog fighting. In most cases, a dog with a respectable appearance behaves calmly and unobtrusively, and will not rush into the attack without a direct order from the owner.

However, you need tough to bring up such a puppy, accustoming to attack on command and only on itotherwise the danger that a stranger or another dog imagines to a four-legged can cause an aggressive reaction, and this animal, believe me, will be the winner.

american bandog

In principle, such a dog is very similar to an ordinary bulldog, and those, as you know, often turn out to be bandits and hooligans. The name of the breed, bred some half a century ago, literally translates as “chain dog”, and such pets, as you know, are aimed at defending their own to the last. A properly trained individual can protect both the territory and a living person, and God forbid it will seem to her that you pose a threat to the entrusted object – this pile of muscles runs fast and no longer releases the caught prey from the jaws.

Cane Corso

This huge dog enters in most rankings of the strongest dogs in the world, and this is not surprising with such and such dimensions. Modern scientists believe that the fighting dogs of Ancient Rome were the distant ancestors of the representatives of this breed, which means that fighting qualities were brought up in these animals for at least two millennia. Still, modern Cane Corso were created not for fighting, but for protecting the territory and protecting people, but such a beast will definitely not let you down, no matter who the enemy is.

Such a pet cannot be called very aggressive, but it is also not worth provoking it with inappropriate behavior – it can cause serious injury even through inaccuracy.

bull terrier

As befits representatives of terriers, the bull terrier is a hunting dog. He is well pumped up even in comparison with most of his relatives, but the abundance of massive muscles does not prevent the dog from running very fast and overtaking any opponent who realized late that he had gone this way in vain today.

Like most terriers This dog is not very aggressive towards people. – on the contrary, he needs communication and, with the right upbringing, easily makes contact with unfamiliar people, if the owner does not have any objections. Another thing is that any small living creatures for these dogs is perceived as prey, which means that the owners of cats and smaller dogs will have to constantly look back at you.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Perhaps, in terms of wildlife, there is no more dangerous region than tropical Africa, but this breed was bred as a hunting breed specifically for these places. In the 30s of the last century, there were legends about the severity of this animal – it was believed that such a friend was able to guard the prey in the absence of the owner, even in savannah conditions, driving away anyone who wanted to eat fresh meat, including lions.

True or not, but there is no smoke without fire, and such information allows us to judge the fearlessness and capabilities of the Ridgeback correctly. It is unacceptable to educate such a dog with the whip method, because this will lead to nothing but growing aggression that can get out of control.

In general, this dog is calm, but it is better for strangers not to try to establish contact with it.

dogo argentino

Argentina has vast unoccupied territories well suited for hunting, and about a hundred years ago it decided to acquire its own breed of hunting dogs capable of solving typical local tasks.

Breeders connected representatives of ten different breeds to the breeding and got an excellent hunter who does not think about the size of the enemy, and he can also be a predator, snarling quite confidently. For the sake of curiosity, the dog was put up several times in battles against purely fighting breeds, and even in them the Argentines often win, so it is better not to anger this animal.


This breed is not even recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, but enjoys a certain popularity among dog breeders. It cannot be said that these dogs reciprocate the increased love from a person – on the contrary, recently statistics show an increase in the attacks of such dogs on people.

This is another “African”, bred especially as a bodyguardTherefore, the pet recognizes only one owner, to whom he is very devoted.

Experts say that training for such a pet must be very tough and exhausting, otherwise you should not be surprised if the dog misunderstands the situation and bites one of your friends who wants to shake your hand.


This dog has the same sharp and quick-tempered character as the Pakistanis, who brought him out for a reason, but to participate in demonstration battles. The main purpose of this animal is skirmishes with opponents.any other properties were not specifically included in it, because training a dog, teaching him the norms of behavior, is quite difficult and problematic, and he does not have to be aggressive.

If you are not afraid of difficulties, you can make an excellent guard or watchman out of such an animal, but experts do not advise getting a Pakistani Bulldog for those who do not have impressive experience with fighting dogs. You will never be sure that you have finally pacified the indefatigable energy of the ward, so you will have to work tirelessly with him.


This dog looks very cute, and it’s hard to imagine that he can pose a serious danger, but like some of the other representatives of this list, the dog is of African origin, which means that he should be ready to confront an opponent of any level of difficulty.

Interestingly, the Africans themselves bred it – at least they had very similar animals long before the Black Continent finally submitted to the European colonialists. Today, this breed is considered one of the most ancient and at the same time is considered one of the most stubborn in the world in terms of training. This avid hunter is practically uncontrollable, and therefore represents a huge danger to any small living creatures, which are so numerous in modern cities.

st bernard

It was hard to suspect anyone of aggressiveness, so it was the St. Bernards – after all, they work as professional rescuers in the Swiss Alps, removing victims from avalanches.

Most often, such a dog is described as friendly and very calmbut it should be noted that this is not a genetically determined characteristic, but the correct upbringing that must be provided in childhood. If this is not done, a huge and strong pet will be aggressive towards strangers, and especially towards smaller breeds of their fellow tribesmen.

american bulldog

Oddly enough, today such a dog is not considered overly aggressive – the main danger comes from other, later varieties of the bulldog. This one appeared more than a hundred years ago in the United States – it was brought out by farmers who needed to protect their own fields from any external encroachment.

The beast instinctively considers himself the master of the territory, he is self-confident and stubborn, and therefore simply will not allow a stranger or another dog extra liberties. This is the dog that, figuratively speaking, will not attack, but he won’t let you leave, but if you twitch, he will punish you for your insolence.

Therefore, the animal needs education from early childhood.

German dog

Such a pet impresses the imagination with its gigantic size – it is he who holds the main records in terms of the dimensions of the dog. The dog is a born hunter, therefore it is more dangerous for other animals than for people.

At the same time, animals of hunting breeds often perceive as prey almost any living creatures smaller than themselves, and therefore children should be closely monitored so that they do not provoke this hulk too much. The animal is usually not considered too aggressive, but its very size often leads to the fact that the dog only wants to scare or play, but causes injury.

Otherwise, they love him – for example, he became the heraldic symbol of the American state of Pennsylvania, although he was not bred there at all.

Brazilian Fila

The body structure and coloration of this animal somewhat resembles a lion, and although the lean figure betrays a recognized athlete, the muzzle is misleading – it seems quite cute, and the whole dog is perceived as completely harmless. Naturally, this is a mistake after all, the breed was created specifically in order to get a strict guard, who will not let anyone down and will protect his master to the end.

This dog does not believe in strangers in principle and it is almost pointless to try to remake it – distrust is inherent in its genes. There are many cases when even show individuals are not accustomed to the situation when there are a lot of people around them – they react with malice to the violation of their own personal space, and attack both the audience and the judges.

Dogo Canario

This beast has such an appearance that when you meet it immediately becomes clear – such a dog should be respected, and it’s good if it doesn’t initially harbor aggression towards you. The breed was created in the Canary Islands not for fighting, as one might think under the impression of its appearance, but as a shepherd looking after the flocks in the absence of a person.

However, even such work suggests that it is better for a stranger not to approach, and therefore today Canarians are often used to guard a territory or a person. In both cases they become very attached and are willing to defend theirs to the death. It is thanks to these characteristics that this breed has experienced a second youth in recent years.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Who has been demonized lately is a representative of this breed, which is not surprising – the statistics of the attacks of this beast turn out to be simply frightening. The hype in the press has reached such a level that some radicals are proposing to completely destroy this breed – in their opinion, this is the only way to finally stop the attacks.

Experts say that this is an inflection, because a well-bred staff is both sociable and friendly, and most importantly, it is distinguished by boundless devotion to the owner and will easily give up his life for him. According to them, the reason for the aggression on the part of the representatives of the breed lies only in the wrong upbringing, but this does not negate the fact that such dogs are quite evil by nature.


Dogs of this German breed have a controversial character – on the one hand, they are considered fighting dogs, who, in principle, are not too kind and accommodating, on the other – they are called the most good-natured among all representatives of their category.

The big plus of such an animal is that it lends itself well to training, which means that it is possible to neutralize the aggression of the pet, replacing it with the right upbringing and the rules of decency. However, all this is just a theory, but in practice we see that the beast does not shy away from attacking people, even if this is due to the wrong approach to training.


This dog was bred to solve very serious problems – initially it was supposed to protect the diamond mines in South Africa, and they have always been a real magnet for numerous attackers who want easy and quick money. Accordingly, the dog was bred with a specific set of desired characteristics – it must be large, and strong, and peremptory in matters of defending its own.

In general, Bullmastiffs are not generally considered to be mean or aggressive, however, throughout history, such dogs have repeatedly attacked people. Although, in fairness, this could be their direct duty in the workplace.

Today, such animals, according to their original purpose, are not used anywhere else, except for all the same diamond mines.


A dog of German origin stands out not only for its impressive size, but also for its intelligence – this breed is characterized not only by brute strength, but also by the ability to act most reasonably in a given situation. The elegant beast is devoted to its owner and was bred specifically to protect the territory or its owner.

Aggressiveness of the dog is not always manifested – even if the offender is identified, she is usually smart enough to simply detain the criminal and attract the attention of a person who will decide the fate of the caught. Nonetheless, it is important not to let such a pet understand that you are resisting his will, otherwise a strong and confident friend of a person will not wait for the owner, but will fix the problem on his own.


Another dog that has become infamous for being inappropriately aggressive, although the breed was originally bred as a working dog, which means it should be obedient and ready to follow any commands. The exact timing of the breeding of these dogs is unknown, but there are many unconfirmed legends that they left a significant mark on history – for example, they were directly involved in the Seven Years’ War.

The animal is perfect for guarding a territory or a person, it is able to tirelessly patrol an object for many hours, but often goes too far in terms of making aggressive decisions against any violators.

In the conditions of the city, the problem of their maintenance lies in the fact that the pet does not always understand the essence of public places, where none of the closely located people actually violates anything.


Another dog whose problem is both large size and the ability to go the wrong way in case of inappropriate upbringing. The animal has a confident character, it will not let anyone downand therefore it turns out to be an excellent guard, but this is only if the training was successful and correct at puppyhood.

By ignoring the rules for raising such dogs or simply not paying enough attention to it, the owner runs the risk of being left alone with a huge and uncontrollable dog, which, not being accustomed to human dominance, can respond with aggression to an attempt to pacify it, even if we are talking about the owner.

The beast also requires special conditions of detention – it is not customary to keep it on a chain, but a spacious aviary is needed.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Some experts are inclined to believe that this breed has a history of two thousand years and was bred specifically to graze herds in mountainous conditions. Such a dog is very smart – it can cope with a herd with a huge number of heads, but at the same time the dog has an increased sense of responsibility to its owner, and therefore is extremely suspicious of attempts to get closer by any strangers.

The essence of training is largely to socialize the animalbecause in the conditions of a modern city the dog will have to get used to, then you can’t be at enmity with everyone around.

German Shepherd

In most cases, this dog is considered one of the most faithful helpers of a person – today it is the most popular service dog, distinguished by well-developed mind, trainability and much-needed physical qualitiesnecessary to apprehend any criminals and enemies.

We usually see perfectly trained animals that do not allow themselves to show aggression to a greater extent than is necessary for detention, and even then only at the command of the owner or in a situation to which she is specially accustomed. Nonetheless, such a dog has a certain readiness for aggression, and if it is not directed in the right direction and limited, it may turn out to be uncontrollable.

pit bull

American experts believe that there are no dogs more dangerous than pit bulls, even though these dogs still do not have official status in the International Cynologists Federation.

The animal is distinguished by a high degree of muscle development, and although it is relatively small in size, it was bred specifically for baiting much larger opponents. The aggressiveness of the representatives of the breed turned out to be high enough to use them also for exhibition fights, but the use of such dogs as faithful guards remains common.

It is enough even to evaluate the appearance of the beast from the photo in order to understand that this is not the friendliest pet, therefore it needs to be brought up correctly.

Alaskan malamute

This breed is a good example of how an animal can become aggressive from idleness. Such a dog was bred in the North specifically to pull a team – constant movement is in her blood. In recent decades, these dogs have been increasingly adopted by southerners who like the appearance of a pet, but they forget that a four-legged friend in the city has nowhere to put his indefatigable energy – a standard dog walk does not solve the problem at all.

At the same time, natives from Alaska are not devoid of a hunting instinct and hardly learn even basic commands, and therefore they can easily spend the accumulated “extra” forces on inappropriate hunting for the same cats.

Siberian Husky

Everything that has been said above about the Alaskan Malamute is equally true for this breed. Even for work in a team that seems literally created for these animals, dogs must be specially trained in socialization and discipline, thanks to which they will not make scandals with their fellow tribesmen. As for other people’s teams, then a pet unaccustomed to strangers can easily begin to sort things out with them.

In urban conditions, the owner is able to completely miss this moment, and if his four-legged friend is not at least minimally accustomed to communicating with other animals, get ready that every walk along the street will turn into torment.


A completely wild invention of Russian modernity not only did not receive recognition from cynologists, but is also prohibited for breeding in many countries. It will be quite difficult to get such a pet even in Russia – such a beast is literally semi-wild, since it is a cross between a dog and a wild wolf.

Such a specific origin affected the character, because there are very few wolfdogs today – there is little demand for them, and many people usually do not have the courage to buy it. Much of the danger lies in the unexplored and unpredictable animal – even the owner cannot know what lineage will prevail in his ward and what to do with a domestic dog that has suddenly realized its wolf essence.

Is it ok to have aggressive dogs?

In the Russian Federation, the legislation does not imply strict restrictions on this issue – each person is free to acquire such a pet as he sees fit. Another thing is that you must clearly understand how you will manage the aggression of your ward, and it doesn’t hurt to be sure that you, in principle, are able to cope with such a task.

The owner of a potentially dangerous animal must understand that in the event of any unpleasant consequences of the behavior of his dog, the responsibility will be borne not so much by the four-legged as by his owner.

Concerning you should think in advance about the safety of surrounding people and animals. Some breeds of dogs are so dangerous and uncontrollable that they may well be a danger even to their own owner, especially if he does not understand how to properly treat the ward. Perhaps one should consider reasonable and justified the popular recommendation of experts, indicating that your first dog should not be a fighting or particularly aggressive hunting dog, because it’s not a guarantee that you can handle it if you haven’t dealt with quadrupeds before.

When choosing a pet, carefully read the recommendations for its content.

In the above list, all dogs are prone to a certain degree of aggression, but some of them are relatively calm, easily get used to other people and learn to make contact even with strangers, while others largely retain the features of wild ancestors, and therefore must be kept under strict control. In some breeds, a potential reason for aggression may even be insufficient walking, which provokes the accumulation of aggression, which means that it is better to keep such a dog not in an apartment, but in a house with a large garden plot.

You definitely shouldn’t put such an animal on a chain – a spacious aviary or even free movement throughout the backyard territory is better for him, but only on condition that the pet cannot break out of it in pursuit of a neighbor’s cat. With other breeds, the situation may turn out to be simpler – they, having a pronounced watchman instinct, are not against a chain lifestyle and will not become angrier from this.

A completely separate topic is walking a pet. Although the law does not prohibit you from getting a dog of any breed, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety of other members of society and their pets.

According to the law passed in March 2019, Representatives of 13 dog breeds must now walk on a leash and wear a muzzle without fail. Even if you are sure that your dog is one hundred percent friendly, including towards strangers, the very fact of walking without the indicated accessories is a direct violation of the current legislation, which means that it may entail the prescribed punishment from law enforcement agencies.

How to raise animals?

Fans of breeding aggressive breeds of dogs like a mantra repeat the hackneyed phrase that the dog itself is only more or less prone to aggression, but in any case, upbringing and attitude towards the animal plays a decisive role. In other words, even the kindest little dog can be driven to madness by mocking her and provoking her, while the stern fighting dog, looking like the incarnation of the essence of the threat, will not step a step without the permission of the owner, if he is properly educated.

In the vast majority of cases, such a statement is true, therefore, choosing a potentially aggressive animal as a pet, you must understand how to properly train him and in no case ignore your duties, otherwise even you yourself can theoretically become a victim.

First of all, you need to remember that dogs are descended from wolves, and those are pack animals, with a strict hierarchy within the community.

No matter how individualistic your dog may seem, somewhere in the depths of his soul he is morally ready to submit to a stronger leader, and it was you who should initially be in this role, preventing the dog from occupying this niche. The authority of the leader for the animal is unquestionable – he can punish for any misconduct, but must be fair.

If you have never had a dog of aggressive and independent breeds before, it is best to involve a professional trainer in its upbringing. Regardless of whether you decide to turn to a professional or try your luck on your own, you need to educate the dog from a young age, while his personality is being formed and he is still ready to accept the dictation of perception of reality.

It will be much more difficult to remake a grown dog – most likely, he will not consider the authority of a person unquestioning, and may snap in response to attempts to lead him.

Contrary to popular belief, theoretically, even an adult dog can be retrained, although this turns out to be a very difficult task. Theoretically, the pack leader can change, and this is good news for those who are faced with a situation where the pet has grown and does not recognize the primacy of individual family members over itself.

The dog will behave like a terrorist: having caught once that its aggressive actions provoke the desired response, the animal will begin to “ride” its owners. The dominance of the dog can begin to manifest itself even in minor manifestations – for example, you are not walking a pet, but in fact he is walking you. Another striking example of a disturbed balance of authority is when a dog has his own things that no one can take, but he himself does not recognize the presence of other people’s things.

In animals, the change of leader is decided by a banal fight, but this is not our method. If the dog starts to get out of control, show him that the benefits he needs simply cannot be obtained just like that. Start simple – if the dog clearly requires something from you, first give the command and do not react to the demands of the beast until your wish is fulfilled. Even when obedient, do not immediately reward the animal – wait a few seconds, showing the pet that he is being carefully watched.

When the specified time is up, expressly approve the behavior of the dog – give him an edible reward, stroke or praise. To make obedience a habit train the animal constantly – all benefits, including walking and feeding, should be performed only upon completion of the command.

In order for the dog to treat all family members normally, everyone must follow the established rules – if one person spoils the pet, all the efforts of the others will go down the drain.

In no case do not let an aggressive dog understand that you are weaker than him, and for this, never fulfill her wishes unquestioningly. The dog must learn that his wishes are only in the form of a request and their obligatory satisfaction is not guaranteed, but may require clear signs of obedience in return.

Remember an important rule: the leader for the dog always looks bigger and stronger, he cannot demonstrate his own weakness for fear of losing his high status.

Cinematographers note that during the game you can not kneel, let alone lie down – by doing this, you belittle yourself in the eyes of the animal, it no longer perceives you as big and scary, which means it can admit the thought of ignoring orders.

An even bigger mistake would be to conduct any power games with an animal belonging to an aggressive breed. – perhaps you defeat him while he is a puppy, but sooner or later a grown pet will put the owner on the shoulder blades, and since then no commands will work. Choose non-aggressive games And remember that you are the one who starts and finishes them. To achieve the last requirement, you should always stop playing before the dog gets bored.

Wean the animal from the fact that it decides for itself where to sleep and when to eat. Don’t let your pet have a favorite sofa or chair to sleep on. – determine the angle for the puppy and always fundamentally drive him out of the wrong place, and yell at him for trying to rebel. The same goes for food intake. if the feeder is located in the kitchen, teach the dog that he has nothing to do in the kitchen while the owners are eating.

See below for details.