how to bathe a guinea pig

Despite its name, the guinea pig absolutely does not like all kinds of water procedures, and she simply cannot swim. Therefore, you should not try to bathe the animal in a large amount of water, for example, in a bathtub.

Dangers of water procedures for guinea pigs

The risk is not even that the pet may drown. This can be closely monitored by the owner himself. But the possibility of pouring water into the ears is extremely high. This can result in the most negative consequences for the health of the pig.

Can guinea pigs be bathed?

In fact, these are extremely clean animals that willingly and regularly take care of themselves, keep themselves in order. This greatly relieves the owner of additional doubts regarding whether the guinea pig needs to be bathed.

You can bathe your pet only when it gets very dirty, and you should do this no more than once every 7 days. Abuse of water procedures can lead to hair loss.

If the pig belongs to the short-haired breeds, then the problem disappears altogether. The animal can be bathed every few months.

How to properly wash a guinea pig?

There are a number of recommendations that must be followed when bathing such pets:

  • carefully ensure that water does not get into the auricles;
  • water should be warm, but not hot;
  • how to bathe a guinea pig 1

  • before washing a guinea pig, you should stock up on a basin, you can adapt a washbasin or any other container for bathing;
  • the water level should not be higher than the paws of the animal;
  • it is necessary to use specially produced means for bathing animals of this species;
  • after the procedure, the pet must be wrapped in a towel, and then it will be dried with a hair dryer.

If the animal clearly expresses its displeasure and breaks out, then it is better to transfer the bath to another time. Or maybe the pig just did not like the temperature of the water.