how to potty train a rabbit

It is very difficult to accustom a baby to a tray for up to three months, since during puberty a baby can mark everything. We’ll have to wait for his maturity and begin to make attempts to resolve the issue: how to potty train a rabbit. The easiest way to “learn” is adult neutered ears. So think about it, maybe you are spaying yours if you are not going to breed offspring.

Usually people question the cleanliness of rabbits. But in vain. “Svinstvo” occurs only because of their improper maintenance and care. But in nature, the animals do not crap in their holes, but relieve themselves “on the street.” The only thing they allow at home is cecotrophs, which appear in the same way as fecal matter, but they are a collection of substances useful for rabbits, dressed in a mucous membrane. Cecotrophs are eaten by animals to fully replenish the nutrients extracted from food.

It happens that the rabbit refuses to use the prepared tray because of an uncomfortable place or something else – we will never understand this. But it also happens that, due to stress or another reason, the rabbit begins to mark the territory. Shows that this is his “home”. With a castrated, adapted animal, there are no problems at all. After all, he does not need to prove that the possessions belong only to him.

Toilet for a decorative rabbit

What should be the tray for a decorative rabbit? First, rabbit litter should be poured directly into the litter box, not all over the place. It is better to line the bottom of the cage with straw. The animal must clearly distinguish where it has a “dining room” and where it has a “toilet”. And place a hay nearby. rabbit trayEared eat and defecate almost simultaneously, so the proximity of the two “rooms” will quickly accustom your pet to the “potty”.

Did you find the peas outside the tray? Put it in it, let the animal not “forget” where to go. And if you have a second one – brand new, “playing around”, then place the old-timer’s peas in his tray – he will immediately begin to “neutralize” them with his own.

From the very beginning of training, you should not wash the “pot” often. Eared must get used to this place. And then start cleaning every day. And yet, to begin with, arrange a few trays in secluded and dark places that the animal loves so much. So you protect yourself from the constant cleaning of the apartment from the baby’s feces.