How to feed a parrot - features of the bird's diet

Beautiful exotic birds need proper care. It is important to know how to feed a parrot, since its health, appearance and life expectancy will depend on this. Each species has its own characteristics in nutrition, which must be taken into account.

What can you feed a parrot?

For the development of birds and to maintain their health, it is necessary to provide proper nutrition. The main part of the menu is grain food, which you can make yourself or buy at a pet store. Vitamins and minerals are important for the animal, which can be obtained from vegetables, fruits, herbs and tree branches. If possible, the nutrition of the parrot should be agreed with the veterinarian, especially if the bird is exotic and expensive.


Parrot food

Many owners of ornamental birds prefer ready-made feeds that contain substances important for the health of their pets. If you are wondering what kind of food for parrots you can use, then among the most popular options it is worth noting: millet, hemp, sowing seeds, canary seed, wheat, oats and oatmeal. Such food is rich in carbohydrates, as well as minerals and nutrients. Veterinarians recommend making a grain mixture with the addition of a small amount of poppy seeds and sunflower seeds.

What to feed a parrot besides food?

The nutrition of birds should be balanced, therefore, in addition to cereals, other products should be present on the menu:

  1. To begin with, let’s find out what vegetables to feed the parrot, so the obligatory root crop is carrots, which must be given raw in slices. Pumpkin and melon are rich in vitamins, and they are given in small pieces. Homemade cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini are allowed. Parrots love to feast on cabbage leaves and slices of pepper.
  2. Parrots love fruits, so feed them with apples or pears, removing the seeds. An excellent source of vitamin C is citrus fruits that need to be peeled and pitted. Nutritious bananas are allowed, which must be ripe and grapes along with seeds of different varieties. In the summer, spoil your pet with berries that you can freeze for the cold season. After removing the stone, you can give cherries, sweet cherries, peaches and apricots. After peeling the skin, feed the parrot pieces of kiwi, pineapple and melon.
  3. It is definitely recommended to include greens in the diet, which must be washed in running water. It is better to grow it yourself or collect it in an ecologically clean area. If you don’t know what is the best way to feed a parrot, then choose meadow grasses, branches of fruit trees, vines, burdock, carrot tops, lettuce, knotweed, plantain and others.

what to feed a parrot other than food

Feeding parrots – what not to give?

It is important to understand that you should not give birds food from the human table, as it can harm. Understanding what parrots are fed at home, it is important to know what food is banned:

  1. Do not give mango, which is toxic to parrots. Under the ban are raw potatoes, radishes, eggplant, herring, onions, radishes, persimmons and papaya. Parsley and other herbs containing essential oils are contraindicated.
  2. Most dairy products are banned, such as milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, cream, and so on.
  3. When thinking about what to feed a parrot, you need to know that if you do not want to harm the birds, then do not give them bread, salt, sugar, sausages, fish and meat. Many owners kiss with their pets, letting them drink their saliva, but it contains microorganisms that are dangerous for birds.

How many times a day to feed a parrot?

When calculating the dosage of the grain mixture, the size of the bird should be taken into account, so small parrots need no more than a couple of spoons, and for large parrots, the amount can reach up to four spoons. It is recommended to select the required dose for your pet experimentally. When figuring out how often to feed a parrot, it is worth pointing out that the grain mixture should be given once a day and preferably at the same time. Give vegetables and fruits in small quantities so that they are always fresh.

Diet of parrots

When forming a menu for your pet, it is important to take into account its appearance, since each bird has its own preferences and nutritional characteristics. The diet of small and large parrots differs. Include grains, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other foods and supplements. It is equally important to know what parrot chicks are fed, as there are times when parents refuse their offspring. The best food for babies is semi-liquid baby porridge, oatmeal and semolina.

What to feed a cockatiel parrot?

A popular Australian bird, which stands out with a characteristic tuft on its head. She easily gets used to people, but at the same time she is not capable of learning. The diet of the cockatiel should include:

  1. The cereal mixture should make up 60% of the total diet, and it should include not only cereals, but also grass seeds.
  2. In the summer, pamper your pet with sprigs of fruit trees and herbs. It is allowed to give cockatiels vegetables, fruits, a small amount of rice, a boiled egg and potatoes. It is important not to use sugar and salt.
  3. Dairy and sour-milk products should not be given to such birds.

what to feed cockatiel parrot

What to feed a budgerigar?

The most common breed and it adapts well to home conditions. The budgerigar is easy to train to perform various tricks. The preferences of such birds are as follows:

  1. Budgerigar nutrition should be based on a grain complex that includes 70% millet and 10% oats, with the remainder being a mixture of canary seeds, flax and hemp seeds, and wheat. It is important that millet should be represented by different types, i.e. yellow, black, white and red grains.
  2. It is forbidden to give sunflower seeds and nuts to this type of bird, as they are very fatty.
  3. It is allowed to give the bird a grain of wheat or oats, which should be germinated. She should eat green foods, such as lettuce and spinach, radish tops, clover or dandelion.
  4. If you are interested in how to feed a fruit parrot, then you should know that apples and carrots are an important basis for the diet.
  5. As a mineral supplement, use organic sand, represented by crushed oyster shells. Sepia is also recommended.

what to feed a budgerigar

What to feed a Jaco parrot?

One of the most popular parrot species that can be trained to imitate sounds and speak. Jaco quickly becomes attached to a person and even shows character. Important information is how to feed a Jaco parrot at home:

  1. Use a grain mixture designed for large birds as the basis of your diet. In addition, branches of trees (apple, hawthorn, raspberry, birch, mountain ash or linden) should be given to Jaco every day to replenish fiber stores.
  2. Among vegetables, fruits and berries, it is recommended to choose apples, citrus fruits, bananas, tomatoes, peaches, peas, carrots, cabbage and peppers.
  3. Pamper your pet with dandelion, plantain and nettle sprouts, and sprout chickpeas in winter.
  4. Useful for zhako porridge, which must be cooked on water, without additives. Allowed oatmeal, rice, Greek, millet or barley.

what to feed a parrot

Feeding necklace parrots

Beautiful and quick-witted birds are great for breeding in captivity. They are unpretentious in care, but have a particular character. The parrot got its name due to the presence of a dark strip on the neck. For proper maintenance, it is important to know how to feed a necklace parrot:

  1. The basis of the menu is a grain mixture, which should consist of 50% millet, 40% oats or wheat and 10% sunflower seeds. You can also give canary mixture.
  2. Feed your bird soaked corn kernels as a source of protein. You can give young immature cobs. Another option is sprouted grains of wheat and barley.
  3. Useful are cereals, for example, buckwheat, millet and rice. Cook cereals in milk or water.
  4. You definitely need to know how to feed a parrot to replenish the vitamin balance, so the following fruits are suitable for this purpose: apples, bananas, peaches and citruses. Of vegetables, cabbage, beets, carrots and zucchini are allowed. It is better to chop the vegetables on a grater and add a little grated breadcrumbs.
  5. Give berries as a treat, and in winter you can also use dry fruits, previously soaked in water. For nuts, choose walnuts, peanuts or hazelnuts.

feeding necklace parrots

Rosella parrot – food

Variegated and very beautiful birds are unpretentious in care, so they are easy to breed in captivity. Rosella has a gentle and loud voice, but with regular training, in addition to beautiful trills, you can also teach your pet to talk. There are several nuances regarding how best to feed a parrot:

  1. You can buy a specialized grain mixture at the pet store or make it yourself. For her, mix 60% canary mixture, 12% each of Japanese, yellow and Senegalese millet, and another 31% of sowing seeds. Please note that the seeds should not be large, for example, use millet, mogar or soaked corn.
  2. In nature, rosella feeds on live food and you can give him bloodworms, mealworms and other small insects at home. You need to buy it at the pet store. When figuring out how to feed a parrot at home, keep in mind that live protein food can be periodically replaced with boiled eggs and cottage cheese with a minimum fat content.
  3. Include fruits, vegetables, herbs and egg mixture in your diet. It is recommended to put a small piece of chalk in the cage, which will be a source of calcium.

parrot rosella food

What to feed a macaw parrot?

One of the most famous parrots, which even in captivity can live up to 80 years, but only if they are properly fed. It is important to know what to feed a parrot:

  1. The basis of the macaw menu is a grain mixture intended for large birds.
  2. Be sure to include vegetable and fruit mixes, as well as greens in your diet. Macaw prefers apples, citruses, bananas, cucumbers and berries. It is obligatory to have fresh branches of fruit trees in the cage.
  3. Once every two weeks, give the pet low-fat cottage cheese and an egg, and twice a week treat the bird with seeds of wheat, millet and oats, which should be germinated.
  4. Be sure to give the arena mineral supplements.

what to feed a macaw parrot

Cockatoo parrot – what to feed?

A beautiful bird with an original crest is considered an excellent companion. For her, it is necessary to choose the right diet, so the owners of such a pet should know what to feed the cockatoo parrot:

  1. Most of the menu is a grain mix of corn and oats. It must be pre-soaked in boiling water for several hours. It is necessary to give food, draining the remaining water.
  2. Like cockatoo and germinated wheat grains, which are important to rinse with warm water to remove the bitter taste.
  3. You can include nuts in the cockatoo menu, but since these products are fatty, they should be no more than 15% in the diet. Choose between hazelnuts, pine nuts and peanuts.
  4. When figuring out how to feed a parrot, it is worth mentioning vegetables, fruits and berries. Choose grapes, bananas, peaches and sweet apple varieties. Among vegetables, use boiled potatoes, fresh carrots and cabbage leaves. He also loves cockatoo rowan, currant, gooseberry or wild rose.

cockatoo parrot what to feed

Force feeding a parrot

There are situations when the chicks are left without parental care, so you need to carry out artificial feeding. There are special formulas for chicks, but if they are not, then give dairy-free baby food, which is bred to a puree state. You can add a couple of drops of carrot or apple juice to it, as well as a piece of boiled yolk. The amount of food for one feeding is 1-2 ml of the mixture. Describing what you can feed a pet parrot, you need to know how to properly carry out this procedure:

  1. Lay the chick on its back and use a brush to take a drop of the finished mixture and bring it to the side of the beak so that it swallows it.
  2. If the chick is too weak, then pump the mixture into a syringe without a needle and squeeze it out drop by drop on the side of the beak.