Do-it-yourself LED lighting for an aquarium

Modern LED aquarium lighting is economical, does not heat the water and makes it possible to create beautiful color effects. It is easy to assemble LED lighting from a ready-made tape for an aquarium with your own hands, without having any special knowledge of physics. It is waterproof, the diodes are available in different colors that are easy to combine. There are single tapes with white or color – RGB, which can be switched to different shades. Consider how to make a beautiful LED aquarium lighting with your own hands.

Backlight setting

To make an aquarium light from an LED strip with your own hands, you will need to make a frame or use a ready-made aquarium cover. Additionally you need to purchase:

  • 12 W LEDs – two white ribbons and one colored;
  • two strips of glass 7 cm each, two 2 cm each and two small pieces;
  • Do-it-yourself LED lighting for an aquarium4 Do-it-yourself LED lighting for an aquarium5
  • foil tape;
  • Do-it-yourself LED lighting for an aquarium6

  • silicone glue;
  • Do-it-yourself LED lighting for an aquarium7

  • controller and power supply.

How to make LED aquarium lighting?

  1. A glass box is glued without one wide part.
  2. Do-it-yourself LED lighting for an aquarium8

  3. A wire is inserted inside and sealed.
  4. Adhesive tape is glued with foil inside the lamp.
  5. Strips of LED strip are glued.
  6. You need to solder the tape to the wire.
  7. A glass lid is glued on top.
  8. The colored tape can be glued with double-sided tape and glue to the finished aquarium cover.
  9. Using the controller, power supply and remote control, you can change the color of the lighting.

As a rule, it is easier to make LED aquarium lighting yourself than from other types of lamps, and cheaper. Now the fish will enjoy artificial lighting, and the plants will actively develop inside the aquarium.