DIY quail cages

We suggest you assemble a do-it-yourself quail cage, designed for the simultaneous keeping of 200 birds. The height of the entire structure is almost 2 meters, the width is 1 meter, the depth of each individual cage is 50 centimeters. Egg receptacles and feeders will protrude on the front for the convenience of breeding quails. There will be 50 cells in total, each of which will contain 40 individuals. Immediately make a reservation that such cage sizes for quails can be changed according to your parameters.

What will be required?

  • three-centimeter drywall profile in the amount of 13 pieces, 3 meters each;
  • mesh with large and small cells, necessary for finishing walls, floors and doors;
  • feeders will require an eight-centimeter drywall profile;
  • screw “press washer”;
  • ties and galvanized sheets for pallets;
  • plastic bottles with a capacity of 2 liters;
  • wire.

From the tools you will need a screwdriver, scissors for cutting metal, a marker, tape measure, pliers.

Let’s start collecting:

  1. From a three-centimeter profile, he makes the base of the entire structure, for which only screws can be used, without drilling.
  2. DIY quail cages1

  3. Then, along the front of the future bird cage with your own hands, you need to attach guides for floors and ceilings, which will also serve as the basis for pallets. The guides must be fixed in such a way that the ceiling is flat and the floor is sloping.
  4. From the grid with a large cell, we cut off a piece of such a size that it can close the back and top of the rack. A little of the upper mesh should “overwhelm” forward, since the door of the upper cage will then be attached to it.
  5. From the same grid, you need to cut 5 equal pieces, which are then attached to the ceiling rails. This should be done with plastic ties, while the edges of the mesh should also hang slightly from the front of the rack.
  6. DIY quail cages2

  7. From a grid with a smaller cell, you also need to cut 5 pieces, making cutouts in them for the frame and bending the edges, making an egg collector. These blanks must be screwed to the floor guides, for which wire and plastic ties are used.
  8. DIY quail cages3

  9. We cut out the side walls from the coarse mesh, fasten them to the frame with plastic ties and screws. They also need to attach the floor.
  10. DIY quail cages4

  11. To make the doors you need a mesh with a thick rod. We cut out 5 identical pieces from it, the size of which is 100 x 15 (+ “sprouts”), see. With “sprouts” we fasten the doors to the overlapped parts of the ceilings of each level, after which we bend the doors, leaving room for the eggs to roll out. The fence is fixed with a pair of bent wires.
  12. DIY quail cages5

  13. We cut pallets from galvanized sheet.
  14. DIY quail cages6

  15. From an eight-centimeter profile we cut feeders, which are also fastened with wire.
  16. DIY quail cages7

  17. We make drinking bowls from the same plastic bottles with a capacity of 2 liters. We also attach them with wire.
  18. DIY quail cages8

  19. The finished rack looks like this.

DIY quail cages9

Note that such do-it-yourself quail cages are distinguished by ease of work, relative cheapness and ease of the whole structure. The mesh is not bought in a whole roll, but in the required footage, and screws and self-tapping screws cannot harm the bird. You should not save on a thinner floor net, because quail, although they run well on it, but then they will have problems with their paws.

Before you make a cage with your own hands, you need to stock up on all the materials, which will significantly speed up the work. It can take from one to a couple of days to manufacture the entire structure, depending on the degree of skill and the availability of free time. You can use it for more than one year, but for this you need to buy high-quality building materials and fasteners.