Diarrhea in a parrot - how to act?

Parrots are funny, funny and unpretentious pets. However, improper or insufficient care can lead to bird health problems and diseases, for example, diarrhea can begin in a parrot. And this condition, if left untreated, can lead to very sad consequences.

Diarrhea in a parrot – causes

Many pet owners are wondering why a parrot has diarrhea. Such frequent watery discharge from the intestines is not an independent disease, but a sign of some ailments or a consequence of insufficient care. For example, loose stools in birds can occur from drafts, stress, or even sharp and loud sounds. Diarrhea in a parrot can also be caused by pathologies such as:

  • infectious diseases;
  • diseases of the kidneys, liver, intestines;
  • food poisoning;
  • goiter inflammation;
  • taking antibiotics;
  • lack of millet in the diet.

Under the influence of these reasons, there is an increased contraction of the smooth muscles of the bird’s intestines, so the liquid contents do not have time to be absorbed and come out in an unchanged liquid form. The appearance and behavior of your parrot may change:

  • the bird sits with ruffled feathers;
  • closes eyes;
  • shows apathy and indifference;
  • does not eat;
  • the parrot started vomiting;
  • near the cloaca, the feathers are dirty and stuck together.

All these signs indicate that serious pathological processes are taking place in the body of a parrot that cannot be left without your attention. It should be remembered that diarrhea that lasts more than one day is an immediate threat to the bird’s life. Therefore, if you notice these symptoms in your pet, you should definitely seek help from a veterinarian or ornithologist.

causes of diarrhea in parrots

parrot white diarrhea

Experts say that parrot droppings depend on the food they are fed. So, if you gave the bird carrots or beets, then the color of the litter will be reddish, and this should not worry you. Juicy fruits and herbs in the parrot’s diet will help the bird’s stool to be more liquid, which is also normal. In a healthy parrot, the droppings look like a rounded greenish-brown and white worm.

If you notice that your bird’s stool has become light gray and even white, then it is quite possible that the parrot has problems with the pancreas. It is necessary to keep the bird on a diet, you can not give it milk, nuts, seeds. In the case when the parrot has white loose stools, then the bird probably has joint diseases, for example, arthritis, which occurs from an unbalanced diet.

parrot with white diarrhea

Parrot has green diarrhea

Green loose stools can become a sign of poisoning either with food or with the vital activity of parasites. In this case, a sick pet should be fed with warm, well-boiled porridge made from buckwheat, rice and millet. If the parrot does not want to eat on its own, it is necessary to give him porridge forcibly from a syringe. To improve the general condition (if the bird is trembling and frizzy), you can heat it with a 60 W lamp from a distance of about 10 cm from the cage. However, in case of bloody diarrhea, heating is strictly prohibited.

parrot green diarrhea

Parrot – diarrhea and vomiting

Very often diseases of parrots are accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting. A sign of the last state may be:

  • the bird turns its head sharply in different directions, while whole grains fall out of its beak;
  • the remnants of food and mucus from the parrot’s beak fall on the plumage growing on the head, sticking it together;
  • the feathers on the chest and belly become wet.

Vomiting along with diarrhea can be a symptom of diseases such as:

  • goiter lesion – a special expansion of the esophagus in the form of a bag, in which the process of digestion of food begins in birds. The goiter may become inflamed with the release of viscous cloudy mucus. The bird tries to push it out, which results in vomiting;
  • neuropathic dilatation of the stomach – this is a viral disease in which a bird can lose a lot of weight with a good appetite, and many undigested grains can be found in the litter;
  • gastritis in acute or chronic form – this is an inflammation of the walls of the stomach, which, if left untreated, can quickly end in the death of a bird;
  • parrot poisoning – can be not only poor-quality food, but also products that people consume, as well as household chemicals and other substances inedible for birds.

parrot diarrhea and vomiting

Bloody diarrhea in a parrot

If the parrot’s diarrhea has been going on for a long time, droplets of blood may appear in the litter. In addition, blotches of blood in the feces of a parrot may be due to a parasitic lesion. To determine if it is blood, you need to drop hydrogen peroxide on a red droplet, if it hisses, it means blood. The stool in a bird can turn red, and often black, with various intra-abdominal bleeding and damage to internal organs. In this case, an urgent consultation with an ornithologist or veterinarian is necessary.

parrot bloody diarrhea

Parrot has loose stools with water

Sometimes parrots may develop loose stools with water – the so-called polyuria. In healthy birds, there is a reabsorption of fluid by the walls of the intestine, while in diseased birds this mechanism does not work. Diarrhea with a vault in a parrot can occur due to such reasons:

  • stress;
  • diseases of the intestinal mucosa;
  • the bird drinks too much water, which does not have time to be absorbed;
  • the presence of worms and other parasites;
  • lack of vitamin A.

parrot has loose stools with water

Parrot won’t eat and has diarrhea

An attentive owner will immediately notice any deviations in the behavior of his pet. Diarrhea in a budgerigar is often combined with the fact that the bird refuses to eat, becomes lethargic and passive. Since these birds are small, all processes in their body proceed quickly. Therefore, if your pet refuses to eat, it must be force-fed with a syringe without a needle, as weight loss can lead to the death of the bird. If the parrot has diarrhea for several days, then you should definitely show the bird to a specialist who will determine the cause of the disease and prescribe treatment.

parrot not eating and diarrhea

The parrot has diarrhea – what to do?

Many owners of pet birds, having discovered that they have scolded their pets, ask in a panic what to do if the parrot has loose stools. If you notice that the parrot has diarrhea, the following measures should be taken before contacting a doctor:

  • disinfect the cage, equipment and accessories;
  • replace water with bottled baby water;
  • pour a solution of chamomile into the drinker, but it must be changed every 2 hours;
  • wash the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe bird’s cloaca with a warm chamomile solution, and clean the feathers from adhering dirt;
  • grind half a tablet of activated charcoal and / or carsil and add to the porridge;
  • dry bacteria Vetom 1.1 to restore intestinal microflora add to water twice a day (at the tip of a knife);
  • Lineks – pour 1 capsule on pre-moistened food.

parrot has diarrhea what to do