Variety of dog breeds with long ears

Dogs are very different – everyone knows that. But it is the variety of external manifestations that helps to clearly understand what kind of pet is needed in a particular case. It is useful to understand what breeds with elongated ears are.

Overview of Small Breeds

Among the small-sized dogs with large ears, several unusual breeds can be distinguished.

basset hound

Among them, the basset hound is especially distinguished. It was used by foot hunters when they had to pursue on the plains:

  • hare;
  • fox;
  • badger.

Basset hounds are quite developed to chase prey for several hours in a row.

A characteristic feature of these dogs is also a sharp, loud barking. Sometimes it is even compared to a roar. The figure is relatively low (height at the withers does not exceed 0.33-0.38 m). The mass of the Basset Hound is from 18 to 29 kg.

The massive body is elongated. This breed has relatively short legs. The muzzle is covered with folds, creating a characteristic “sad” appearance. It may seem from the outside that the pet is very tired or dejected by something. The ears are not only elongated, but also twisted as if inward.

If they are drawn out, they can go a little further than the tip of the nose. Tri-color coloration predominates, containing:

  • white;
  • black;
  • brown tones.

Less common are red and white dogs. The rarest type of basset hound is completely red with a light tail edge. In any case, the dog is characterized by a friendly disposition, an excellent sense of smell and a good development of skills through training. This breed is actively used as:

  • rescuers in various extreme situations;
  • search engines for illegal drugs;
  • companions for children and teenagers.

For your information: the ancestors of the Basset Hounds were not endemic to the British Isles – they were brought there from the territory of modern France. But as a result of consistent selection in manners and habits, true “English” turned out – exactly the same as the common stereotype.

An important feature of the Basset Hound is an excellent memory. It should be borne in mind that due to their high intelligence, these animals can diligently manipulate their owners, seeking the desired behavior from them.

Every time, having heard a command, even a well-practiced one, the pet decides especially whether to follow it or not. Since the selection was aimed at hunting, and not at the security service, the guard qualities of bassets are limited.

The dog will react to a stranger, but barking for a very long time and loudly, and even more so, will not attack the enemy. The generally accepted international classification calls basset hounds excellent companions. But you will have to constantly exercise with the animal, as well as conduct very thorough training.


You can look at other low dogs with long ears. The longest (or one of the longest among them) is the dachshund. These animals look touching, but they have a rather specific character. The pet is able to penetrate the holes of wild animals and gain the upper hand over them underground. Dachshunds overcome even such recognized predators as moles.

This dog is peaceful, but if it comes to a decisive fight, it will fight mercilessly. There are 3 subspecies of dachshunds (by weight):

  • extra light (rabbit) – up to 3 kg;
  • small – 3-5 kg;
  • standard – from 7 to 11 kg.

Dachshunds appeared in Germany in the 16th century. An important feature of this breed is that its representatives should not jump down from anywhere or stand on their hind legs. In such cases, the animal may be seriously injured. And even if it is not, the appearance of diseases of the spine is likely.

Important: the dachshund is sociable, requires constant contact with the owners – and if the owner is busy, he will not be able to provide proper care.

shih tzu

This dog, though not larger than a dachshund, is very strong and strong. His muzzle covered with long hair looks very attractive. It ends in a pretty black nose. Relatively short legs create an expressive contrast with the long tail. But it’s important to understand that Shih Tzu requires very careful, even scrupulous, grooming.

You will need:

  • constantly clean the hair from the eyes;
  • systematically comb your pet;
  • walk him every day.

The peculiarities of Shih Tzu wool allow poetic natures to compare them with chrysanthemum flowers. Asian doggy forms a very strong attachment to their owners. It comes from Tibet and can live, with good luck, 12-14 years.

Interesting: the breed is considered one of the most ancient on the planet. Adult individuals do not coward in danger, they know how to show determination and are quite resistant to stress.


Some people are not too fond of spotted dogs – a simple small long-eared beagle would be a good alternative. This breed is widely used for hunting purposes. She is praised for her extraordinary energy and goodwill. Beagles easily find a common language not only with other dogs in the house, but also with children, and even with cats. This type of dog is:

  • propensity to walk;
  • constant cheerful mood;
  • excellent intellectual property.

The mass of the animal can be 8-16 kg, its height is 0.32-0.4 m. The beagle looks very powerful for its height.

Important: this breed is very good and skillfully begging for food. You need to learn to ignore her requests of this kind. Otherwise, you can be afraid that the pet will get fat and look ugly.

Another subtlety is the beagle’s tendency to run away and wander for a long time.


For beginner dog breeders, breeds such as the Chihuahua will be much more valuable. The tiny dog, bred in South America, is liked by a very large number of people. Its height does not exceed 0.23 m, and its weight is a maximum of 2 kg.

Chihuahua has long been recognized as the smallest dog in the world. Its size can be considered both a virtue and a weakness. The animal can be easily put in a bag, in a bag, in the trunk of a car, a suitcase or a sports bag. Chihuahua tolerates long-distance travel very well. However, such a modest animal can easily fall under a careless blow by a door, a boot or moveable furniture.

It is also dangerous for him to fall, jump from high places.

Chinese crested dogs

Chinese Crested Dogs also deserve attention. Their height at the withers is from 0.25 to 0.35 m with a weight of 3-6 kg. It is customary to divide Chinese crested into 3 main groups:

  • powder pouf – they have thick long hair and need a thorough haircut;
  • conic – covered with hair only on the head, paws and tail, which looks very attractive;
  • hairless dog – the name quite clearly characterizes this branch.

Crested dogs, even in their most woolly form, are not prone to shedding. Therefore, you can not be afraid that the hair rolls on the carpet. A pet can become an excellent friend for kids. He is affectionate, inclined to communicate and perfectly perceives all mood changes.

There is only one problem – not all people like the appearance of Chinese Corydalis.

However, the dogs themselves are far from being located to everyone around them. Rather, they are firmly attached to the owners, but they often dislike outsiders. It is curious that by the last third of the twentieth century, the breed was considered almost extinct, and only a sharp rise in demand saved it from final extinction. The outward resemblance to the Mexican crested gives rise to endless disputes about who descended from whom and under what circumstances. What is beyond doubt is the life span of Chinese crested – from 12 to 14 years.

This breed is an excellent companion and companion on the road. But you should not rely on serious security properties. Animals are extremely sensitive even to very weak air cooling. They should live only in an apartment or a securely heated house. Keeping them in a kennel or in an aviary is almost impossible.

Caring for the coat of Chinese Crested is very difficult. That is why it is very difficult to work with them. Even if you choose the hairless variety, you will have to pay a lot of money for warm clothes for walking. It is worth remembering that this breed is quite serious stubbornness. What’s worse she is obviously incapable of learning what a person’s personal space is, and does not intend to observe it.

Russian toy terrier

Good domestic long-eared baby – Russian toy terrier. This breed is recognized as one of the most glamorous in the XXI century.. But it will be all the more amusing to note that it was originally created to combat harmful rodents, which even majestic cities abounded in the past.

And the old habit of such dogs has been preserved in full; it is likely that on a walk the animal will bring “prey”.

Outwardly, Russian toy terriers look like modest fragile dogs. They have dry muscles, and the weight of the animal does not exceed 1 kg. Color can vary greatly. Toy Terriers have both long and smooth coats. They are characterized by:

  • a penchant for fun
  • kindness;
  • energy;
  • self-confidence, sometimes even excessive;
  • adoration of all family members without special allocation of the owner;
  • love for games
  • the habit of behaving like a companion of a person.


You can complete the review of small long-eared dogs on the phalene, an alternative name is the continental toy spaniel. A feature of this dog is a head resembling a butterfly. From large ears, long hair falls down. The height at the withers is 0.25 m, and the body weight is 2.5 kg. Phalenes do not shed, they have no undercoat; the animal is so beautiful that it even got on the canvases of legendary painters.

But not everything was so clear in the past. Phalen experienced repeated episodes of rise and fall. According to some experts, this breed has existed for over 800 years. However, due to the lack of proper documentation in the old days, it is impossible to accurately determine the moment of appearance. Judging by the ceremonial portrait, phalenes first appear in European states from the 11th to the 13th centuries.

Monarchs and aristocracy passionately adored such pets. The decline occurred from the end of the 18th century, when feudalism in general and monarchies in particular collapsed. Only a few specimens of the breed were preserved by those who fled from France to America. But even where the next social formation had already begun, the phalenes immediately began to breed very actively.

As a result of active selection, the appearance of the breed has changed significantly compared to samples from the early Middle Ages.

Varieties of Medium Dogs

However, not everyone is satisfied with small pets with erect ears, such as toy terriers. Many people want to buy a dog of moderately large size with hanging ears. It is worth paying attention to a number of such breeds.

English Springer Spaniel

Springer Spaniels are one of these breeds. They are valued for their cute appearance and attractiveness. The breed is widespread. Therefore, the cost of individual copies is quite affordable even for beginner dog breeders.


An intermediate position between the medium and large groups of eared dogs is occupied by the drathaar. This is a German cop, the creators of which focused on such goals as:

  • tracking wild birds and animals;
  • notification of owners about the approach of prey;
  • a tray of carcasses and wounded animals;
  • boar hunting.

The height of the Drathaar varies from 0.57 to 0.68 m. The body weight is not regulated by the breed standard. The body of the dog is ideally close to a square. It is characterized by:

  • deep chest;
  • tightness of the abdomen;
  • narrow (sometimes docked) tail;
  • set high and wide apart (they are not pointed or folded).

Drathaars have gray, brown (in pure form or with light areas), black with gray, brown spotted color. Such dogs show poise and are not shy in a moment of danger.

They know how to be decisive. What is important, there is no particular aggressiveness towards people.

scottish terrier

Curly pets with pointed ears also deserve attention. A good example is the Scottish Terrier. True, his white ears are only relatively large. But the dog is distinguished by strength and endurance. A brave animal communicates with other individuals and with family members quite effectively.

Important: you can not succumb to the charm of the cute appearance of this breed.

Scottish terriers do not give a descent to those who try to at least imitate an attack on their owners. The guest from the shores of England is distinguished by an outstanding mind and exuberant energy. He is able to instantly recognize a change in the mood of the owners. The Scots are adventurous and curious.

Important: when starting such a fluffy curly-haired dog, you should not rely on her sentimentality; but she will behave with restraint.

What are the major types?

Long-eared dogs of large sizes attract the attention of lovers of large dogs.

German dog

The black long-eared dog is primarily a Great Dane. Its formation took several decades. The breed standard was officially approved in 1880. The ears of these animals can both stand and hang. Their appearance invariably inspires respect and creates an aristocratic halo.

Having got a lop-eared or straight-eared dog, you can not be afraid of aggression. Dogs tend to patronize condescendingly to other animals. In infancy, the pet is slow. It makes no sense to train him for a very long time. The dog is very smart, extremely faithful to the owners, therefore, although it is not among the service dogs, it guards the house and people well.

english setter

An alternative can be considered an English Setter. It was bred for the purpose of hunting waterfowl. The oval shape of the skull is characteristic, the muzzle is close to a rectangle in configuration. The body is muscular and looks elegant. The tail of the setter is unusual – it looks like an old Turkish saber.

The coat of the Englishman is wavy, the longest hair grows on the stomach, on the chest and on the tail. You can easily detect feathering on the front legs and thighs. Setters are praised for:

  • liveliness of character;
  • general friendliness;
  • increased energy;
  • attractive maroon color.

How to choose?

No matter how attractive puppies and adult pets look in photographs and at exhibitions, one should not give preference to “simply beautiful” pets. The main attention should be paid to:

  • size;
  • psychology of the future pet;
  • shedding intensity;
  • rate of salivation.

Do not think that small dogs are always better than large animals. Some of them make too much noise and require active practice. Small pets are categorically not suitable for families with children – there is a very high risk that careless kids will cause injury.

Important: even if the dog is covered with a lot of wool, but sheds little, it is still suitable for allergy sufferers. Even when getting acquainted with a particular pet, you need to pay attention to its learning ability and level of aggressiveness.

Beginners need to get the most predictable dog breeds. But general peace is not everything. Only experienced dog breeders will be able to provide equally good conditions for any variety. But novice dog breeders should choose those animals that are bred as close as possible to their habitat. Then the necessary nutrition, daily routine and other moments will be easier to provide.

About the features of dachshunds and basset hounds with long ears, see the video below.