The LaPerm cat is a unique creature, these pets are very beautiful. Charming cats and cats have a distinctive feature – this is their curly coat. This feature was laid at the base of the name of the breed: “laperm” consists of two words – “la” and “perm”. “La” is an article from the French language, “perm” is an English word, has a translation – “perm”.

Origin story

The LaPerm breed has only recently become known. Many believe that these cats were able to appear due to a genetic mutation that occurred in the genotype of a simple pet. In the US state of Oregon, on a farm located in Dallas, in 1982, 6 cubs were born to the cat Speedy, who was outbred. Five kittens were simple, they were similar to each other, and the last kitten had no hair, ears were set wide apart, there were blue stripes on the skin and curled vibrissae.

The owners of the cat, Linda and Richard Koel, thought that the last kitten was weak, and did not draw any conclusions about the appearance of the cub. The kitten grew, and as soon as the second month ended, the cub began to develop a delicate and wavy coat. In the third month of the kitten, the whole body is completely overgrown with curly hair. The kitten became charming, he was given the name – Curly, this name meant “curly”.

When Kerli grew up, she was able to give birth to five cubs, and all of them had wavy coats. For the next 10 years, the pets were freely crossed, and curly cubs with both long and short hair could be born. The owners were surprised by such a breed, but they did not think that the breed was new. When there were too many pets with unusual fur, the owners decided to come to the felinological organization and announce unusual cats.

Conducted studies of this species, the researchers were able to find out that the curly gene can be predominant, and both cats and cats can wear it. The LaPerm pet was shown to the public only in 1992, when a cat show was held in the city of Portland, which is located in the state of Oregon. After that, the researchers began to breed these animals. To get cubs of the LaPerm breed, Siamese and Manx pets were used. It was only in 2008 that the LaPerm breed was officially recognized, and only this year the CFA was able to recognize the breed.


The head of the pet laperm has the shape of a triangle, its corners are gently rounded. The muzzle has a wide appearance, below – a strong and strong chin. You can see round outlines on the mustache pads. The vibrissae are too elongated and flexible. On the lower lines of the eyes there is a small indentation that goes to the nose, this indentation can be felt. To the end of the spout, the entire profile has a straight line. The forehead of the laperm has a flat shape.

The ears are medium or large in size, their shape is cupped and wide. On the inside of the auricles there is a small pubescence. There are tassels on the tips of the pet’s ears.

Animals of the LaPerm breed have widely spaced eyes, they look like almonds and have slight inclinations towards the base of the ears. When cats are alert, their eyes start to widen. The shade of the eyes is varied and cannot correlate with the color of the coat.

In animals, eye color can be: blue, blue, green, yellow, copper. Sometimes two eyes can have different colors.

The physique of laperm animals is of medium size, the bone skeleton is of medium thickness or is slightly thin. If you have a balanced physique, then the males will be larger in size than the females. The size may depend on the mass: the weight of a cat can reach about 6 kilograms, and a cat can weigh up to 5 kilograms. Cats may be slightly taller than cats.

The tail in animals is proportional to the body and can taper well towards the tip. The paws of pets are of medium length, but the front legs are slightly shorter than the hind legs. Paws have rounded pads. The entire fur of the laperm is curly, but it may not appear from birth, but only after reaching 4-6 months. Before that, the cubs can live without wool or have a straight coat, then they begin to shed and become curly.

Some mature males can change their appearance: they lose their fur, and then again acquire curly hair. The color, length of the hairs and the degree of their curl may vary in different individuals of this breed. There are pets that have both long and short hair. All cats can have a light springy coat, which can be wavy or curly. Too much curly hair grows on the pet’s stomach, near the ears and on the neck.

Laperms have a variety of colors. These animals counted about 30 color options.. The main and not too rare colors are white, red, ivory, chocolate and cinnamon. In pets that have these colors, the paw pads and nose have a pink tint. Black LaPerm cats have black paw pads and noses.

Character features

LaPerm cats are very sweet creatures, they can require care and attention. Cats want to be noticed and attract their owner’s attention in different ways. Pets want to connect with people. As soon as this beautiful animal sees the approaching owner, it will begin to purr.

When observations were made, it became clear that the Lapermian breed is too loving. Cats and cats can constantly stretch their paws to the face of their owner in order to show the owner all their love in this way. These pets cannot imagine their life without affection, and for this reason, animals show tenderness to humans and in return receive affection from the owner. Laperm likes to be near the chest, on the hands or on the shoulders of a person.

Animals of this breed are responsive and loyal. If the owner calls them, the cats will immediately run to him. Usually cats have a very quiet voice, but if they want to draw attention to themselves, they can make a ringing sound. If a cat lives in a private house, then it can catch mice and rats in the yard. But even having a hunting instinct, they can well take root in apartments.

Pets of the Laperm breed have a special character, they get used to different living conditions.

For them, the most important thing is that there is a good owner nearby who can care for and feel sorry for his pet.

Conditions of detention

LaPerms are unpretentious, and they do not have any needs for a place to live. Since animals love their owners, you need to place the cat bed next to your sofa or chair. For the most part, cats prefer to lie near their owner or even in his place. For this breed, life in the country is quite suitable.

In order for the animal to feel comfortable, you need to take care of it.

In order for a cat’s coat to look great, it needs to be combed well. This process is simple and mandatory. Your pet should be combed 2 times in 7 days, using a massage brush with widely spaced teeth. If you do not comb the cat, then curly hair will form tangles. Then you have to cut the cat a little, which will not give the animal an attractive look.

If pets start shedding, they need to be combed. 4 times in 7 days, but usually cats shed lightly. You also need to remember about bathing the cat. Bathe these animals once every 45-60 days, using shampoos and conditioners that have a natural base. You do not need to buy cheap detergents, as they contain a harmful composition. Such a composition will easily spoil the coat of the animal. After the owner bathes his pet, you need to make sure that the coat can dry itself, without using a hair dryer.

Pets may be afraid of the hair dryer, and their curly coat may deteriorate.

Your pet’s ears need to be cleaned regularly. Every week it is necessary to check the ears of the animal, because some pets can accumulate earwax in 7 days, and in some individuals nothing accumulates in 60 days.

It is necessary to clean the ears using cotton swabs and aids, for example, drops “Otifri”. Before cleaning, it is necessary to drip two drops of the substance into the ears so that the contaminated area can split a little. After that, you need to take a cotton swab and gently clean the outer ear canal in a circular motion. Cotton swabs must be purchased with a limiter so as not to accidentally damage the pet’s eardrum.

The teeth of LaPerm cats need to be cleaned frequently, because tartar can build up in animals, which can cause teeth to fall out. Teeth should be cleaned using a special, lightweight toothbrush. If the pet resists and does not accept the brush, then you need to use a clean, lint-free cloth. Wrap the cloth around your finger, apply tooth powder or paste, and gently brush your pet’s teeth.

If possible, you need to clean the delicate tissues of the mouth. And also in the food of this animal, you can add a special food that can clean teeth. The packaging of these feeds must be marked “Dental”. For example, the best food for cleansing your teeth may be food bearing the Royal Canin brand.

Eyes should be cleaned every week. To wipe your eyes, you need 2 separate cotton pads and a disinfectant. For example, you can use a solution of boric acid, which has a weak concentration, potassium permanganate, a decoction of herbs or tea leaves. You also need to use special napkins, for example, from the Trixie brand. You need to know that transparent discharge or brown crusts can accumulate on the inner corners of the cat’s eyes. If purulent or blood clots appear before the eyes, then such an animal must be taken to a veterinarian.

The claws of the animal must be trimmed 2 times in 45 days, for this it is necessary to use sharp forceps so that the cat does not experience pain. You need to cut 2 millimeters of the tip of the claw. If the owner is afraid to cut his pet’s claws himself, then you need to purchase a scratching post. You need to accustom the animal to this device when it is still small.

The kitten will scratch its claws and learn to do this procedure for life.

How and what to feed?

LaPerm cats always have a good appetite. In order for cats to have excellent tone and natural activity, they need a balanced diet. Feeding should be enriched with proteins. You need to know some recommendations for feeding laperm animals.

Kittens aged 1.5-2 months should be given food 5 times in one day. Older 2.5-4.5-month-old kittens should be given food 4 times in one day, 4.5-6.5-month-old kittens should be given food 3 times a day. When the kitten is 8 months old, you need to switch to an adult diet and feed such a pet 2 times in one day. Food should not be too cold and not too hot.

Cats and cats can be fed with dry food. The feed must be of high quality, have all the necessary trace elements, nutrients and vitamins. You can also feed your pet natural food, but not waste. If the owner will give cats natural food, then he needs to remember that vitamins must be added to food, since natural food does not have enough vitamins.

But in order for cats to have good digestion, they need to be fed in a balanced way, that is, use both dry food and natural food. Dry food should be given separately from natural food: for example, give dry food in the morning, and give natural food in the evening.

The main thing is to give less carbohydrates and more proteins, that is, meat products.

Products that can be given from natural food:

  1. meat found in chicken, beef, veal, lamb, turkey;
  2. vegetables such as zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, beets, broccoli;
  3. rice, buckwheat, millet porridge;
  4. heart, lungs and liver, which are offal;
  5. boiled fish;
  6. products that contain milk: low-fat kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt and cottage cheese, they should be given once every 7 days;
  7. bones and cartilage that have a soft texture, such as bones from pork or beef.

Meat products, cereals and vegetables must be cooked before serving. But sometimes it is allowed to give raw meat.

Prohibited products:

  1. sweet products;
  2. salty products;
  3. salted cheese;
  4. smoked products;
  5. sausage and similar products;
  6. pork meat;
  7. beef kidneys;
  8. fish that has fat;
  9. egg white;
  10. milk, butter, cream, sour cream;
  11. potatoes;
  12. fruit;
  13. beans.


Since cats have too curly coats, they can get fleas. All owners of the Laperm breed need to have a special tool in their first aid kit that protects animals from fleas. If parasites appear on cats, then animals can suffer from serious allergies. If cats do get fleas, they need to be constantly vaccinated and apply a special flea remedy to them.

It is important that LaPerm cats have too sensitive withers, for this reason it is strictly forbidden to grab a cat by this place, because the animal may feel a sharp pain.

    There are no hereditary and genetic diseases in the LaPerm breed. If the cat just caught a cold, you need to carefully monitor it so that it lies in a warm place and eats well. The average life expectancy of LaPerm cats is quite large – about 13-16 years.

    Thus, representatives of the LaPerm breed are very friendly animals, they always need to be paid attention. The main thing is to recreate comfortable conditions for your cats and cats, feed them in a balanced way and properly care for them. So the animal will feel all the care and affection of a person and will delight its owners!

For information about the features of the content of laperms, see the following video.