parrot cockatoo

The cockatoo parrot is the most interesting and popular species of birds living in the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Guinea. His demand as a pet is entirely due to the comical gestures, chic exotic appearance, trainability and mobility. The cockatoo speaks extremely rarely, since it is not capable of reproducing human speech, but there are instances of “giving out” a set of phrases or words. The bird loves to whistle and make interesting sounds. The talking cockatoo parrot will be a real highlight of any family.

cockatoo species

There are about 20 varieties of this species of birds, which are determined by the length of the body, feathers and crest, as well as by color. Let’s look at the brightest and most popular representatives:

  1. The yellow-crested cockatoo is the most common in people’s homes, which is due to their tameness and deep affection for their owners. They are distinguished by the presence of a yellow tuft on the head, the absence of plumage around the eyes and the predominantly white color of the general coat.
  2. White-crested representative of this species has a huge crest, resembling a crown, and is covered with snow-white feathers. It is the “headdress” that makes him a favorite pet.
  3. The Inca cockatoo is one of the most beautiful parrots and the most colorful cockatoo, with a delicate pink shade of plumage, a chic crest with transverse red and yellow stripes and absolutely white wings.
  4. Pink birds have a gray or smoky feather cover, diluted with a reddish tint on the chest, cheeks, neck and abdomen. When fluffing the white tuft, its ruby-red center appears.

Contents of a cockatoo

Since the bird very quickly learns to open all kinds of hooks and unscrew all kinds of bolts and nuts with its hard beak, it is necessary to properly take care of the reliability and safety of its home, it may be worth making a cage with your own hands. Cockatoo care provides for nutrition with mixtures of different types of grains, except for oilseeds, the availability of clean and fresh drinking water, and the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Cockatoo chicks should be taught from an early age to bathing in the shower or regular spraying, which are the necessary hygienic conditions for keeping this species.

The disadvantage of the cockatoo is rightfully considered to be its character, namely loudness and capriciousness, which completely depends on the attitude of the owner towards it. The more the owner will caress and pamper the bird, the more often it will annoy him with sharp and nasty sounds. Cockatoo is distinguished by vindictiveness and the ability to avenge a long-inflicted insult.

Diseases of the cockatoo

Often, a deterioration in the health of a pet occurs as a result of a violation of the elementary rules for the care and nutrition of a bird. For cockatoo, diseases of this type are characteristic:

  • bacterial infections;
  • smallpox;
  • parrot disease or ornithosis;
  • inca cockatoo

  • infections caused by a fungus;
  • physical injury;
  • organic diseases;
  • vitamin deficiency and so on.

To avoid such diagnoses, the crested cockatoo will be helped by regular preventive maintenance measures, proper diet and compliance with the hygienic standards of the habitat.

In order to breed cockatoo parrots at home, you need to purchase birds from an experienced and honest breeder who will provide a healthy pair that is correctly matched by gender and healthy. The mating process should take place in a spacious enclosure or room, and the owner must carefully monitor the signs of aggression from both participants. Egg laying should be carried out in a specially equipped nesting place, where the parents will look after the chick (since only one survives).