Chartreuse cat - description of the breed, features and its main differences from the British

Chartreuse is a graceful cat with a rich blue color. This is a temperamental animal with an independent character. Strong, muscular pets get along well with single people and in large families with children. The Chartreuse cat has gained popularity in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Chartreuse cat – description of the breed

The Chartreuse is an independent French cat belonging to the Carthusian breed.

  1. It has a large and muscular body, while being very agile and flexible. Cats are somewhat larger than cats, calm temperament.
  2. The backbone is strong, with well-developed muscles. Cats are medium in size. The hind legs are strong, with well-defined angles. The tail is of medium length, in proportion to the body and rounded at the tip.
  3. Depending on the sex and age of the animal, the size, color, coat structure and eye color differ. The body weight of a cat is 6-7 kg, cats – 4-5 kg. The final formation of an individual occurs by the age of three.
  4. The Chartreuse cat is suitable for people who love pets with aristocratic, intelligent manners that make good contact.
  5. You can recognize animals by their unique graceful muzzle, which is distinguished by thick massive cheeks, a high forehead and a straight long nose.
  6. The coat is short and close to the body. Depending on the habitat, it may have an undercoat with varying degrees of density.

French Chartreuse cat breed

This breed has become known for its docile nature. Cats are strongly attached to the house and family in which they live. Although they try to stay independent, they are still madly in love with their owners. Their coat is very easy to care for, brushing it with a shorthair furminator two to three times a month. Particular attention should be paid to the pet during the molting period, which occurs twice a year: in spring and autumn.

French Chartreuse cat breed

The French Chartreuse is in good health. However, a purebred cat is also prone to some breed diseases. It is necessary to monitor body weight. The French tend to be overweight, which adversely affects the joints and overall health. You should also pay attention to the condition of the teeth. The rest of the cats are in good health. Before purchasing a kitten, you need to be prepared for the fact that the pet will be silent. This breed is distinguished by a rare manifestation of the voice. Only in extreme cases will the owner be able to hear a slight wheezing, similar to meowing.

blue chartreuse

The Chartreuse cat breed is considered not playful, but jealous and demanding attention. At the same time, a balanced character allows you to get along with different pets. However, remember – at heart they are hunters and you should not keep hamsters or birds close to them. They feel great both in the company of the owner, and alone with a couple of favorite toys.

Chartreuse – Cartesian cat, refers to contact pets that are always happy to communicate with the owner. They are wary of strangers, but without excessive fearfulness. Perfectly adapt in any situation, quickly get used to the microclimate. They demand attention and are ready to give love and devotion. The Russian Chartreuse is often confused with the Russian Blue cat.

blue chartreuse

Chartreuse – unlike the British

You can find out what the Chartreuse cat breed looks like according to the established standard, by which it is easy to distinguish them from similar breeds:

  1. Head elongated and wide in the form of a trapezoid, and among the British it resembles a circle. The nose must be wide and straight. The ears of the Chartreuse are medium, set high, while those of the English have rounded tips and a small slit. A Chartreuse kitten may have gray-blue eyes, but as they mature, they become hazel or yellow. The neck is short and massive.
  2. Tail the chartreuse has a long pipe, while the British have it shortened and has a curved tip.
  3. Wool and the color standard of the Chartreuse cat range from pale gray to blue. Sometimes there is a lavender tone. However, preference is given to light blue and deep blue shades. The structure of the coat is short, but with a downy undercoat, which is somewhat darker than the main hair. Unlike the British and Scots, the coat is darker and longer.

Carthusian cat – character

An independent and calm disposition are the hallmarks of the breed. Be prepared that all attention in the family will be turned to a four-legged friend who will bring a lot of emotions to life. Chartreuse – a cat, the main information of which is hidden in the breed standard, will try to become the only pet, because of the innate jealousy and thirst for attention. At the same time, animals are diligent and easily get along with children. They love to play and run in the apartment. Chartreuse has an independent character, but at the same time compliant and flexible.

Carthusian cat character

Chartreuse – how to educate?

Pet Carthusian Chartreuse is easily trained, quickly masters the order in the family. However, the animal needs to be given attention to replenish its hunting instincts and curiosity. Playful, active felines will not refuse a short street walk and entertainment with toys. Education will be easier if you take a pet as a kitten. With grown-up individuals, it is a little more difficult, since it is necessary to earn the authority and trust of the animal. To do this, you need to regularly contact your pet, responding to its requirements.