A variety of shapes and sizes of bowls for cats allows you to choose the dishes for the animal that are optimally suitable for him, and at the same time of original design and good quality. The bowl should be selected depending on the breed of the animal. For example, for Persian cats with a flattened muzzle, a non-spill bowl with low sides is suitable. Such a bowl for cats is very convenient for water, it has an anti-slip sticker that sticks to the bottom, and wide sides that fold inward prevent the pet’s hair from getting wet.

Many owners purchase double bowls for their cats, separated only by a thin partition. This is not the best option, since food and water, getting from one compartment to another, mixes with each other. These bowls are suitable for feeding several kittens, provided that both compartments have the same food.

Another option for a double bowl is a coaster, which has recesses for individual bowls. Such a cat feeder with bowls on a stand is more stable and will not allow food to mix with water.

bowl material

Cat bowls are mainly made of metal, plastic and ceramic. The most inconvenient of them are plastic, they move easily on the floor, which is inconvenient for the animal, and often have a strong smell of plastic.

Metal bowls for cats are much more convenient, they are strong and durable. Ceramic bowls for cats are also convenient, they are heavy enough to prevent slipping, they do not contain harmful impurities, and their biggest advantage is that they can be put in the microwave.

Modern cat feeders

Not so long ago, an automatic bowl for cats appeared, it allows the owner to leave the house for several days without worrying about the pet. This feeder has two tanks, for dry food and water. It is equipped with an ice container, which allows you to keep the food fresh for a long time, it is battery operated. Such a bowl for cats is made with a timer that automatically ensures the opening of the container at a given time, it can consist of two parts, for food and water, and can be opened simultaneously or separately.

A bowl with a dispenser for cats is a good way out of a situation when the owner is absent from morning until late evening. Dry food is poured into the container, the time interval between feedings, and the required portion size are set. At a predetermined time, the protective plate moves away and the food enters the bowl.