Is it possible to bathe a hamster

When, due to subjective and objective reasons, it is impossible to get a cat or a dog, but you still really want to take care of a pet, a hamster appears in a house or apartment. He captivates adults and children with his spontaneity and touches with the constant desire to do something and hurry somewhere. So, when this little fluffy animal appears in the apartment, several questions immediately arise, and, perhaps, one of the main ones is the question – is it possible to bathe a hamster?

Why and how to bathe a hamster?

It is worth, first of all, to figure out why this idea is so disturbing in general: out of simple interest or because of urgent need. After all, in fact, the animal looks after itself perfectly on its own and does not need human help. If, due to age or illness, a ball of joy is not able to cleanse itself, the owner can help. However, how to bathe a hamster with water and shampoo? Of course not. It is enough to wipe the dirty areas with a damp cloth or cotton swab dipped in plain water.

However, of course, the situations are different, and a small pet can accidentally get dirty by negligence, then the question would be reasonable, is it possible to wash hamsters dzhungarikov? It is possible, only without the use of containers filled to the brim with water and human hygiene products. There is a special shampoo for rodents, after washing with which the hamster must be thoroughly dried with a terry towel. If the animal’s hair has become oily, you can apply it to non-talc, and it will become fluffy again.

The main rule when bathing a hamster is caution.

As for the use of sand as one of the cleaning agents, veterinarians focus on how to properly bathe a hamster in this component. Firstly, only under the supervision of the owner and not for long, and secondly, rememberIs it possible to bathe a hamster that getting sand inside can cause inflammation of the lungs and shorten the already not so long period of life of the fluffy.

So, it’s worth drawing a line and remembering once and for all why you can’t bathe hamsters, highlighting several main reasons and possible consequences:

  • the animal most often serves itself and does not get very dirty, excluding force majeure situations;
  • the use of cosmetics can cause allergies and lead to the death of the hamster;
  • water and staying in it can cause serious colds;
  • not dried well wool after water procedures can weaken the immune system and lead to illness.