Aquarium where to start

People who are only familiar with breeding aquarium fish by hearsay consider this activity to be quite simple. Many beginners do not want to read literature on the net or books on how to start an aquarium and where to start. Therefore, often, instead of the desired beauty, they soon form cloudy water in a glass vessel with sluggish inhabitants, gradually dying out from a whole bunch of diseases. Let’s discuss the correct course of action for those who want to get a quality and clean vessel with healthy fish at home.

How to start breeding fish in an aquarium?

  1. First, decide exactly what kind of aquarium you want to buy. It turns out that a large vessel of more than 100 liters has some advantages over small tanks. It will grow more slowly, the ecosystem will form in it more stable, cleaning can be carried out once every 14 days.
  2. The first aquarium is already in the apartment, where to start next? Now let’s equip it with the necessary fixtures. The minimum set includes a filter, a compressor, a water heater, a thermometer, an electrical device for lighting.
  3. Install the aquarium in a permanent place. You can not place it on the windows and near radiators. The sun’s rays should not fall directly on the fish tank. Also remember that the operation of the compressor can interfere with the sleep of you and the rest of the residents of the house. If the vessel is large, then take care of a solid stand.
  4. Another nuance that inexperienced amateurs who are studying the question of how to start an aquarium at home should know. It is advisable to wash the store vessel well with water and soda, then rinse it again with ordinary liquid, and only then fill the tank with soil. Store compositions are simply washed, but if you collected gravel and sand on your own, then everything must first be calcined for disinfection.
  5. Artificial plants are simply stuck into the sand, while live algae require soil with nutrients. It is impossible to settle living inhabitants immediately in the aquarium. Fill it with well-settled water, let the tank stand for a couple of days with the compressor and filter turned on.
  6. A very important point in the question of where to start running an aquarium is the right choice of fish. Do not plant predators with peace-loving creatures, otherwise they will destroy them. Also remember that some inhabitants need water with a temperature not exceeding 25 °, while others adore liquid heated to 28 °. Study all the types of fish that you want to have so that they are suitable for approximately the same conditions. It is better for beginners to acquire hardy and unpretentious guppies, swordtails, lalius, and only over time experiment with more complex species that inhabit the underwater kingdom.