Why the turtle does not eat - the main reasons for strange behavior

The question why the turtle does not eat arises for most beginners. Almost always, the answer should be sought in the wrong conditions of detention, the desire to feed the pet more, as well as simple ignorance of some of the features of the life of reptiles.

How much can a turtle not eat?

The pet has been refusing food for more than a day and it is not known whether there will be a change in behavior in the near future. This picture is observed by many owners of turtles. Panic begins quite naturally, because refusing food cannot be safe for the body for a long time. If we consider the question of how much a red-eared turtle may not eat, then here we are talking about terms of the order of three weeks. Some land species do not want to eat during the heat, when the thermometer is above 25 ° C. Fasting can last up to two to three months.

how long can a turtle not eat

Why is the turtle not eating?

Refusal to eat can be the result of a variety of reasons. Some species are sensitive to temperature changes, others do not eat the offered food, sometimes it is a process of adaptation or behavior in different periods of the year.

  1. When an exotic pet appears in the house, the process of feeding it captures and you want to indulge in various goodies. However, the first and most common reason why a turtle does not eat is overfeeding. Young growth eats daily and little by little, and an adult individual eats up in just three meals a week. Watching the turtle, you can determine its portions and taste preferences, because you can’t force feed it.
  2. If there are several individuals in the aquarium, the male turtle does not eat because of the attraction to reproduction. Pets simply do not want to waste time and energy on food. After mating, everything will return to normal and appetite will resume.
  3. When the turtle does not want to eat, and even does not open its eyes, it should be taken to a specialist. A common cause of ailments is low temperature, improper care. This issue is resolved only after consultation.

Why don’t turtles eat in winter?

Many species with the advent of autumn cold weather begin to prepare for hibernation. There are several important points in this case.

  1. The essence of wintering is to fall asleep in a cool and humid place before the temperature rises. If food remains in the stomach, after waking up, the death of the turtle is inevitable, at best, it will wake up sick and begin a long-term treatment.
  2. Therefore, at home, it is difficult to ensure the correct hibernation regimen. But nature itself prompts the rejection of food and the transition to low energy costs. The red-eared tortoise does not eat in winter for the same reason: it is gradually preparing for suspended animation.
  3. To prevent falling into hibernation, you should increase the temperature regime, install a UV lamp.

Why doesn’t the red-eared turtle eat anything?

This species is capricious and finicky in matters of home maintenance. Long before buying, you should learn more about the basic rules of content in order to avoid common mistakes.

  1. With a decrease in temperature in the apartment, the red-eared turtle is lethargic and does not eat. These are the first signs of preparation for winter sleep. At home, wintering in hibernation should not be allowed. Increase the temperature in the house, install a lamp.
  2. If the turtle is not eating, but the activity remains the same, you have acquired a male and he is sexually active. This is typical for cases of keeping several turtles in an aquarium. After the mating season, the red-eared turtle will eat the same portions.
  3. It makes sense to observe the situation in the aquarium, which contains several individuals. Sometimes the larger ones begin to dominate and simply take away food from the rest of the cohabitants.
  4. Red-eared turtles need a constant temperature of around 30°C. This is the main condition for maintaining life processes, this also applies to the reptile’s appetite.
  5. We must not forget about the features of feeding. A young individual of the red-eared slider eats only meat, for adults, half of the diet is food of plant origin.
  6. Why won't red-eared sliders eat?

The land tortoise does not eat

Inexperienced tortoise owners often do not fully understand the importance of keeping reptiles well. The Central Asian species does not claim a lot of attention, the reptiles are really unpretentious. However, every beginner faces the problem of lack of appetite. If the already listed general answers to the question why the turtle does not eat do not fit the description, it is likely that the land pet refuses food due to another reason.

  1. The place of purchase is of great importance. Buying from the hands of an unknown person increases the likelihood of bringing home a sick animal at times. The first thing to do is to check the lower part of the shell and the mouth with the neck for yellow spots and flakes.
  2. Delivering a pet home is another test for the owner. Refusal to eat at first is a consequence of adaptation. However, on the way home, the turtle could catch a cold. For the same reason, experts strictly do not recommend letting the turtle move freely around the apartment.
  3. Find out what the pet was fed before the sale. The turtle eats habitual food more readily in new conditions.
  4. why tortoises don't eat

Why is the turtle not eating food?

In the matter of feeding, any extreme can cause irreparable harm to the health of the pet. Therefore, the combination of dry store-bought food and natural food is considered the best solution. If the turtle is not eating a certain food, this may be a signal that a change in diet is needed.

  1. Every pet has its own taste preferences. It is likely that the proposed brand of feed was not liked. Sometimes the composition causes constipation or indigestion, as a result, the turtle ignores the pellets and does not eat.
  2. If you offer only natural food, the body will spend more energy on digestion, but will receive fewer minerals and vitamins. A diet of only dry food will make up for the lack of trace elements, but worsen digestion. You will have to look for by trial and error why the turtle does not eat willingly, but rely on the promises of the manufacturers. The task of the breeder is to find the optimal ratio of natural and granular feed.

The turtle does not open its eyes and does not eat

After the winter period, activity and the previous appetite should return to the pet. If this does not happen on the fifth or sixth day, you should contact a specialist. The alarm signal is the permanently closed eyes of the turtle.

  1. The obvious reason why the turtle does not eat may be a lack of vitamin D. A UV lamp will help to fill the deficiency. Closed eyes, lethargy and refusal to eat are the first symptoms of rickets or metabolic disorders. A turtle should take sunbathing under a lamp for about 12 hours a day, in addition, vitamins and preparations must be introduced into the diet to restore the body after wintering.
  2. The picture, when the turtle does not eat anything, and its eyes are closed and signs of conjunctivitis are already visible, is characteristic of a lack of vitamin A. The fact is that vision in reptiles plays an important role in nutrition, therefore inflammation of the eyelids will necessarily lead to refusal of food. Washing, injections and other procedures will be prescribed by a specialist; in this case, self-medication poses a real threat to the life of a turtle.

The turtle does not eat and constantly sleeps

Wintering in apartment conditions without hibernation suggests an inactive lifestyle, but this period is enclosed in a very specific time frame. Adult large individuals hibernate for 12-14 weeks, young animals for 8-10. If on the fifth day after the supposed end of hibernation, the turtle does not begin to return to its previous rhythm, this is a sign of disturbances in the body.

  1. Appetite will return gradually, it makes no sense to expect a sharp active eating of your favorite food. Spring anorexia, when about 40% of the weight is lost during the winter period without food, is considered the norm. Warming up under the lamp will return the pet to an active life.
  2. The obvious reason why the turtle does not eat and constantly sleeps may be dehydration and exhaustion of the body. If the animal did not have time to empty the stomach before the hibernation period, there is a possibility of kidney or liver failure due to improper wintering.
  3. the turtle does not eat and sleep

Turtle doesn’t eat, doesn’t swim

It is relatively easy to observe the correct conditions of keeping, this is the guarantee of the health and life of the pet. Letting walk on the floor or on the carpet, not checking the temperature of water and air, forgetting about the gradual decrease or increase in temperature with the change of season – all this is a direct path to the development of pneumonia in a turtle. If the water turtle does not eat, and immediately falls on its side in the water, these are symptoms of pneumonia. Injections, heating under a lamp, increasing the temperature of the content and steam warm baths will help here. All this is assigned by a specialist.

The little turtle does not eat anything

For young animals, the typical reasons for refusing food are adaptation after changing conditions of detention, improper care. To avoid health problems when your little turtle is not eating, the advice of experienced breeders should be followed.

  1. Acquire a reptile exclusively in a trusted pet store.
  2. Deliver home as quickly as possible, and try not to catch a cold.
  3. Provide at home all the necessary conditions of detention, give a week to adapt. Only after five to seven days can food be offered.