At first glance, it seems that the wire-haired breed of cats got its name precisely for the rough and hard-to-touch hairs, but this is not entirely true. Their tips are bent and connected, somewhat reminiscent of a wire. As a result, the fur coat of the animal looks more like a valuable plush or astrakhan fur. About other features of the “American” – in the article.

Origin of the breed

The history of the appearance of this animal is very fascinating. By the name it becomes clear that the animal comes from North America (USA). So, in the 60s, an ordinary short-haired cat dipped on one of the New York farms. Among the litter, the owner found an unusual kitten with a common coat color – white with red. However, it was the wool that distinguished him from everyone else, or rather, the inherent curly hair. According to scientists, this feature is due to a natural and spontaneous mutation of genes, the result of which is a complete change in the structure of wool.

Of course, the farmer was eager to share such a find, so he first showed the animal to his colleague Joan Oshia. She decided to buy two kittens for further selection work on breeding unusual specimens: one is wirehaired, the other is ordinary. However, it was these kittens that she had by chance – as a result of crossing with a neighbor’s cat – part of the offspring had a wire structure of wool.

Then Joan came to the conclusion that the gene responsible for this feature must be dominant.

The American felinological organizations CFA and TICA were the first to register a standard for a new feline breed. Already by 1978, the “American” was allowed to participate in various exhibitions and receive prizes. Soon the purebred cat gained worldwide recognition in all associations and felinological communities.

Today, the wire-haired cat is a real national treasure of the United States in the so-called cat world. Americans are truly in love with this breed.. City residents, as well as owners of farms and ranches, are not afraid to get such a plush pet.

Recently, “American” has become in demand in Canada, some European countries.

Appearance description

Hard-haired cats cannot be called very large animals: the weight of males reaches 6 kg, females – 3-4 kg. The appearance is not too different from the American Shorthair. The main feature is the unusual structure of wool, similar to a wire. It can only be compared with a terrier dog.

The average life expectancy of an American cat is 12-15 years. This factor is influenced by the conditions of detention and nutrition.

The felinological organization has established American breed standards with a list of criteria that all contenders for champion and show awards in a particular category must meet.

  • The head is rounded, massive. From a biological point of view, the skull is slightly elongated. The chin, cheeks are well developed, have barely noticeable depressions. When viewed from the side, a rounded forehead is clearly visible, a smooth transition to the nose. The cheekbones are quite high, the nose is wide, even, the eyebrows and mustache resemble curved villi.

  • The ears are medium in size, slightly rounded, thin tassels of wool can be seen at the ends. The height of the ears is equal to the size of the base.

  • The eyes are rather large, the incision is wide, a slight obliqueness is noticeable. The eyeballs are mostly golden in color, however, amber or blue are found in representatives of the white color.

  • The neck is muscular, very strong, with a moderate length.

  • torso – can be both medium and large (depending on the sex of the animal), the muscles are developed.

  • The limbs are not too long, correspond to the size of the body. Paws are strong, provide the cat with good stability.

  • Tail – medium in length, wide at the base, tapering towards the end, the tip is rounded.

  • Wool – outwardly similar to a curved wire, but to the touch is very soft, almost silky. A similar effect is due to the dense plexus of small villi. That is why a blow-dried cat looks like an ordinary cat after bathing.

It is interesting that a similar effect with a woolen cover is not so pronounced in all representatives of this breed. Nevertheless, each animal has a dense, soft, literally plush coat. Particularly popular are individuals with wool resembling valuable astrakhan fur.

As for the color, among the American Wirehair there are representatives of various colors, combining several shades at once. Especially unusual, but very rare, are individuals of a red color with a pattern on the back.

So, according to the WCF standard, chocolate and lilac cats, as well as those with defects in the form of drooping cheeks and long curly hair, are not allowed at exhibitions.

Animal character

The rough-haired cat of American origin is a truly friendly animal in relation to both the person and the rest of the inhabitants in the house. It is a devoted pet that becomes attached to the owner in just a matter of days. No less well builds relationships with other family members.

The cat prefers to sit on the knees of a person and doze off. He gets along well with children, so do not be afraid to leave the animal alone with the kids, on the contrary, the “American” will become a great friend in games.

Scientists say that at the genetic level, this breed has a love for hunting.. The object of catching can be any bird or a rodent running nearby. This point should be considered by owners who already have pets in the house.

Although the cat gets along well with dogs.

In addition to love for care, affection, affection, a cat needs freedom, to some extent independence. If the pet has set any goal for himself – he will achieve it, it is not worth interfering or trying to stop it. This also includes the desire of a person to force a cat to do something against his will. In this situation, the risk of spoiling relations with the animal is likely.

As for domestic “duties” (tray, bed, feeding), American wirehair cats get used to them quite quickly, without much effort. The main thing in dealing with pets is not to be rude to him.

Feeling the danger from a person, the cat becomes aggressive, completely unfriendly.

In addition, a thoroughbred cat is quite curious. She enjoys exploring new places, nooks and crannies in the house, and visiting people. However, they do not like to walk on their face for too long, by nature they are still homebodies.

In warm weather, it is recommended to let cats out on the balcony to warm up.

The American Wirehair is a truly unusual feline. Soft, almost plush wool fell in love with many residents of America, Europe, and received little popularity in Russia.

Such a pet will become a great friend to all household members. Freedom-loving, but such an affectionate cat requires understanding and goodwill on the part of a person.

In addition to feeding and walking, do not forget about the safety of the animal, especially when he is left alone in the apartment. Proper care is the key to the health and vitality of your pet.

You can learn more about this breed of cats from the video below.