Guinea pig

Guinea pig breeds

Guinea pigs are one of the most popular pets. You can find them either in bird markets or pet stores. However, these animals will be completely outbred. And for those who want to breed them, this is unacceptable, because the offspring can be unpredictable.

Therefore, it is best to buy pigs from breeders who have all the documents confirming their origin. To date, there are many specialized clubs where you can buy guinea pigs with good pedigrees. There are more than 80 types of breeds, which differ both in the length of the coat and in its structure.


Unusual and beautiful guinea pigs with long hair are completely different, and with the most unusual names. At first glance, it is very difficult to understand what kind of animal is in front of your eyes: a shaggy little dog or a downy rabbit. These thoroughbred “hippies” appeared thanks to the incredible efforts of breeders. Almost all rodents have thick and long hair, which in some breeds can exceed 45 centimeters.


These guinea pigs are very pleasant to touch as they are quite soft to the touch. Their fur, unlike other relatives, does not have a parting, but simply falls back. The hair on the head is thicker and looks a bit like a mane. Like other long-haired animals, Shelties are friendly and calm.


These are the most active representatives among all guinea pigs with long hair. Their characteristic feature is a single rosette on the head. Long hair flows on both sides, while not covering their muzzle.

Most often, owners cut their pets to make it easier to care for them. And those that are being prepared for exhibitions are shown in all their glory, sometimes they even get stylish hairstyles.


This beauty has a very long and curly coat. It looks a bit like sheep’s wool. In addition, it grows towards the head. There are 2 sockets on the sacrum, another one is located on the head, and looks like a bang.

On the muzzle, the hair is slightly stiffer than on the rest of the body. Alpaca guinea pigs are quite compact, with small and neat ears. Their color is very different – from black to golden. In rare cases, even two-color or tri-color alpacas can be found.

These pets are not only calm, but also friendly. They do not like noise, so they will be uncomfortable in those families where there are kids.


This is the most beautiful breed of long-haired guinea pigs, and she appeared as a result of crossing two breeds: sheltie and royal (Rex). Their curly hair grows in the direction from the head. In addition, it cascades down the entire back from the parting, framing the head without long hair. The length of the hairs can reach up to 15 centimeters.

This breed of pigs is a bit like fluffy lumps that you want to pick up. They have beautiful big eyes and small ears shaped like rose petals. The color of the texels is quite diverse. Among them you can even meet white guinea pigs.


Such guinea pigs are also called royal in another way, and all thanks to their beautiful and curly hair. Their head is decorated with a rosette that resembles a crown. The coat is very long, so the owners often have to cut their pets in the summer. Their color can be both white and gray, and also combine several shades at the same time.


This breed of pigs has become quite popular due to its docile nature, as well as its beautiful appearance. Their coat is very soft and long, so it requires constant care. There are rosettes on the sacrum and also on the nose. The muzzle of animals is closed by a long bang.

Peruvian guinea pigs can be both solid and multi-colored, but most often their color is silver-gray. They live no more than 6 years and weigh up to 1.5 kilograms.


This is the largest breed of guinea pigs, sometimes weighing up to 4 kilograms. Most often they are grown for meat. Cui are more considered smooth-haired breeds of pigs, but among them it is worth noting Peruvian animals that are bred as decorative creatures.

This species does not reproduce well, and also has a tendency to various diseases. In addition, they have a very aggressive nature. Almost all Kui have 5 or 6 fingers on their paws, however, this does not bother them at all. Most of them do not live very long, within 3 years.


Such animals are distinguished by short hair, the length of which does not exceed 3 centimeters.


The coat of these pigs is silky and pleasant to the touch. It fits snugly against her skin. Their coloration is quite diverse and can be either monochromatic or two-tone.


This breed of pigs is distinguished by the fact that it has a crest on its head. It is located between her ears and eyes. They can be divided into 2 subspecies: English and American. They differ only in color. American guinea pigs are completely plain, and they have a white crest on their head. English subspecies are only monochromatic.


This breed of pigs is considered smooth-haired. However, her fur is not located in one direction, but is collected in separate bundles. There are no more than 8 of them on the animal, but they are all evenly distributed on the sides.

Their body is muscular and long, but the legs are short and straight. The wool of the Abyssinians is very hard, and does not exceed 3.5 centimeters. It often happens that they are obese or have various heart diseases.


A characteristic feature of this breed of pigs is a very hard and wavy coat. She stands upright and looks like fluff. Rex comes in a variety of colors. In addition, small children love them very much.


The name of the breed was due to the incredible resemblance to small cubs. Teddy fur is very soft to the touch. Its length does not exceed 2 centimeters, so it always stands upright. Their eyes are large and very expressive. The color of the teddy is quite diverse. It can be solid or two-color, for example, a white pig with black or brown spots.

Despite their resemblance to clumsy bears, these pets are distinguished by their energy. They love to run and play. At the same time, they do not bite, and they show their discontent only with a formidable look. Such beauties live up to 7 years.

English selfies

If we talk about English selfies, then this variety of pigs is considered the most ancient of all existing breeds. They differ from their relatives in a solid color, for example, they can be completely cream or black, lilac or any other color.

Such beauties appeared back in the 20s of the last century in England. If we talk about their description, then they have a very short coat and a small compact body. Most often, the color of the eyes and even the paws completely matches the color of their body, but there are also selfies with red eyes. In addition, their eyes and ears are very large.

These pigs grow very slowly, and only after 2 years they reach the size of an adult animal. Their weight does not exceed 2 kilograms. Such pets are non-aggressive not only to others, but also to each other.

Still animals are great for growing at home. They live no more than 8 years, but with good care, their life expectancy can last up to 10 years.

rare breeds

Today in the world there are several rather original breeds of guinea pigs, which are not widely used.

  • Lunkaria. This is the youngest type of pig, which is considered incredibly beautiful, and even exotic. Their coat is curly and uneven, however, if the animal is washed and combed, it will look elegant. Wavy curls are located throughout the body, only the muzzle of the pig remains open. Luncaria can have a different color. They are calm and friendly, live up to 6 years.

  • Another not very common species is Curly. It is very similar to the previous pigs. The only thing is that his coat is a little shorter and not so shaggy.

  • Mini yak. This breed of guinea pigs was born by crossing Peruvian and Abyssinian pigs. The result was animals whose fur is a bit like yak hair. It is hard to the touch, besides it grows to a certain length. On the head of each pig there is a socket, like a parrot. They can have any color.

  • Ridgeback. This breed of pigs appeared recently. Their distinguishing feature is the presence of a low crest on the back, which gives them some aggressiveness. However, they are friendly and gentle on their own.

  • Himalayans. This breed, like the previous one, is not yet very well known, since it was bred not so long ago. It is white in color with small black or gray spots.

  • “Cakes”. The pigs got this affectionate name due to their unusual color. The back of the animal is a bit like a chessboard, which consists of white, black and red.


We can not leave aside these unusual animals. This breed was bred artificially, and has already become very popular, especially among people suffering from allergies. After all, their body does not have wool. To date, there are two breeds of hairless pigs: Baldwin and Skinny.

  • Skinny. They were born in the 80s of the last century. They do not have fur, only a few hairs on the nose, as well as on the paws. Accordingly, the skin of this breed of pigs is very delicate and velvety. Skinny is distinguished by silver, black or even lilac color. These animals have a great appetite, so they need to be well fed.

  • Baldwins. Unlike Skinny, this breed of pigs is completely bald. Their skin feels like rubber to the touch. At birth, they are covered with hair, but after 2 weeks they become bald.

In addition, these breeds require daily lubrication of the skin with baby cream. If this is not done, it will crack, which will cause pain to the animal.

Which is better to choose?

Before buying these interesting rodents, you should definitely know everything about them. It is very important to take into account their character, what they eat, how they should be looked after. And only after that determine for yourself the most acceptable option.

Many people want to get a very rare animal that they can not only show off to their friends, but also take part in various exhibitions with it. However, it must be remembered that for mating you will need a partner of the same breed. Only in this case, guinea pigs will be purebred.

Hairless breeds of pigs are quite popular. But when buying them, you need to take into account the fact that they are very sensitive to temperature changes, and also require increased attention. In addition, their price will be high. Most often they are chosen by people suffering from allergies or those families in which there are small children.

Not too rare breeds will be no less beautiful and popular. For example, when buying smooth-haired pigs, a person makes it easier for him to care for them. These animals also have a more developed immune system. But those who decide to have long-haired pets should know that they will also need to be combed, and this takes more time. And yes, they cost a little more.

When choosing guinea pigs, you also need to know what they should eat. After all, not only their appearance, but also their health will depend on this.

Summing up, we can say that the breeds of guinea pigs are quite diverse. Therefore, you can choose an animal for every taste. But when choosing an animal for yourself, you must also remember that this pet will require constant attention and care from a person. Only in this case, the pet will love and understand its owner, and the owner himself will receive many joyful moments, because guinea pigs are incredibly funny and interesting.

For what a beginner needs to know about guinea pigs, see the following video.