Guinea pig

Bald guinea pigs: features, breeds and content

Hairless guinea pigs are outlandish creatures that are still less common in pet stores than their furry counterparts. But, nevertheless, they still exist, and they even have their own fans who are ready to buy such original pets for themselves and spend large sums of money on them.

History of appearance

Bald guinea pig never existed in the wild. Such unusual animals were bred artificially thanks to some laboratory research. As a result of gene mutations in 1978, a completely different kind of pigs accidentally turned out, in which all the hair fell out as they grew older.

This discovery was made by Armad Frappi, in Canada. However, it took another 4 years to breed a purebred hairless pig. So, already in 1982, bald animals of this species with an excellent immune system were born. But most often, artificially bred pigs were prone to various diseases and did not live long. This breed was called “skinny”. A little later, another breed of pigs was bred, which was given the name “Baldwin”.

The first hairless pigs were almost all white and had very red, creepy eyes. However, a little later, pigs were obtained with different colors and not so red eyes. If we talk about experiments, they were carried out not only in order to get an unusual animal, but for various dermatological studies. After all, guinea pigs have a gland in their body, which helps to form a new immune system in humans. For this reason, many people try to have such an unusual pig at home.

Both options are very popular not only among ordinary people, but also among serious breeders. In addition, these two mutations are considered recessive. This means that after crossing hairless pigs with those that have hair, the offspring will be with hair. However, the gene can show up in any generation. That is, from one brood of pigs, one cub will be sure to be bald.

If we talk about the appearance of these animals, then they are not completely bald, they still have fluff. And yet, hairless pigs can be bought by people who are allergic to wool.

Character and behavior

Many guinea pig lovers are repelled by the appearance of these animals. However, those who have already tried to grow them speak only positively about them. They are distinguished by calmness, and in life remain peaceful and affectionate. Experts recommend buying hairless pigs for small children. After all, communication with them will help to significantly improve the mood of children, as well as relieve depression in adults.

If the animal has been in the house for some time, then you can notice that after the owner returns home, he rejoices at his appearance. In addition, they love to be played with and picked up. These guinea pigs get along well with other household members.

Even bald pigs get used to various sounds and react to them in an interesting way. For example, if they hear the sound of a refrigerator opening, they whistle happily. This means that they are waiting for the owner to feed them something tasty. In addition, the pig remembers other sounds, which is quite funny. Many owners even specially train their pets. Pigs react to the rustling of the package, the ringing of the phone, the slamming of the door, if these sounds are accompanied by something pleasant for them.

Bald pets need attention. If you want the pig to be good-natured and affectionate, often take her in your arms, put her next to you when watching a movie, talk to her and stroke her.


There are two types of bald handsome men – baldwin and skinny. Many people think that there is only one type of these animals, and therefore pigs are often called sphinxes. However, this judgment is incorrect. These are two completely different breeds, the differences of which need to be familiarized in more detail.


First you need to get acquainted with the first bred breed of these interesting animals. Their body length does not exceed 34 centimeters. The weight of the male is up to one kilogram, but the females are slightly smaller. The leather is soft to the touch and slightly resembles the surface of velor. However, these animals have a small fluff, which is located on the neck, head and shoulders. They are gray, white or chocolate in color. In some cases, you can find multi-colored pigs.

The head of the skinny is large, but at the same time neat. The eyes are very expressive, with a red or black color. The ears of this breed of pigs are wide and rounded. The head is placed on a small stocky neck. Her body is well developed, with straight legs. Each of them has rather mobile fingers. The tail is very small, so it is almost invisible.

Since close relatives participated in the process of crossing, it often happens that at birth the pigs have some pathologies. They are completely different – this is an irregular body shape, and curved legs. Most often they do not interfere with life, but for breeding subsequent offspring, such individuals should not be allowed.

These guinea pigs are very active and noisy. If they play out, they can squeak or squeal loudly. At the same time, males have more emotions, besides, they are more affectionate than females. They live no more than 9 years if they are provided with good care.


These guinea pigs were bred from an already existing skinny breed, however they differ in their genotype. These animals are slightly smaller in size. Their length does not exceed 25 centimeters, respectively, and their weight is less. Their skin is warm and completely bald, and feels like soft rubber to the touch. The color is different, the pig can be black, brown, and pink-black.

Babies are born completely in wool, but after 5 days they begin to go bald, and after 2 weeks they are already almost naked. Their body is slightly wrinkled, especially noticeable in the area of ​​​​the crown, shoulders, and also near the legs. Their ears are a bit like rose petals in shape, and hang down very freely. The head of the Baldwin is large, and the eyes are very expressive, with a dark or light color.

Maintenance and care

Hairless guinea pigs require not only a warm environment, but also proper feeding and regular grooming.

How many pigs live is determined primarily by their care and living conditions. The cage must be spacious, with an area of ​​\u200b\u200bfrom 50 centimeters. Very often, aquariums are used instead of cages so that there are no drafts. In addition, a heating lamp is already installed in them.

The bottom of the cage must be covered with sawdust. However, the sawdust must be small so that they cannot damage the delicate skin of the pig. If this is a special cage, then you need to make sure that it closes, and the valve must be good. After all, some pigs can easily open it.

If they run away from their house, they can be injured by any objects that get in their way.

Although hairless pigs do not need to be combed daily, they still need to be cared for. This breed of pigs is too sensitive to temperature changes, and this must be taken responsibly. Pets will need special care to make them feel comfortable.

Since the pigs are completely naked, there is a possibility that they can get sick. Therefore, their place of residence should be not only comfortable, but also very warm. The temperature in the room should not fall below 21 degrees, otherwise the animals begin to freeze. If they need to be moved to another location in cold weather, then the container must be insulated.

If it’s summer and the temperature rises above 25 degrees, experts recommend installing a fan for animals. However, the air should not be directed to the pigs, but to the side so that they are not stretched out. In addition, the skin must be regularly lubricated with any baby cream. If this is not done, then it will become dry and will peel off.

In the summer, you can let your pets walk outside. This must be done under supervision. And not only because they can run away, but also because pets can get sunburned.

Also, these animals must be sure to trim their claws from time to time so that they do not inadvertently injure themselves with sharp claws. In addition, the bedding must be changed regularly. It is recommended to do this once every 3 days, and also once a week, you must completely wash the entire cage and treat it with various disinfectants. It should be understood that immediately after treatment, the pig cannot be placed in a cage so that it does not breathe harmful fumes. Let the house air out first.

Generally speaking, bald handsome men eat 2 times more than simple guinea pigs. This is because they have an increased metabolism, respectively, they need more food. In addition, life expectancy directly depends on their diet. They must eat according to the norms, since any overfeeding or malnutrition can even lead to death. Therefore, those who breed these animals need to know what their diet should consist of. It must include the following products:

  • 65% fresh hay or succulent grass, it depends on the season;
  • 15-20% fresh fruits or vegetables: carrots, apples, and beets can be given;
  • 15-20% of cereals, which are best given sprouted or granulated (such cereal supplements can be purchased at any specialty store);
  • you can add chalk or vitamin mixtures;
  • water should be given daily, while changing it is best three times a day, and in the summer even more often.

You also need to familiarize yourself with the list of products that are strictly prohibited for this breed:

  • onion or garlic;
  • tomatoes or any mushrooms;
  • meat;
  • sweet or salty foods.

If any of the listed products gets into the feed, it can even lead to death. The same goes for their fasting.

Therefore, if a person leaves home for a while, the pet must either be taken with you or left in the care of relatives or friends. But keep in mind that you should not leave your pet for too long, because he will yearn for his owner.


If we talk about the puberty of hairless guinea pigs, then it comes very early: for females it is 2.5 months, and for males a little later – at 3 months. However, there is no need to rush into mating, because at this time the body is not yet fully formed. Hairless guinea pigs can be bred as early as seven or eight months old. Animals are already quite developed and able to reproduce. However, they should not be thin and small.

After the pets have lived for a year, breeding may not work if the pigs get fat. It is not worth overfeeding them. But too early pregnancy can have some complications that can lead to the death of babies. Bearing cubs in pigs lasts from 2 months to 70 days. One brood, as a rule, consists of 5-6 babies. Breeding can take place at any time of the year and, moreover, more than once a year, because the gestation period is very short.

In addition, you need to know that during pregnancy the female should receive a little more food, but it is not necessary to overfeed her too much, as this will have a bad effect on childbirth. The main thing is that vitamins E and B must be included in the diet. After the appearance of the babies, the “mommy” must definitely be allowed to rest for at least 4-5 months, and only after that she can be allowed back to the male.

To know how to choose the right partners for crossing hairless pigs, you need to familiarize yourself with some rules.

  • If one animal is a representative of the Baldwin guinea pig, and the second is a skinny, then the babies that appear will be simple, with wool. But the subsequent offspring by 50% will have the gene of one of the crossed representatives. However, experts do not recommend breeding guinea pigs in this way.
  • If you cross both representatives of the skinny breed, then their offspring will be completely bald.
  • The same applies to representatives of Baldwin guinea pigs. The babies will be completely bald.
  • If you cross a skinny sea beauty with an ordinary pig with wool, then the probability that their offspring will be bald is zero. And yet it is possible that some of them will be carriers of this gene, which means that in the future you can get a bald pig.

In general, the breeding of pigs must be approached responsibly. Especially those who do it for a reason, but in order to earn some money on a rare breed.

Summing up, we can say that hairless guinea pigs are ideal pets. Indeed, due to their appearance, they are hypoallergenic, which allows them to be kept even by those people who suffer from allergies. In addition, with such “friends” it will not be boring, because they are very mobile and cheerful.

They are especially good for families with small children.

Features of keeping guinea pigs of the Baldwin breed, see the following video.