Alimony puppy: what does it mean?

Breeding a purebred breed is not so easy, since the cost of keeping dogs sometimes exceeds the cost of puppies. For this reason, some breeders bring up bitches, others – cables.

Legal aspects

Only in kennels dogs are bred of both sexes. These establishments exist due to the fact that offer quality puppies with a pure pedigree. All profits from the sale, like the young, belong to the nursery. In another case, the owner of the cable has the right to choose one puppy for himself, which plays the role of payment for mating. It’s called alimony. Subsequently, it is sold or kept. Sometimes the owners of purebred males require a monetary reward for mating. This happens when the puppies are quite expensive and it is not so easy to sell them.

Before the mating of dogs between the two owners, a deal is drawn up, where both parties are interested. Most often it has an oral form and is less often presented in the form of a written contract. After mating and birth of puppies, one is given as payment. Such actions are fully justified if we are talking about a breed that is in demand on the market. As for rare or expensive animals, in this case the lawyer draws up a civil law act, sometimes a referral for mating.

The involvement of a specialist is mandatory, since the document must provide for force majeure circumstances. It stipulates the conditions for providing a cable for mating, and the interests of both parties must be satisfied.


The contract is drawn up in such a way that one of the parties understands that he has the legal right to receive alimony puppy after mating. In the body of such a direction, not only conditions are prescribed, but also the following information:

  • form of payment;
  • the number of given puppies;
  • the right to take the dog after birth.

All puppies must be examined by a veterinarian. He issues an appropriate official conclusion on how many individuals in the litter are unmarried and fully correspond to the breed.

Most often, only one puppy is considered alimentary, in rare cases, the owner of the cable requires two. This happens when it comes to a very rare or expensive breed. If this happens, then all the conditions are spelled out before mating, so that later there are no disputes.

Sometimes the owners agree among themselves that the first puppies will be chosen by the one who keeps the bitch, because he has to spend on vaccinations, good nutrition. For the same reason, most dog breeders prefer to give money for mating, not a dog. This option is discussed in advance, since sometimes it is more profitable to take a puppy than to receive monetary compensation for it.

How to choose?

Only an experienced breeder can understand which puppy is alimentary. He is required to make the right choice from the entire litter. Attention is paid to those individuals who have excellent health, are active, fully correspond to the breed in color and other features. Often, the owners of the bitch are ready to offer a lot of money for such puppies, because when selling the dog will still cost more than the rest of the puppies in the litter. It is worth saying that the exclusivity of the described individual is always determined by eye. Not a single dog breeder can say with a 100% guarantee that in a few months the selected dog will be the best or pathologies will not come out.

The initial cost is formed on the basis of external signs. Puppies that look more active are considered healthier. Characteristics must be fully consistent with the breed. Beginners often have to deal with a situation where the owner of the bitch offers a sick puppy as payment. Therefore, it is better to contact a veterinarian so that he can assess the health of the individual.

We must not forget that after the birth of puppies, all expenses are borne by the owner of the bitch. That is why it is absolutely fair when, at the birth of a small litter, namely less than five dogs, to give away one is too much cost per mating. In this case, dog breeders try to pay with money, but not all cable owners like this state of affairs. In this case, an agreement providing for such circumstances could resolve all disputes.

Important! As a rule, at the birth of four puppies, the owner of the dog is paid only 75% of the cost of the offspring, if three puppies are born, then only 50%, and at the birth of two – no more than 25%. It also happens that the bitch gives birth to only one fetus, then the owner of the cable does not receive anything.

Only a few experienced dog breeders are able to choose the right kitten as payment for mating. First of all, they check the dog’s pedigree, the first one they like is not suitable, personal sympathy is relegated to the background.

The presence of veterinary knowledge or the call of a specialist allows you to determine the presence of birth injuries, pathologies and other abnormalities that an inexperienced breeder may not notice. The playfulness and activity of the dog also play a decisive role in the selection. The nature of the animal must be taken into account, because leadership qualities are manifested from the first months.

You can test physical qualities by throwing a ball.

When choosing some breeds of dogs, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • German Shepherd puppies are not passive, if there are signs of apathy, the dog may have health problems;
  • when choosing a Yorkshire terrier, the determining factor should be the coat, which is long in representatives of the breed, there is no undercoat;
  • beagles should be three-tiered, but by two months they are black and white;
  • a Labrador puppy needs to be selected according to drooping ears, short but dense coat and fatness;
  • Canne Corso puppies have black hair, they should be chosen according to their bite, but the difficulty lies in the fact that its final formation occurs only by the 8th month;
  • pugs must have a black mark on their forehead, it usually has the shape of a star or diamond.

You can easily and simply determine the temperament of a puppy. This will require a few exercises as a test. The dog, which is supposed to be taken as alimony, must be removed for some time in an unfamiliar room. There they put her in the middle of the floor and, moving away, they begin to clap their hands. If the pet quickly resorts to legs, then he is perfectly socialized.

The speed with which the puppy will perceive the owner’s commands in the future is also easy to check. To do this, the dog is laid on his knees with his belly up and held with his palm for 30 seconds. If the animal lies calmly, then there will be no problems with training; if it breaks out, it will take more time to train. Most dog breeders lift their puppies over their heads and hold them up for a few minutes during evaluation. This is how the ability to respond correctly in unforeseen situations is assessed. The puppy must remain calm.

How to choose a pair for mating?

In order not to miscalculate with a maintenance puppy, the owner of the cable should carefully choose a pair for the dog. The bitch must be in excellent health, fairly mature and of an ideal pedigree. Among other things, the dog breeder must know for sure whether he can then attach a puppy or is it better to take money. Particular attention is paid to what kind of care the owners of the dog will be able to provide to her during pregnancy and after. Puppies can be born healthy, but due to poor care, by the time the puppy is selected for maintenance, they can get sick and grow up weak.

Previously, mating dogs according to the rules is prohibited and for good reason. The body of the dog is not fully formed, respectively, the animal cannot produce healthy offspring. Childbirth has a special psychological impact on the dog, so young individuals often become mentally unstable. The ideal time for mating is the third estrus.

For information on what the concept of “alimentary puppy” means, see the video below.