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Red cats: how do they behave and what are they like?

Cats have long conquered most people not only with their appearance, but also with their affectionate character. However, red-haired handsome men deserved special popularity among them. And this is not in vain, because many legends and signs are associated with them.

Color features

Real red cats are a rare beauty. Few people know that it is cats with a red color in nature that are much smaller than cats. But this is all true for pure red pussies. Meanwhile, they can be multi-colored or even striped. And red stripes or spots can be combined with black or white colors. Stripes and spots are both barely noticeable and very bright.

The solid red color mostly belongs to males, in addition, these are usually thoroughbred cats. This phenomenon is caused by some genetic features of animals. However, this color also has some specifics: it is a marbling shade and often found stripes. This dilution of shades led to the emergence of a new color, which began to be called “coffee with milk”.

If a baby who was born inherited from his parents not only a red gene, but also a thinner gene, then the kitten’s fur will not be bright fiery, but, on the contrary, will acquire a beautiful cream color.

eye colors

If we talk about eye color, then green cats are given by nature. But an orange or blue tint of the eye appeared in them as a result of the work of some specialists. Most often, the combination of copper eyes with a red color can be found in pedigreed cats, and all this happened thanks to the work of breeders.

Eye color in kittens appears only after a while. Therefore, it is almost impossible to predict their shade. For example, if babies have brown eyes, then over time they will acquire a bright orange tint. Yellow can also become orange, but grayish can become a deep gray or bluish tone in the future.


It is almost impossible to describe such pets in a few words. After all, a red kitten can be both affectionate and gentle, like a dandelion, and as fast as a fiery tornado. Their behavior is so unpredictable that the owner never ceases to be surprised by new manifestations of character. Especially the cat attracts attention when it is still small. At this time, the animals are quite frisky, and literally do not sit in one place.

In addition, they love to play with children, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl. Cats forgive their little owners a lot, and those, in turn, are drawn to them.

In addition, handsome redheads easily get along with other pets that live in the house.

What are the breeds?

You can meet this color in both purebred and completely outbred cats. Ryzhik can be fluffy or short-haired.

persian cats

Such animals have a rather playful and cheerful character. Cats with a “fox” coat quickly become attached to their owners, unlike relatives of the same breed, but with a different color.

Small kittens have a muscular body and a long, snub-nosed nose. They have very soft and long hair. Red Persians are quite calm. If we talk about their standards, then the red color does not affect the marks at the exhibitions at all. They can be disqualified if the animals have small spots on the nose or lips. However, only those cats that have a uniform color receive the highest scores.

The diet of fiery beauties must necessarily include foods such as oatmeal, sea fish, as well as various vitamins. Before the show, many bathe their pets in onion skins to make the fur more saturated and bright.

But the use of dyes is not recommended, as it is harmful to health, and exhibition organizers are not encouraged.

Maine Coons

This breed of animals was bred quite recently, so the habits of wild ancestors are still present in their character. That is, sometimes they can show not only affection and friendliness, but also aggression. In addition, Maine Coons are quite difficult to train. The weight of such beauties can in some cases even exceed the weight of the dog. It reaches 14-16 kilograms. Their color is lilac, and chocolate, and, of course, red.


These animals are considered one of the most ancient breeds of cats. They are calm and proud, as the British are supposed to be. If red babies appear in the litter, they immediately become popular, and they are taken among the first.

However, pure red cats are rarely born. Most often they are smooth. But according to the standards, their color must be monophonic and very saturated. And yet, small spots on the head or paws will not become an obstacle to participation in the exhibition.

The eyes of such handsome men are most often orange, which is very popular with the judges who evaluate them.


Cats of this breed originated from animals that lived in the steppes. Their size is very large, it can reach up to 14 kilograms. Other than that, they all retained their natural instincts. Therefore, they like to hunt and bring the caught prey to the house.

But at the same time they are very loyal and affectionate to their owners. Huge Siberians love to play with small children. However, they are not recommended to be kept in an apartment, because freedom will help pets feel at ease. It is best to keep such animals in a country house or in the country.


Their fur can be dyed in different shades, but white and red kittens are considered the rarest. Such pets are more reminiscent of the nature of dogs. They quickly become attached to their owners and also become very loyal to them over time. However, they choose only one owner, while other family members are simply ignored.

Therefore, most often such animals should be taken only to single people. In this case, the cats will be happy to meet them from work and see them off to work.


Cats with tassels on their ears are a bit like small lynxes in their appearance. But if they also have a red coat, then they will become very valuable for breeders. The color of the character of such animals does not affect at all. They are all playful, affectionate and gentle.

Cats love not only adult owners, but also kids, if they are in the family. Even when the kids pull them by the tail or ears, they will not show any aggression. In addition, they are able to help pass the time for people who are too lonely.


These animals are distinguished by the unusual structure of the tail, which is very reminiscent of a hare. Outwardly, they are similar to a lynx, so they are quite jumpy and love to hunt.. Despite the rather large weight of animals, they are distinguished by grace.

Character cannot be determined with accuracy, since each cat is completely individual.

It is best to keep pets in those houses where they can freely get out into the street.


The shade of the coat of such red-haired beauties is most often sandy, however, sometimes you can find stripes that are along the entire spine. Also come across and completely fiery Abyssinians.

They are more like dogs in nature. They do not like to sit on their hands, but still they follow their owners everywhere. Almost all the time, small pets are silent, and when their thin voice is heard, it is more like the ringing of a bell.


Such cats can be found in different countries. Their color is most often wild, that is, red-brown and sorrel. Be sure to have a stripe slightly darker than the usual shade along the entire spine. The paws and chest of cats are painted in red-apricot color. If there are any white spots on the coat, then such cats will not be allowed to participate in exhibitions.

These animals are very curious and love to play a lot. They are not afraid of noisy parties, so they are suitable for families who either have small children or often have parties. Pets quickly get used to the new environment, and are also easy to train.


If we talk about animals with curly or wavy hair, then they allow almost all shades of red, which are combined with orange eyes. These breeds include Devon Rex and Cornish Rex. They are all united by curly hair, however, outwardly they are completely different from each other.

If we talk about the Cornish, then these are graceful and graceful animals, but the Devon Rex are more like teddy bears. Both of them are very loyal to their owners, and get along well with other pets living in the house.

How to care?

Caring for cats of different breeds is almost the same. Everyone should be given not only love and affection, but also provide the right food and hygiene procedures.

First of all, the cat must be taught to the toilet from the first days. In addition, as often as possible, the filler should be changed in it so that the unpleasant odor does not spread throughout the apartment. It is also recommended to cut the claws of pets once a month. This must be done very carefully so as not to damage the vessels. If you have a scratching post, trimming your nails is optional.

It is very important to monitor the fur of your pets – it must be combed regularly. For short-haired cat breeds, it is enough to do this once a week, but those with long hair will have to be taught to daily care. Combing should be done with a brush with blunt teeth so as not to irritate the skin.

Many pets will need to be bathed. The number of such procedures depends on the breed of cats. Most often they are done 2 times in 6 months or as they become dirty. In addition, you must definitely take care of the proper feeding of your pets. Their diet should include the following foods:

  • sea ​​boiled fish;
  • boiled chicken or beef meat;
  • any cereal cereals;
  • boiled vegetables, such as red beets or peppers;
  • some greenery;
  • boiled yolks.

Superstitions and omens

Many different signs and legends are associated with red animals. Whether to believe them, everyone decides for himself. Many argue that the reason for the appearance of all stories was the color of cats. Sunny color has always personified warmth and happiness. Well, animals with this color in the house only confirmed this with their behavior.

The owners began to notice that they bring joy and warmth in relationships to the house, taking away all the sadness and sorrow of a person. Their ability to heal was also noticed.

For example, if a cat sits on a person’s sore spot for a long time, then soon the disease will completely recede, and the beloved owner will recover.

In addition, according to signs, red fluffies contribute to the prosperity and wealth of the house where they live. Of course, such signs are very controversial, but the fact of a person’s rapid advancement in career growth has been noticed more than once. It also improves the well-being in the home. Superstitions say that red cats do not like moving at all, as brownies live in them. If they run away from home, they will take with them all the well-being of the owners.

If the cat rubs against the owner’s legs, it thus shares its warmth with the person. Therefore, pushing the animal is not worth it. Very often this happens when a person comes home from work, and animals, thus, simply cleanse them of the negative energy accumulated during the day. If the cat’s nose became too hot at the same time, this means that a lot of negativity has just accumulated.

But if a red cat greets guests with rearing fur or a loud hiss, this will only signify that an evil person or a person with an unkind eye is standing on the threshold. In the same way, the cat reacts to the infidelity of the second half of its owner. So he shows his master the unworthiness of a husband or wife.

If, before leaving the house, the cat nervously walks in front of the door, as if warning of danger, then it is best not to go anywhere, but to stay at home. Indeed, in this case, something irreparable can happen. Also, very often you can see how the ginger sits and sorts out with its front paws. In this way he expels evil forces from the house.. In any case, it is believed that the appearance of a handsome red-haired man in the house will only benefit the whole family.

Summing up, we can say that red cats can belong to any of the breeds. However, this does not affect their character at all. Most often, these are kind and gentle animals, which, moreover, also protect their owners from various troubles.

You will learn interesting details about red cats from the following video.