The dumbest dog breeds

Dogs have a higher intelligence than other types of animals, in addition, they have a well-developed psyche. In many ways, this is the merit of the person next to whom they live. The unique ability of the canine is their coordination of actions with the owner, and this makes it possible to gain valuable experience. Therefore, in most cases, stupid dogs are called those unfortunate dogs that were not given due attention in infancy.

Features of canine intelligence

People are used to considering smart dogs that are obedient and aware of what is required of them at a certain moment. This is convenient for a person, and he included in the concept of canine intelligence other criteria that form and at the same time limit this definition.

  • Animal instinct, which allows the animal to exercise its genetically determined skills. Such useful qualities that make a good watchman, hunter, bloodhound or guard out of the beast. Instincts play an important role not only for service activities – they affect obedience and the success of the socialization process.

  • Adaptability to new conditionsability to adequately behave in any, including adverse conditions. This means adaptation in the owner’s family, the ability to ignore unwanted events, a calm attitude towards other living beings. Experts call this skill adaptive intelligence, and it is not present in all representatives of canines.

  • Obedience – this, perhaps, is what a person most of all appreciates in a pet, and therefore also contributed to a number of aspects that determine his mind. It is easy to understand what is meant by this – quick and easy learning, quick wit, understanding of commands and their execution. Every owner would like his dog to understand him perfectly. And how is it really? Many animals are stubborn, show their own will, cunning and love of freedom, how can one consider them stupid for this?

By the way, some dogs were bred not at all for close contact with a person, but for other purposes. You can remember greyhounds and hounds, which are created in order to pursue prey, in which case the owner himself must adapt to their actions. It is all the more inappropriate to consider these animals dumb, since their special thinking differs from the intelligence of other breeds.

Stupid Breed Rating

Dogs are considered the most highly developed and intelligent animals, but this does not mean that all representatives of this family are easy to train, unquestioningly follow commands and obey their owners. However, they can be called stupid only conditionally – do not forget that each breed is distinguished by its own temperament, character and mental characteristics. So it’s not about low intelligence.

Today in the world there are several breeds that are considered by psychologists to be the most stupid, but it is more correct to call them original.

Top most naughty dogs


Despite his formidable appearance, he has a calm character, a stable psyche and a kind heart. This is a clean, obedient and loyal dog with high intelligence. True, a positive image loses because of laziness, passivity and stubbornness.


Dogs of this breed are difficult to train, they hate loneliness, so you can not leave them alone for a long time. But the animal is completely devoid of aggression, it is playful and energetic. Many people think that everything depends on education, and it takes a lot of effort to train a puppy, but it is possible.


A small shaggy dog ​​has such qualities as stubbornness and cunning. An animal can be recklessly bold and rush at its relatives, several times its size. It belongs to hard-to-learn animals, but the roots of the problem are not easy.

afghan hound

This animal, beautiful in appearance, thinks no worse than other representatives of canines, but in its own way. Despite the good heart and friendliness, the dog often shows disobedience and refuses to obey commands, because the hunting instinct prevails in its nature, and it is ready at any moment to take off for potential prey.

chow chow

The bear-like dog has a quick reaction, good hearing and excellent watchdog qualities. However, the animal does not have a strong memory and is difficult to learn, so classes with a puppy should be started as early as possible.


The Afghan dog breed is considered unpredictable in its actions. This is an inquisitive and intelligent animal, characterized by independence, stubbornness and caution. It will take a lot of time and patience to earn the trust of such a friend, only after that you can hope for mutual understanding and obedience.


This dog was considered stupid, apparently because, instead of pleasing its owner, it is constantly busy sniffing, but its hypersensitive nose is to blame, not its head. The rebelliousness of the animal, in addition, is associated with stubbornness and self-esteem.


Perhaps this is one of the most naughty animals with irrepressible energy, curious and restless. It is not clear why they are generally called stupid when it’s all about their frenzied temperament.


The breed is distinguished by benevolence, devotion and nobility, as well as slowness and stubbornness, which the animal has in its blood. The dog is easily distracted, so it will take a long time to train it to become obedient.

basset hound

The dog is a born comedian, it is a sociable and positive animal, at the same time, laziness prevails in its character. The breed was designed to track game, so the Basset can best track prey, and learning something else is simply not interesting for him.

Russian greyhound

Affectionate, brave and devoted animal, but too independent and carried away only by its values. A dog may not follow commands, if only because its main purpose is hunting.

It is difficult to say which animal can be placed at the beginning or end of the list, it is better to judge the owners of these dogs.

How to check the intellectual abilities of a pet?

The mental abilities of some canine representatives are considered quite low, but this cannot be said for sure. After all, sometimes disobedience is taken for the lack of intelligence, which is caused by the manifestation of independence, disagreement, which indicates the presence of one’s own character.

To dispel doubts about the mental capabilities of your dog, you can conduct a series of simple tests., the result of which will confirm or refute the opinion about its limitations. The result of each study is evaluated by the number of points, which at the end will have to be added up. For research, you will need a watch with a second hand or a stopwatch.

A sugar bone or other favorite food should be shown to the pet, then put on the floor, and a towel placed on top. After that, you can time it:

  • the dog found the treat in 0.5 min – 3 points;
  • found in 0.5-1 min – 2 points;
  • did not have time to take out in 1 minute – 1 point;
  • did not even try to get it – 0 points.

It is possible to test the dog’s intelligence by placing a treat in a place where the animal cannot reach by simply sticking its muzzle. It can be a low sofa or bed, or a homemade fixture. Allow your pet to take a treat:

  • if with the help of paws the dog got food in 2 minutes – 4 points;
  • for 3 minutes – 3 points;
  • tried to help herself with her paws for about 3 minutes, but failed – 2 points;
  • made an attempt to get it with her teeth – 1 point;
  • did not get it – 0 points.

It is necessary to take a blanket or a large towel, let the animal sniff, and then put it on its head so that its entire body is under the fabric. It should be estimated for what period of time the dog will get out from under the material:

  • for 0.5 min – 3 points;
  • for 0.5-2 minutes – 2 points;
  • there was an attempt to free himself, but unsuccessful – 1 point;
  • no attempts were made – 0 points

You can also check the memory status. To do this, you will need to teach the dog to find a hidden treat, you can put food under the dishes turned upside down. To show that it is exactly there, you need at least 7-8 times for the animal to learn this. Then, in the presence of a pet, you need to put three inverted cups on the floor, under one of which hide a treat. After that, take the dog out of the room for 30 seconds, return and give the “Search” command:

  • if he immediately finds a treat under the right dish – 2 points;
  • will find, after 2 minutes – 1 point;
  • not found – 0 points.

Now it’s time to count the points:

  • 10-12 points – the pet has extraordinary mental abilities;
  • 8-10 points – the animal has high intelligence;
  • 4-7 points – the dog can be given a solid four;
  • 1-3 points – the pet is either extremely stubborn or has not been dealt with at all;
  • 0 points – perhaps the animal is given little attention, and in puppyhood no one bothered to develop its intelligence and memory, but this does not mean that everything is lost.

Fortunately, the situation can be corrected, but for this you need to spend more time with your pet, conduct various tests more often, but always in a playful way. It is likely that past results were disastrous due to the fact that the dog was simply not interested in the ongoing event.

During any experiments, it is worth encouraging the animal, encouraging it by stroking. If the owner is in high spirits, it will be transferred to the pet, and he will more actively show his abilities.

You can captivate the dog by hiding treats, first nearby, and then in more inaccessible places. Usually, the excitement wakes up in dogs, and they head off in search.

If the puppy is still small, then you should not strictly judge his results – he still has to develop and hone new skills.

And one more important nuance – the success of training tests largely depends on how much time the owner devotes to his dog, as well as on the length of the dog’s stay in the house. It is unlikely that a dog’s talents will be fully revealed if she has lived next to a person for 1-2 months, at least according to experienced dog breeders.

On the features of the most stupid dog breeds, see below.