In the wild, these birds have a very rich diet: fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and roots of plants, and even small insects. At home, it is more difficult to provide a pet with all the necessary substances, because manufacturers offer a variety of feeds for every taste, among which it is not so easy to choose a quality product. Professionals advise picking up one or two types of food, and giving only them. That is why choosing the right option is so important.

Rating of the best food for parrots

Vitakraft Life

Vitakraft Life food for parrots

German food based on cereals and millet seeds has a rather unusual composition: it contains not only the usual grains, fruits and honey, but also eucalyptus and kiwi leaves, as well as eggs and egg derivatives. The food is enriched with vitamins and minerals and has a comprehensive strengthening effect on the body of the parrot. So, calcium and phosphorus in the optimal proportion are able to keep the bones of the bird strong for a long time. Beta-glucan increases disease resistance.

The manufacturer notes that the mixture stimulates the natural instincts of birds, which makes it the most optimal choice during the breeding season.

Mealberry Group Rio

Mealberry Group Rio food for parrots

The composition contains Abyssinian noug, which saturates the birds, the birds like the taste. Several types of millet are aimed at maintaining hearing, improving the digestive system. Algae contains vitamins and minerals, especially iodine, which budgerigars need in small amounts. Calcium gluconate supports health during molting, it is useful for pets that do not gnaw on mineral stone. Foreign analogues with a similar composition are much more expensive.

Buyers note that the feed contains black millet, which is rarely added by manufacturers. But it is rich in carotene, helps with thyroid diseases. The probiotic provides easy assimilation of the product, removes harmful microbes. The only thing that is noted in the reviews is the suspicion of addiction to food. Some say parrots refuse to eat anything else after Rio. Although the breeders do not find evidence. But it is clear that the food is rich in proteins and fats, making pets more active and cheerful.

Versele Laga Prestige Budgies

Versele Laga Prestige Budgies food for parrots

Unlike many other feeds, this Belgian-made product is dispensed with exclusively natural ingredients, without dyes and specific additives. Thanks to this, it is convenient to use the food as a base, supplementing it with other food as needed. Prestige Budgies contains three types of millet (yellow occupies 52% of the total feed, red and white together – 28%), canary and linseed, peeled oats, safflower and noug. A feature of the brand is a convenient reusable packaging with a “window” that allows you to examine the food before buying it without opening it.

Padovan Grandmix Cocorite

Padovan Grandmix Cocorite food for parrots

Padovan Grandmix Cocorite food for budgerigars has earned the recognition of buyers. It consists of 70% yellow and red millet, the remaining 30% includes shelled oats, canary grain, pears, apples and biscuits. The latter is a find of the manufacturer, vitamins, minerals and yeast are added to them. A little frustrating is the lack of a fastener on the package, buyers are advised to pour the food into jars. Clean grain and a pleasant smell are positively noted, there are no debris and insects. Many people like shells in the composition, which strengthen the bones. But dried fruits are not suitable for all pets, some prefer fresh ones.

The reviews note an improvement in the well-being of the bird a few weeks after using the feed. The birds become more alive, more cheerful. Most parrots like the taste and are not picky. Vitamins B1, B2, B6, nicotinic and pantothenic acids support the health of your pet. The food is balanced for daily consumption. But experienced breeders are confused by cookies. It is colored with dyes and can be addictive. Some birds have an upset stomach.

Cliffy Cocktail Mix Esotici

Cliffy Cocktail Mix Esotici food for parrots

Cliffy’s recipe for this blend was developed by the Institute of Ornithology of Italy and includes grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, as well as baked goods and honey. A carefully balanced balance of nutrients, vitamins and mineral salts will ensure the health of the parrot for many years. In addition, the food smells good and the birds like the taste, so they clean up the contents of the feeder. Special sealed packaging helps to preserve the best qualities of Italian products.

Fiory African

Fiory African food for parrots

Fiory African for medium and large parrots. The formula is balanced for daily use. The composition includes yellow and red millet (the main food of these birds), corn, wheat and buckwheat, which saturate the pet. Two-source cane and karruba provide the necessary vitamins. Hemp seeds are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 for healthy skin and plumage. Algae stimulates the immune system, raisins and calcium gluconate granules are good for the beak and claws. There are no spoiled grains in the packs, all the ingredients are fresh. Even capricious cockatiels do not pick in a bowl, eating all the food.

Buyers warn that the composition contains hard cookies, not all parrots can handle this. It is recommended to break it in half or hold it in water for a while. Breeders say that the birds need time to get used to the food, gradually they will taste all the ingredients. Vacuum bag prevents bugs. However, the sloppy appearance is embarrassing, the food is slightly dirty. More expensive competitors shine, look like glossy ones. It contains a lot of high-calorie seeds, some parrots get fat. Sometimes there are sticks that need to be removed.

BENELUX Mixture for parakeets Primus

BENELUX Mixture for parakeets Primus food for parrots

Delicious and healthy – this is how you can describe the Belgian food. According to the owners, parrots always eat it with pleasure, without leaving a crumb. The composition of the mixture pleases with variety: white, yellow and red millet, two types of sunflower, oats, buckwheat, wheat, canary grass, cardi and noug. There is also a wheat biscuit enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The freshness and quality of the feed is preserved during transportation and storage thanks to a special “oxygen-free” packaging technology.

Versele-Laga African Parrot LoroParque Mix

Versele-Laga African Parrot LoroParque Mix

Versele-Laga African Parrot LoroParque Mix food for parrots

Versele-Laga African Parrot LoroParque Mix is ​​the most versatile food for large parrots, especially African breeds. The composition will satisfy the tastes of even a picky pet: here are corn, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, wheat, canary grass, oats, buckwheat. Peanuts are found in shell and peeled. Rose hips, puffed corn, and hot peppers are added as a healthy treat. BAM vitamin granules saturate the body with minerals and amino acids. The packaging has a convenient lock, the food is stored for a long time, moisture and debris do not get inside.

Buyers in the reviews say that parrots eat with pleasure. It is considered premium and expensive, but larger packs are often discounted. Breeders note that the high cost is due to the variety of natural ingredients. However, not everyone supports the idea of ​​adding vitamin granules. Many birds leave them in the feeder, do not trust incomprehensible circles. They smell like cat food, which is disgusting. But many praise peanuts and pumpkin seeds, there are no empty shells in the pack. Best of all, the food is suitable for gray jacos (drawn on the pack), they eat absolutely everything.


LOLO food for parrots

The composition is enriched with vitamins A, B1, B2, E, K and C, which have a complex effect on the body. Organic acids and fats add shine to plumage. The food in the pack is clean, without sticks and dust. The basis is grains and cereals (82%), the rest is fruits and oil seeds. The breeders say that the food ingredients can also be used as a useful toy.

The reviews write about a large number of seeds, so you need to be careful with the portion. More experienced owners say that the composition contains sorghum (small beige balls). Although it is considered a delicacy, it is not useful in large quantities, it is rarely added to everyday feed. It is quite hard, not every budgerigar will be able to bite through. But the main reason why the product did not get higher is the dyes in the composition. Many breeders believe they are addictive.

Fiory Pappagalli

Fiory Pappagalli parrot food

There is everything for medium and large parrots: oats, wheat, several types of millet, buckwheat, sunflower and other seeds, carob, fruits. Even the pickiest bird will find a delicacy to their liking. The manufacturer has added fatty acids, honey, minerals and selenium for fast absorption. Such a composition has a positive effect on the bird’s body, protects against diseases, and makes the plumage shiny. The product contains oils necessary for cockatiels. The food is packed in a sealed plastic bag. It is delivered to Russia from Italy, where quality control is carried out.

Buyers in the reviews note a pleasant fruity-grain smell of food, pets also like it. Many talk about improving the appearance of a parrot. If you feed him for a long time, the molt will be less unpleasant. Pleases Omega-3 in the composition, which strengthens cell membranes. Added organic selenium, which is involved in the protection of poultry fibers. The high price scares off a little, the food leaves quickly. It is difficult to find in ordinary stores, and when ordering online, some receive damaged packaging.