The automatic aquarium fish feeder is an important piece of aquarium equipment. It helps to improve the functioning of the entire ecosystem. This is a compact device that is attached to the walls of the aquarium. It is in it that feed of various types is poured: granules or flakes. The device automatically doses the amount of food, thereby reducing the amount of food in the water. The article collected a rating of the best automatic feeders for aquariums from budget to expensive models. How to choose the best automatic fish feeders: expert tips + reviews from experienced aquarists.

The best automatic feeders for aquarium fish

Prime PR-H-9000

The automatic fish feeder of this model will become a real assistant to any aquarist. It has an electric motor that runs on a AA battery. The regularity of serving food is controlled by a timer. You can independently set the interval after which it will automatically rotate the drum with feed. The body is made of durable plastic. It is attached with suction cups to a plastic cover or glass. The feeder has a sealed housing, which does not get moisture.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country China
Number of feedings 1-3
Container volume, ml 120


  • reliable fastenings;
  • practicality;
  • you can set the regularity;
  • durable fixture;
  • convenient feed dispenser.


  • no tilt adjustment
  • no start delay.

Feedback: “I am very satisfied with the feeder, the price is quite reasonable, as for such a useful thing. I install it in the morning, and it works until 21.00. It is very inconvenient that there is no tilt adjustment – the feed is poured into one place. I got used to the feeder very much, now I can not worry about the fact that the fish are hungry.”

Juwel EasyFeed Juw-89000

Automatic fish feeder that programs 2 meals a day for 24 hours. Good for those who travel frequently on business trips. It is recommended to use feed in granules or tablets. The reservoir protects food from water ingress. Used for all types of aquariums. This requires a hole into which the feeder is inserted. It does not need special care, it is only necessary to periodically clean the container to avoid the occurrence of fungal mold.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Russia
Number of feedings 1-2
Container volume, ml 80


  • works quietly;
  • stylish design:
  • moisture resistance;
  • energy efficient;
  • easy to install.


  • frequent battery replacement;
  • tableted feed sometimes gets clogged in the hole.

Review: “Very often we are not at home and began to look for an alternative for fish. We read the reviews on the forum and learned about a useful thing like an automatic feeder, and immediately went to the store. The device is small, mounted on the wall of the aquarium. Feed is poured into a special hole and a feeding timer is set. Very handy for short trips. Easy to wash. Haven’t changed the battery even once in half a year.

Sera Feed A Plus S-8840

This model of the feeder is included in the rating of modern accessories for the aquarium. It is equipped with a round drum that protects the feed from moisture. A special air inlet allows owners to feed the fish in a balanced way. The automatic turning system is very smooth, and if a failure occurs, the gear mechanism will not be damaged. The drum holds 80 ml of feed, which is fed into the water slowly and evenly. The number of feedings is set independently.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Germany
Number of feedings 6
Container volume, ml 80


  • convenient programming;
  • strong clamps;
  • moisture resistance;
  • compact hole for falling asleep feed;
  • practicality.


  • incomprehensible installation instructions;
  • the amount of food may vary.

Review: “Ran into a problem that I forget to feed the fish. I still can’t get used to the new inhabitants in my apartment. Friends advised me to buy an automatic dispenser. The device is really very useful. I attached it to the lid of the aquarium, filled up the food and that’s all – for 3 days I can not visit the fish. Feeding frequency and dose can be set. Very satisfied with the purchase.”

Tetra myFeeder

An automated dispenser feeds fish without the presence of the owners. Using the digital display, you can program up to three servings of food at a certain interval. Specially designed feed tank that protects from light, water and other influences. The display will notify you when the battery has been replaced. Adjustable rubber feet to reduce feeding noise. The window allows you to monitor the filling level of the tank.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country India
Number of feedings 3
Container volume, ml 100


  • suitable for all types of aquariums;
  • large capacity for food;
  • feeding adjustment;
  • several installation options;
  • equipment.


  • difficulties in setting up;
  • wets the food.

Review: “We bought it for dad so that he could safely leave for the country in the summer. It seemed a bit noisy engine operation, but in general everything suits. The charge indicator reminds you to replace the battery, which is very convenient. You can check the charge level on the display. The device is of high quality, it has been serving well for the 2nd year.”

Trixie Aqua Pro

The automatic fish feeder is quite easy to use. Works in several modes: feeding every 12 or 24 hours. A special tank holds 150-200 ml of feed. It can be dry food, granules or tablets. Inside the feeder, it is completely protected from moisture and light. Runs on two AA batteries. Attaches to the edge of an aquarium or pool. Plastic is easily washed away from food debris.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Germany
Number of feedings 1-3
Container volume, ml 150


  • simple design;
  • clear menu;
  • ease of setup;
  • ease of care;
  • tank volume.


  • low-quality plastic;
  • the battery doesn’t hold well.

Review: “We bought a feed dispenser to regulate the nutrition of the fish. Thanks to the timer, they eat on schedule and a certain amount, which allows them not to overeat. Reliable mounts stick to the walls of the aquarium, so you should not worry that the device will fall into the water. I periodically remove to clean, because the food is in a humid environment. Happy with the purchase.”

Eheim Autofeeder

Single chamber automatic fish dispenser. It is easy to program the feeding time in it, to regulate the feed supply. This model is equipped with food ventilation system. The “snacks” button allows you to feed the fish at the right time. The menu setting keys are waterproof. The device reminds you to replace the battery on the device. It is equipped with brackets for attaching to glass in open aquariums. Ideal for cereal.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Germany
Number of feedings 1-2
Container volume, ml 100


  • automatic and manual adjustment;
  • reliable fastenings;
  • reduces the amount of waste;
  • eliminates the problem of water clogging;
  • does not allow moisture to enter the feed.


  • the timer is constantly going astray;
  • clogged food in the hole.

Review: “We bought an automatic fish feeder. We are engaged in their reproduction, so it is not always possible to keep track of everything. Has a large food tank. I prefer dry food, as the flakes are sometimes forgotten in the opening. Fish eat 3 times a day. The water has ceased to be cloudy, it has become less clogged with food waste.”

Ferplast Chef Pro

The new automatic fish feeder is able to take care of pets while the owners are away. It is produced with four holes, which are installed depending on the type of feed. The device is powered by AA batteries. The feeder is easy to program up to three feedings per day with a constant portion size. Suitable for a variety of aquariums. To clean the tank, it must be carefully removed, rinsed, dried well and secured in its original position.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Italy
Number of feedings 3
Container volume, ml 100


  • 3 timer modes;
  • suitable for different aquariums;
  • holds a charge for a long time;
  • portion control;
  • compactness.


  • the battery compartment may open;
  • digital settings.

Review: “Grandma loves fish very much, she keeps several aquariums at home. We decided to give her an automatic dispenser so that the fish eat food when she is not at home. Helped set up and set up. Convenient food bowl. Food falls asleep easily, nothing crumbles. Grandmother is very happy, now she has more time to garden. The purchase is really very useful.”

How to choose the best automatic feeder for an aquarium?

Today, there are four types of automatic feeders:

  • Screw. The serving size is determined by the rod.
  • Disk. They consist of a pair of discs that divide the feed into several portions.
  • Drum. The most popular type. The feed is poured into the drum, which rotates, opening the feed gate.
  • With shutter. The principle of operation resembles a drum.

The operating time depends on the operating mode and battery capacity. There are models with great autonomy, some are able to work for a whole month.

When choosing a feeder, you should pay attention to several factors:

  • price;
  • terms of absence of owners;
  • source of power;
  • tank capacity;
  • the number of fish and their size;
  • fastening reliability.

The presented models of automatic feeders will allow you to control the nutrition of pets while the owners are away. The characteristics of each model will help you choose a high-quality and reliable device that will last for many years.