The health and well-being of a four-legged pet largely depends on the chosen method of feeding. Manufacturers offer dry, wet and holistic food with different fillers with the necessary macro- and micronutrients. However, breeders claim that not all companies are responsible for the choice of ingredients. From this, the coat deteriorates in dogs, activity disappears, and allergies appear.

Relatively recently, holistic feeds have appeared on the market. The main difference was immediately noticed by both amateurs and specialists – the high price. The cost is justified by the use of quality products and an integrated approach to creating a diet. For example, the meat content reaches 50-80%. However, the food does not have to be very expensive, the main thing is a balanced composition.

German Shepherds, like other breeds, have structural features of the body. For example, they are characterized by digestive problems due to a short gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, feed for this breed should be easily digestible and have a high calorie content. We have compiled a ranking of the best options based on the opinions of users and veterinarians. Balance, composition, useful substances were taken into account.

Top 10 Best Shepherd Dog Foods

10 Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food For Large Breed

Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food For Large Breed

Opens the ranking of the most deserving Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food For Large Breed, designed for large dogs aged 1 to 6 years. The manufacturer has released several flavors, balancing each version. According to him, the product restores cartilage tissue, stimulates the digestive system. With regular consumption, the food increases endurance, forms healthy bones. The composition contains Omega-3 and Omega-6, thanks to which the skin and coat improve. Beet pulp acts as fiber. Carbohydrates regulate blood sugar levels.

Buyers say that pets eat food with pleasure, there is no smell from the mouth. And others complain of allergies, because the composition contains chicken meat. The food is intended only for healthy dogs, it is not suitable for sensitive pets. It’s a little strange that in packs with lamb and salmon flavors, chicken is in the first place. If rice is declared on the package, there will be corn for volume. It is necessary to follow the dosage exactly, otherwise the dog will start to get fat. The food is very nutritious and contains a lot of protein.

9 Arden Grange Sensitive

Arden Grange Sensitive

Arden Grange Sensitive is specially formulated for adult dogs with digestive issues and sensitive skin. Instead of the usual cereals, the manufacturer added white fish, from which the pet receives fatty acids and proteins. High-quality protein is the main advantage of the product. Carbohydrates are represented by corn and rice, accounting for about 50% of the weight. The only source of lipids here is chicken fat. It is often used by manufacturers, as it is easily digestible and contains substances that are beneficial for the skin. Some advise food for aging dogs because of the complex of vitamins for joints and ligaments.

Buyers say that pets like the product, they do not refuse it. Although the smell is very strong, fishy. The fiber is beet pulp, which improves digestion. Although it does not boast nutritional properties, it is often added to reduce the cost. The bigger reason we didn’t rank the food higher is because of the chicken digest in the formula. Veterinarians consider it a low-quality offal. Because of it, the coat can fade, it is better to give vitamins along with the food.

8 Orijen Adult Dog

Orijen Adult Dog

Orijen Adult Dog caught our attention with an excellent composition: 80% is given to boneless meat, fish and liver. The food also contains legumes, dried vegetables, whole eggs, fruits and herbs. The manufacturer has added trace elements and vitamins to maintain health. Strong granules will clean the mouth and tongue of the German Shepherd. Breeders say that pets gobble up food with pleasure. But people are scared away by the strong smell of fish. The unpleasant aroma is compensated by a high protein content – as much as 38%, the food is very nutritious. Although the debate about the usefulness of a high-protein diet has been going on for many years, some do not accept it.

Buyers in the reviews say that the German Shepherd can only be fed with this product, it will remain strong, healthy and active. Some warn that after switching from cheaper food, the dog may be picky because the composition does not contain flavorings. Not happy with the cost, although the product is consumed slowly. A high content of legumes sometimes affects gas formation. There is much more fiber in the composition than in other feeds, so the load on the stomach increases.

7 BRIT Premium Adult L

BRIT Premium Adult L

BRIT Premium Adult L is a premium dry food (non-holistic) with a high meat content. It is suitable for the daily diet of an adult dog, rice, corn and dried fruits are used as carbohydrates. The composition also contains fat and flour from chicken meat. The manufacturer has added essential vitamins (zinc, copper) to maintain the health of the animal. Veterinarians say that this product has everything you need for a complete diet. Buyers in the reviews say that pets become more active, the coat begins to shine. The food has almost no smell. Breeders say that if a strange smell of fish comes from BRIT, then storage conditions have been violated.

A nice bonus is the availability of the product in most supermarkets, it costs much less than the leaders of the rating. Some people find BRIT very dry, but for shepherd dogs this consistency is great. The pack is a little depressing, it was on it that the manufacturer saved. The package has no clips, the material itself is very flimsy. Possible individual intolerance to the ingredients due to chicken meat flour. Most often, it is manifested by a strong odor from the mouth.

6 Proseries Holistic hypoallergenic

Proseries Holistic hypoallergenic

We considered Proseries Holistic hypoallergenic as one of the best, where anchovies and herring act as protein, not chicken. Complex carbohydrates are also enough: rice, barley and oats. Free from popular allergens such as soy, poultry, wheat, corn and eggs. The manufacturer added chondroprotectors that support joint health. The packaging says that the pet’s coat and skin will become better, allergy symptoms will go away. Similar food is available from Acana, which we will discuss below, but it costs 1.5 thousand rubles more. Dogs eat this mixture with pleasure, breeders note that itching disappears, bald patches grow back. Large granules are suitable for adult pets, but the product is not suitable for puppies.

Buyers say that the feed contains everything for the proper nutrition of shepherd dogs from adolescence to old age. Cereals, from which there are swelling, are replaced by vegetables. Energy is supplied by saturated amino acids. The composition also contains medicinal herbs that improve the microflora. Of the minuses, reviews note a very strong smell of fish, it repels some dogs. Finding food in pet stores is difficult. For healthy dogs without allergies, there are more affordable, but equally good quality alternatives.

5 HILL’S PRESCRIPTION Diet L/D Canine Hepatic Health Dry

HILL’S PRESCRIPTION Diet L/D Canine Hepatic Health Dry

HILL’S PRESCRIPTION Diet L/D Canine Hepatic Health Dry deserves to be on the list of the best due to its unique healing formula. Dry food is suitable for dogs with liver and urolithiasis problems. The manufacturer added vitamins and minerals that support the work of important organs of the animal. It is recommended by veterinarians after surgery. The main feature is to relieve the load on the liver and digestive tract. In addition, it provides enough energy to restore the pet’s body.

Buyers warn that it is not necessary to feed something else while using this product, there are already enough vitamins. It is advised to give it for six months, then take a break for 4-5 months. The food has a very slight smell, calm and quiet. It is suitable for the most fastidious animals that refuse to swallow the medicine. However, the product is still medicinal, many recommend contacting a veterinarian and getting approval. He has contraindications. There are fewer proteins in the composition than in other feeds, this is also important to consider.

4GO! Daily Defense Lamb Dog Recipe

GO! Daily Defense Lamb Dog Recipe

GO! The Daily Defense Lamb Dog Recipe made it to the top of the list thanks to its thoughtful formulation that is suitable for both adult dogs and puppies. The basis is lamb meat, rich in proteins. Complement it with carbohydrates from oatmeal and brown rice. Dried vegetables and fruits support the immune system. The manufacturer claims that if you feed your pet with this product, he will receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Dry food is designed to improve health and the cardiovascular system. Calcium and phosphorus strengthen teeth and bones. Probiotics protect the weak digestion of German Shepherds. Omega-3 cares for the skin and coat.

Buyers note convenient packaging: just pull the top, and then close with Velcro. The product smells weak, the fragrances remain in the pack. Many note the size of granules suitable for shepherd dogs that clean their teeth and tongue. They are round and flat, soaked for puppies. The reviews mention the improvement in the appearance of the pet, the coat becomes thicker, shiny. The food does not cause allergies, the animals do not have rashes. But the granules are very dusty, there are a lot of crumbs in the bag. Some dogs don’t like the taste because there are no enhancers.

3 Barking Heads golden years

Barking Heads golden years

Opens the top three Barking Heads golden years, designed for older dogs. The composition contains trout, chicken fillet, rice, peas, potatoes, seaweed, vegetables and fruits. The manufacturer added cranberries to maintain urine pH, prevent cystitis and urolithiasis. Vitamins protect the joints, L-carnitine and probiotics make the pet more active. There are several flavors to choose from, each option is balanced, enriched with minerals. Barking Heads is deservedly considered one of the best manufacturers of dry food, it is close to the natural diet. In one package there are granules of different shapes for cleaning teeth and tongue.

Buyers say that the product is produced both in dry form and as canned food, but only the first is sold in Russian stores. The feed is 85% meat, a result that cannot be surpassed by competitors. Many note a well-thought-out recipe, the composition contains vitamins for the joints and the brain. Shepherd dog owners say that the dog eats with pleasure. The only negative is the presence of legumes and potatoes, which replace cheap cereals. If your dog starts to get fat, you can switch him to the weight loss line with chicken and brown rice.

2 Grandorf Natural & Healthy

Grandorf Natural & Healthy

On one of the highest places is Grandorf Natural & Healthy, which contains several types of meat: poultry, rabbit, veal, fish. There is no chicken, so dry food is suitable for pets with allergies. Rice is a complex carbohydrate. Vitamin complexes are absolutely natural. The manufacturer added Antarctic krill – small crustaceans that are superior to corn in terms of usefulness. No dyes, preservatives and cheap fillers. The company relied on feedback from veterinarians and breeders to create a product to keep the pet active and cheerful.

Buyers note that the feed saturates, provides the necessary trace elements and nutrients. It fights the main problem of German Shepherds – weak digestion, and also prevents the development of urolithiasis. Buyers note high-quality meat in the composition, it is here as much as 70%. Satiety occurs faster than when eating less nutritious foods. Many note the convenient packaging with a lock that protects the food from weathering. The only drawback is the lack of free sale, the product is only available in online stores.

1 Acana Adult Dog

Acana Adult Dog

Our top pick is the popular Acana Adult Dog, which contains 55% meat, including salmon and chicken fillets. The manufacturer says that the bird is grown without the use of antibiotics and hormones, so there is no risk of skin irritation. Brown rice, oats and peas act as carbohydrates, the sugar content is minimal. The health of the German Shepherd is supported by fruits and vegetables, berries, algae and a vitamin and mineral supplement. According to the company, if you regularly feed the dog with this product, it will become more active, the coat will shine. And when the taste becomes boring, you can choose another from a wide range. Packages differ in color depending on the composition, there are small and large packs.

Buyers say that although dry food is more expensive than many analogues, it justifies its cost. The consumption is quite large, the pack is convenient to use. There is a label on the packaging that opens the food. And the clasp will not let the abyss of an already opened pack. Many in the reviews talk about large granules that clean teeth. I am glad that there is no aggressive smell, the liver is slightly felt. The product is available in stores in major cities and online.