Popular dog breeds

Dogs are considered one of the most popular animals around humans. Unlike other pets, they are able to be not only entertainment for their owners, but also, if necessary, protect them from any danger. Many people get dogs to guard their home, livestock, or as a friend and companion.

Top popular breeds in Russia with photos

Now dogs are used both for breeding and as ordinary pets. However, their popularity in no way depends on the place of residence of people. It is worth considering the names of dog breeds that are among the ten most popular in Russia.

Yorkshire Terrier

The first place in the top ten is occupied by this small animal. This breed is well suited for allergy sufferers. Today, Yorkies are the most expensive and decorative dogs. In the past, they hunted animals that live in holes, so these dogs are really smart and dexterous.

In addition, terriers are distinguished by their intelligence and good breeding.

Labrador retriever

Labradors are on the second step. First of all, it is a great helper for its owner, who can save him in any situation. They were originally bred for fishing or hunting trips. But over time they moved into the category friends and companions.

Almost all dogs of this breed are non-aggressive, so they play with young children with great pleasure. In addition, thanks to their excellent sense of smell, Labradors are used to search for drugs or explosives. They can live both in an apartment and in a country house.


The third position is rightfully occupied by Eskimo sled dogs. They are distinguished not only by their kind nature, but also by their devotion to their master. Can get along with children and some pets. Sometimes Huskies are stubborn. They require regular walks or runs.

Jack Russell Terrier

Fourth place is occupied by this restless little dog. It was originally bred to hunt burrowing animals. You can keep such dogs in any conditions, but all animals that live in apartments require frequent walking.

Toy Terrier

In fifth place are dogs that were bred to hunt rats. Their sizes are quite small, they grow only up to 26 cm. But at the same time they are quite aggressive.


The sixth step in this list is occupied by small dogs, which used to be a real decoration for the palace chambers. At that time, not everyone could buy them, since the cost of pets was extremely high.

Today, Pekingese live not only in apartments, but also in many private houses in Russia.

German Shepherd

In seventh place are dogs, which are not only house guards, but also rescuers or guides. Sheepdogs are easy to train, as they have a sharp mind.

French Bulldog

The eighth position rightfully belongs to this decorative dog. She is a great companion for anyone. Dogs are distinguished by devotion, as well as friendliness. Naturally French Bulldogs very affectionate and funny. For them no special conditions are required.

Many consider them too annoying because of the great affection for their master. In addition, dogs of this breed snore in their sleep.


The ninth place is occupied by the descendants of the Chow Chow, who were called Shar Pei. They have a rather funny look and look a bit like teddy bears. Such dogs have fighting instincts, as well as an ardent temperament.

chow chow

In last place are dogs that were bred in China. They are wonderful companions they can accompany their owners even on runs. Chow Chows are not too fond of small children, but at the same time they can tolerate them.

Demanded dogs in other countries

If we talk about other countries, then the most popular breeds in Europe, for example, will not be in the same demand in Asia or America. Therefore, it is necessary to divide the entire list into several categories.

European countries

In Portugal, water dogs are the most popular. They are not only calm, but also smart. Initially, this breed was bred in order to help drive fish into the nets of fishermen.

In Italy, they treat dogs very well, so both large dogs and small ones are in demand here. Among them it is worth noting the following.

  • Neapolitan Mastiff is one of the largest animals in Italy. Such a dog weighs up to 70 kilograms. She will be a great friend, as well as a protector for any owner.
  • Bolognese – This is a decorative dog, and it weighs about 6 kilograms. It was bred in the province of Bologna, which is why it got its name.
  • Maremma are among the oldest dog breeds. These are very proud animals that are difficult to train. At the same time, they are fearless and cautious.
  • Speaking of Italian dogs, it is impossible to ignore and Cane Corso. They are excellent protectors as well as watchdogs. Weigh up to 50 kilograms.
  • Bergamasco Shepherd originally used as a working dog. Subsequently, she became a wonderful friend, as well as a companion for her master.


In Japan, the most popular breeds are:

  • Akita Inu, often used for hunting large animals;
  • Japanese Spitz, which is considered an excellent companion and friend for his master.

In Korea, Korean jindos are the favorite animals. They are considered the property of this country.

The following dogs are quite common in China:

  • Pekingese, which was bred more than two thousand years ago and for a long time was the sacred dog of all Chinese emperors;
  • sharpei.


The most popular American dogs are Labrador Retrievers. Love for dogs is also confirmed by the fact that in Miami you can find many hotels where you can stay with your animals. Besides, it is worth noting the bulldog, rottweiler, and also the yorkshire terrier.

The most popular dogs in the world

For every owner, a dog always remains a favorite pet, regardless of its breed. And since there are a lot of people, then one answer to the question of which dog is the most popular will simply not be enough. In addition, certain breeds of dogs are considered favorite in each country. But there are also favorites whose merits are officially recognized all over the world.


Such doggies are no more than 30 cm tall, and their weight is about 5 kilograms. At the same time, the popularity of animals is quite high, because they can be kept even in the smallest apartment or simply taken with you on trips. Many of them resemble soft toys in their appearance, they are just as fluffy and beautiful.

  • Yorkshire Terrier distinguished by an unusual and bizarre hairstyle. Its coat grows all the time, and its structure is a bit like human hair. For this reason, he is constantly sheared.
  • Pomeranian Spitz very reminiscent of a teddy bear, it is often chosen by families with small children.
  • Pekingese cannot be called a very fragile animal. After all, he practically does not know what fear is.

These dogs love to be petted and hugged.


Dogs of this subspecies can grow up to 40 cm in height, with a weight of up to 10 kilograms.

  • Pug has great energy and curiosity. Looks like a little bear. Such dogs love to play with small children, easily find a common language with strangers, as well as with other pets that live in the same house with them.
  • Dachshund very funny, her elongated body with short legs will not leave anyone indifferent. Such dogs are very devoted to their owners, so they will protect them in any situation.
  • Jack Russell Terrier can keep a person company in jogging or hiking. His energy almost never ends.


Animals that fall into this category can weigh up to 20 kilograms, with a height of 55 cm. The following individuals are considered the most popular in the world.

  • English bulldog, which is distinguished not only by its ingenuity, but also by great devotion to the owner.
  • chow chow became famous for the unusual purple color of the tongue.
  • sharpei quite calm and balanced. It differs from other dogs in its appearance. His whole body is covered with folds.


Such dogs are rarely kept in apartments, because they can grow up to 70 cm, with an average weight of 50 kilograms. They prefer private property.

  • German Shepherd is one of the most famous in the world. It lends itself well to training, besides, it is distinguished by its devotion.
  • Husky won the hearts of many people not only with their appearance, but also with their cheerful character.
  • Newfoundlands by nature, they are kind and friendly, despite their huge size.

Fashion trends

Fashion for dog breeds changes quite often. First of all, it depends on the desire of a person for something new and unusual. Recently, the following dogs are considered the most fashionable:

  • Yorkshire Terrier – these dogs hold high positions for several years in a row;
  • chihuahua – is the smallest dog in the world, besides, it does not require special conditions for keeping;
  • Toy Terrier – by nature is considered a true warrior;
  • papillon – a small dog, which in some cases can show aggression;
  • Pekingese – He always requires special attention.
  • Chinese Crested – afraid of the cold, so in winter you will need warm clothes for walking;
  • orange spitz – by nature very kind and calm;
  • Maltese – a snow-white, fluffy and kind dog;
  • chow chow – recognizes only his master, and tries to keep his distance with other people;
  • husky – a sled dog with a cheerful disposition, not suitable for guarding the house;
  • sharpei – although it looks like a little bear cub, it is still considered an excellent watchman;
  • amstaff – excellent fighter with high intelligence;
  • Cocker Spaniel – excellent hunter;
  • doberman – is an excellent guard.

Types of dogs by purpose

All dogs differ from each other not only in their appearance, but also in the purpose for which they were bred.


These animals are specially trained. As a result, dogs can help blind, deaf, and other handicapped people. Wilhelm Klein is considered the first person to train dogs. So, in 2001, during a fire in a shopping center, a dog trained to be a guide was able to save its owner and brought him from the 70th floor straight to the street.


Such animals have a good sense of smell, as well as great intelligence. They are able to catch the smell of a person, even if he is under two meters of snow. Most often, these dogs work in pairs.

This is necessary so that one dog stays with the rescued person, and the second one can bring help.

Investigative and sentry

Such dogs are trained to identify a person by the smell of things, detain criminals, as well as guard and escort. In addition, such dogs must be able to protect the territory or the necessary object. Most often used for this german shepherds.


These dogs are taught to hunt from an early age. In addition, they are all divided into several subspecies.

  • hounds intended for chasing animals. They chase them to the point of exhaustion until they come into the sight of the hunters. Such dogs have fidelity, the ability to search for any game, as well as excellent vocal cords.
  • greyhound dogs more used for unarmed hunting. Most often, this is the persecution of foxes or hares, which they can grab right on the go. These animals have the ability to quickly find their prey, endurance, and also have excellent eyesight.
  • Burrowing dogs more are used for hunting foxes or badgers. Most often these are dachshunds or terriers.
  • cops hunt birds. They have excellent instincts and quick reactions. They are trained to freeze in a certain stance, and only at the command of their master do they rush forward to frighten off the game.


Most often, these dogs are used in peasant households for transportation. In teams there should always be a leader who not only organizes the work of all dogs, but also sets the pace for the animals.


This group of dogs can include both service and search animals. Most often they have certain qualities: the manifestation of anger towards any outsiders, the ability to protect, always be on the alert. Belgian, Scottish, Picardy shepherd dogs, as well as many other similar animals are considered herding dogs.


In addition to the described dogs, in the old days there were also rat-catchers, as well as spit dogs.

  • skewers animals appeared in the Middle Ages, they were used to cook meat on a spit. After all, to cook it delicious, it was necessary to turn the product up to 10 hours. At first, servants were called for this, and a little later they began to train dogs. They were put in a special wheel, where they had to run tirelessly. At first, ordinary mongrels were used, and after that a special breed was bred, which was called a spitting dog.
  • Pied Piper most often used in rural areas or huge granaries. So, there was a case when a specially trained terrier crushed more than two thousand rats in a barn. In the old days, they even made spectacles out of it.

Summing up, we can say that The popularity of dogs depends on the preferences of the individual as well as the country in which they live.

However, there are also dogs that take first place even in world rankings, being equally loved everywhere.

In the next video you will find a selection of the most popular dog breeds in the world.