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Features of sisal scratching posts

Every caring owner thinks about his pet, creating favorable conditions for him in the house. In addition to the fact that a cat needs a tray, a bowl and a bed, a scratching post is also required. Today on sale you can find interesting options made from a variety of materials. Sisal scratching posts are in demand. But before you buy a thing for a pet, you should find out about all the pros, cons and features of this product.

Advantages and disadvantages

For their cats, caring owners are increasingly choosing such an option as a sisal scratching post. Of course, this product, like any other, has its pros and cons.

A fiber such as sisal is obtained from the leaves of the agave plant. It grows mainly in African countries. One of the distinguishing features of sisal is that this fiber is made without any processing by special means, due to which it can be considered a safe material. A few centuries ago, sisal became popular in Europe due to its durability. Washcloths and brushes were made from this fiber; needlewomen at all times loved it very much. And now scratching posts for pets are made from it.

The main advantage is that this is a fiber of natural origin, which means that you won’t have to worry about your pet’s health. Strength and durability are also a plus. Due to the fact that the fiber has a very rigid structure, even somewhat reminiscent of tree bark, cats are very fond of such scratching posts.

Perhaps there are no shortcomings of such products, with the exception of one. Compared to scratching posts made from other materials, the sisal version costs a little more.

Comparison with other materials

In order to understand which cat scratching post is best, you should compare several options. For example, on sale there are fabric scratching posts of various shapes. As a rule, the fabric used there is wear-resistant, but, unfortunately, it cannot boast of durability. The same can be said about cardboard scratching posts. The main advantage of such options is an affordable price.

Another affordable option is a jute scratching post. This fiber is softer and smoother than sisal. But sisal is stronger than jute, and therefore more durable.

Sisal in all respects outperforms all of the above options, as it is characterized by high strength and wear resistance. But some cats with delicate paws do not really like the rough structure of this fiber.

Another option is cotton. Cotton winding of scratching posts is more expensive. But this option is worth the money, it is reliable and durable. In addition, the smooth surface of the cotton rope will appeal to many pets.


To date, you can find a wide variety of options – this is a column wrapped with a rope, and a scratching mat, and a house, and a board that is attached to the wall. Each option has its own advantages.

  • Racks wrapped in cotton, jute or sisal rope are in great demand. This option does not take up much space in the room and cats really like it, since you can climb it like a tree, and not just sharpen your claws. By the way, there are similar options with a couch. Usually this is a high rack, at the top of which there is a comfortable and soft place for the cat to rest. There is also a “palm” option. In fact, this is the same stand, only outwardly it resembles a palm tree, since at the top the product is decorated with “leaves” made of durable and soft material.
  • Wall options are a solid canvas, which is decorated with wood at the edges. Such options are mounted on the wall, so they do not take up space at all in the room. Among these models there is an angular scratching post.
  • A scratching post in the form of a house or a couch. Such modifications are also liked by both the pets themselves and their owners. The cat can sharpen its claws and relax on a comfortable bed or inside the house.

By the way, many owners decide to make such scratching posts on their own. Today, you can buy a rope in a roll – this is a strong rope – and make a product with your own hands.

Nuances of choice

When choosing a product for a cat, first of all, pay attention to the fact that it is made of environmentally friendly materials. After all, the safety and health of the pet should be considered first and foremost.

Next, note the strength of the material. Above we said which fiber is stronger and more durable. If you choose the option in the form of a column or a model with a bench, then pay attention to the stability of the product itself. In addition, the scratching post should not be low, because the cat stretches to its full length when sharpening its claws, and she should be comfortable.