Serengeti - what kind of cat breed is it, price, growth and character traits of the animal

The Serengeti is the name of the savannah in Tanzania, where wild predators of the serval cat family live, distinguished by their wild disposition and grace. By the name of the savannah, in 1994, a breed of domestic cats similar to servals, the Serengeti, was bred. These short-haired, spotted creatures are sure to win the hearts of cat lovers around the world.

Serengeti cat – price

Felinologists, the specialists who create new breeds of cats, have long been obsessed with the idea of ​​developing new varieties that will look like two drops of water on cats in the wild, but will be miniature in size and can be kept in an ordinary apartment. Many wealthy people would like to have a small leopard or panther with a good-natured and accommodating character in their home. Cats of the rare Serengeti breed are short-haired and not cheap. The cost of a Serengeti kitten in catteries, of which there are no more than 20 in the world, can range from $ 700 to 1000.

serengeti cat price

Serengeti cat breed – description

The Serengeti as a breed does not yet have an official status, and miniature domestic servals cannot participate in exhibitions. With the advent of a certain number of nurseries, the situation may change. Today, the Serengeti cat breed does not have a clear description, but certain features are inherent in all representatives of this species.

  1. The tail of Serengeti cats can be of different sizes, but the tip must be dark.
  2. Serengeti are very jumping animals, able to reach the object of interest at a height of two meters, so they have long and developed paws.
  3. The paws of cats are large, oval-shaped.
  4. Large ears are set high.
  5. The head of the Serengeti cat breed is tapering towards the nose, rounded.
  6. The eyes can be all shades of yellow in the Serengeti, photos of cats with green eyes are very rare. They are round, large, widely spaced relative to each other.
  7. The nose must have a dark lobe.
  8. Serengeti cats have a long neck.
  9. The coat is short and very pleasant to the touch, without undercoat.
  10. Randomly located spots are a distinctive feature of the Serengeti, they should be round in shape, having bright dark contours.

Serengeti cat – growth

The progenitors of Serengeti cats, wild servals in nature, reach 130 cm in length and 70 cm in height. Home mini-servals do not differ in such sizes. Like all purebred copies, representatives of this breed are much smaller than free relatives, the Serengeti cat is larger than the female, and can grow up to 35 cm at the withers, and weigh up to 15 kg. With proper care in good conditions, large predatory Serengeti cats can delight their owners for 10 years, this breed of cats is unpretentious in food and unpretentious to the conditions of existence.

Serengeti cat – character

Cats of the Serengeti breed are distinguished by “talkiness”, the sounds that they make constantly are similar to real speech. They always do what they want. Serengeti cats love to be in the spotlight, and will seek attention from the owner by all means. Serengeti are excellent hunters, potential prey for them will be not only mice, but any smaller pets. They are curious, love to play and have fun. The Serengeti are dangerous in anger, and fearless, able to easily attack even a large enemy while walking.

serengeti cat character

Interesting facts about the Serengeti

The most accurate word expressing the nature of the Serengeti breed is eccentricity, these animals are very inquisitive and have a perky disposition. Before you bring home the Serengeti, you should get to know this breed better.

  1. Starting a Serengeti in a family with small children is not recommended by experts.
  2. When a Serengeti couple has kittens, they become exemplary parents. They are happy to teach their kittens to go to the tray and eat like an adult, immensely taking care of their kids.
  3. Serengeti cats have a special love for outdoor walks. Escape to the street is a frequent phenomenon; after several days of absence, the fugitives always return home.
  4. Any items in the apartment can become a toy for curious cats.