The most calm dog breeds and the rules for their maintenance

Calm dogs make great companion and family dogs. Balanced, peaceful nature raise them to the top of the most popular pets.

Character features

Choosing a pet, everyone focuses on their own wishes and circumstances. Here it is important to take into account all the nuances in order to be able to create comfortable conditions for both the dog and everyone around. Therefore, more and more people prefer to choose animals with a calm character, which do not create problems, but at the same time are wonderful companions and faithful protectors. These dogs usually have a good-natured disposition. They are balanced and peaceful, but this does not prevent them from being energetic and cheerful.

However, the animals are very obedient, trying in every possible way to please the owner. Well-developed mental abilities and ingenuity make them excellent students during training, although even among them there are stubborn and somewhat capricious individuals.

In most cases, representatives of calm breeds get along well with other pets, protect and care for them.

Such dogs have balanced and calm psyche, so they get along wonderfully with children. If there are small children in the house, it is worth considering the characteristics of a particular breed. Among them there are both ideal nannies and those who are on an equal footing with children and can defend their rights.

In addition, calm animals are distinguished by the absence of excessive noise, because they bark in exceptional cases, which is important for high-rise buildings. Such properties will help maintain good relations with neighbors. However, it is worth considering that among small breeds there are more lovers of barking, but medium and large dogs are quieter. Regardless of size, such animals are distinguished by extraordinary devotion and love for the owner and his family.

They are very contact, love communication and spending time with people. Despite the calm disposition and extreme good nature, dogs will rush to defend their beloved owner without hesitation, even if the enemy prevails in strength and size. Most representatives of calm breeds do not have an aggressive attitude towards strangers or animals, they may be wary or disdainful towards them, but for no apparent reason they will never be the first to attack.

Such dogs are ideal for beginners, because they do not create any problems.

Popular breeds

Large breeds are more suitable for keeping in a country or private house, because they need space. Despite the frightening and stern appearance, they are soft-hearted and gentle at heart.

st bernard

This cute giant is very peaceful and kind, so he is ideal for the role of a family dog. A characteristic feature of the St. Bernard is his melancholy, thoughtful look and equanimity. But looks are deceiving this glorious bumpkin is not at all averse to having fun, especially with children. These dogs make ideal nannies who keep an eye on the child. With age, animals become more phlegmatic and sedate.

Due to its large size, a private house is suitable for keeping a dog. St. Bernard is contraindicated in physical activity, they can be harmful to health. During the molting period, the dog needs to be combed out every day, and more attention should also be paid to the eyes. The rest of the care of the dog is to maintain hygiene and proper nutrition.


The breed belongs to the most socialized, it is completely devoted to serving people. Another passion of the Newf is water. These dogs swim well and are used as rescuers of drowning people, and also serve in the army, police, and play the role of guides. The dog loves communication, extremely patient and understanding with children. He does not feel aggressive towards strangers, therefore it is not suitable for a watchman, but it is quite capable of immediately defending its owner.

The animal is very delicate, does not tolerate screams or loud remarks in its direction, is easily offended. Very quick-witted and possessing a high level of intelligence, the dog is able to make decisions independently.

Newfies prefer an inactive lifestyle, so they definitely need to be given physical activity.

Long, thick coat needs thorough care. It is also necessary to ensure that the diet is balanced.

German dog

This giant in the world of dogs has an aristocratic appearance and an incredibly devoted heart. The representative of this breed is recognized as the tallest dog in the world. A formidable appearance and physical strength hide a soft character and a gentle soul. Dog shows aggression in the most extreme cases – if there is a threat to the life of the owner or his own. Puppies are active, but as they grow older, the dog becomes more sedate.

Representatives of the breed have a strong protective instinct. If this dog is next to the child, he is completely safe. He needs communication and is ready to constantly spend time with his family, he does not tolerate loneliness. It is better to keep in a private house, where there is enough space. He does not cause trouble to his neighbors, because he does not bark in vain. The breed does not require special care.


Behind the large and powerful appearance is a rather calm and balanced dog. She makes wonderful companions and guards. They are good with children, but because of their size, it is better to limit contact with small children.

They like to spend time with the owner, but they just need to be with him. Active pastime is not for them, as is empty barking. They are undemanding in care, but due to shedding they need frequent combing. These dogs need exercise.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The charming giant is very affectionate and peaceful, and also has a charming smile.. In the past, shepherds, and now impeccable companions, are distinguished by natural tact and extreme kindness, which is why they are ideal for the role of a family dog. They have great patience and endurance, which is well manifested in games with children.

Representatives of the breed are distinguished by wisdom and obedience, they never require attention. Other animals include with friendliness and condescension. They can be kept both in houses and in apartments. The long coat requires frequent combing, but otherwise it is no different from other breeds.


It is difficult to find a bigger kind man, even with strangers he is ready to immediately establish friendly relations. He gets along well with children and other animals, he understands the owner perfectly. The dog is very obedient and executive, never stubborn and self-willed – ideal as a family pet. She rarely barks, but she will report a suspicious noise right there. The animal needs attention and communication, the animal is not particularly whimsical in maintenance and care.

Medium breeds are great for keeping in an apartment because they don’t need a lot of space.

English bulldog

A stocky animal with well-developed muscles and a somewhat unusual appearance, has extraordinary endurance and natural intelligence. The breed is characterized by such a feature as laziness, so it’s worth dragging for walks by force. He considers the owner’s family to be his own, sincerely caring for everyone and empathizing with everything. He treats children very well, taking custody of them, although sometimes he himself is not averse to having fun. Dogs are distinguished by deep devotion, intelligence and fear of loneliness.

Another characteristic feature of the breed is stubbornness. In grooming, due attention should be paid to the folds of wool and the quality of nutrition, since dogs are prone to obesity.

White Swiss Shepherd

The dog has a beautiful white color and a wonderful character. Very gentle and understanding, she becomes the most devoted and faithful friend. The animal is very easy-going and loves active pastime, so it is ideal for the same families.

Shows to children reverent care, protecting and patronizing them, although she herself is not averse to fooling around with them. To the owner feels boundless love and loyalty. It is important for her to know that she is needed, then the dog will “turn mountains”.

In care and nutrition, the white shepherd is absolutely picky.

Golden retriever

The animal loves long walks and is active. The dog does not bark over trifles, very patient. It is because of this trait that she is very popular in families with children. The Retriever will never allow himself incorrect behavior towards the child. They are also very smart and easy to train.

Although the breed is friendly, it needs a reputable owner. Animals differ in their passion for water and quite often take baths in puddles. The dog has a unique memory for faces, which once again proves its high mental abilities. The Retriever is completely non-confrontational, never gets into fights with other dogs, and strangers arouse his curiosity and interest, but not suspicion. In grooming, you need to pay attention to the graceful coat of the dog and find time for long walks.

Some representatives of small breeds are also characterized by calmness and poise. Among them, several breeds stand out.


The breed is completely devoid of aggression, even to strangers the pug is friendly and with interest. They are very easy to contact and do not like loneliness. Puppies are quite active, and adult dogs prefer to lie on the couch or near the owner. They will not insistently demand attention, but simply lie down next to the owner. Animals bark little, but differ in such physiological features as snoring and flatulence.

They are good with children and do not have conflicts with other pets. The dog is ideal for a quiet, family life.

In care, special attention should be paid to the wrinkles on the muzzle and a balanced diet.

Bichon Frize

These snow-white curly creatures are extremely friendly and affectionate. They love to be paid attention to, they subtly feel the mood of the owner. They treat children well, without showing aggression. Despite the balanced character, it is not at all averse to playing and fooling around. They are very easy to learn and love to demonstrate their success to everyone. Thick, beautiful coat needs careful care.

shih tzu

The breed is distinguished by beautiful, long hair and extreme devotion. They make ideal companions who are ready to follow the owner everywhere. In the family, he does not single out a pet, but gives his love to everyone. Thanks to their stable psyche and patience, they get along well with children, but they can respond to violence with a bite.. Dogs are very trusting and easily contact even with strangers.

Other animals are treated peacefully. Between active walks and a quiet rest, the dog will choose the latter, and on the lap of the owner. Shih Tzu is in dire need of communication with people. When keeping this dog, it is important to observe the correct temperature regime in the house, since both heat and cold are bad for your pet’s health. And of course, beautiful The dog’s coat requires special care.

How to choose a puppy?

First of all, the choice of a dog is influenced by its size, because it is difficult to keep large animals in city apartments. But the owners of private houses are ideally suited for large breeds, which, in addition to the function of a companion, also perform the role of a watchman well.

If there are small children in the family, you should refrain from acquiring large dogs, as they are not always aware of their parameters. With slightly older children, such breeds get along well and are wonderful nannies. From the age of 7, a child can buy a medium or small dog, he will be able to take care of her himself and gain a true friend.

Lonely, older people are well suited to small dogs. The best companions for them will be a not too active pug or shih tzu.

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