Despite the cleanliness of cats, they still need to be bathed from time to time, especially given the modern ecology, feed composition, and environmental pollution. Cat shampoo comes to the rescue. This detergent is intended for pet skin and coat care. It reliably cleans, adds shine, removes unpleasant odors, destroys parasites.

Often, bathing cats is necessary for medicinal purposes, in this case, not only should you not neglect the procedure, but also choose a quality product. Shampoos for cats are therapeutic, tangles, dry, cleansing, preventive. All of them have a different effect and are aimed at solving a specific problem. This article will analyze in detail the best cat shampoos, their features and characteristics, varieties of products for cats and kittens, as well as the criteria for choosing them in a pet store.

Cat shampoo rating

Gentle for kittens

The product is designed specifically for the coat and sensitive skin of kittens. The shampoo has a mild formula that gently cleanses and does not provoke allergies. The composition contains chitosan, which is a natural conditioner, and provitamin B5. Together, these components help to moisturize and restore, make the coat shiny and silky.

Thanks to the content of aloe vera, there is an effective cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin and coat of the pet. Allantoin softens, heals small cracks and wounds, fights dandruff and irritation. Thanks to its balanced formula, the shampoo for kittens is suitable for frequent use.

Care Wool, leather
For kittens Yes
Wool length Any
  • foams well;
  • does not smell of anything;
  • rinses off easily.

Good shampoo for kittens, soft, forms a plentiful foam. It is perfectly washed out with water, the hair after its use becomes fluffy and easy to comb.

Bathing cats is recommended if necessary.

Gentle for cats

Shampoo designed specifically for sensitive cat skin. Thanks to its mild formula, the product effectively cleanses the coat and does not provoke allergies. The composition contains natural conditioner chitosan and allantoin, which soothe irritations from the skin, provide ease of combing.

Cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition of wool, healthy shine, easy combing is provided due to the content of aloe vera. Allantoin also softens and moisturizes the skin and coat of the animal, fights irritation and redness. The composition also contains provitamin B5, which effectively heals, soothes and adds shine. The product is safe even for frequent use.

Care Wool, leather
For kittens Not
Wool length Any
  • high quality;
  • makes wool soft;
  • relieves irritation.
  • not detected.

Picked up a cat from the street. Naturally, we bought her, among other important accessories, a cat shampoo. Already after the second use, the cat’s coat acquired a healthy sheen, it became soft, silky, removed existing irritations from the skin.

Ms.Kiss Fluffy Ponytail

Shampoo-conditioner is suitable for bathing kittens. Also, they can wash aging cats who have allergic reactions to conventional products. The composition of the shampoo is specially selected for the sensitive skin of kittens. Due to the content of D-panthenol, the structure of the hairline of the animal is restored. The component effectively protects against negative environmental factors, does not allow the skin to dry out.

Removal of irritation, itching, peeling is achieved through the action of biotin. The composition uses washing ingredients on a natural basis, which reliably remove impurities, while maintaining the protective properties of the skin. This allows you to use the tool often. Shampoo-conditioner does not contain dyes, does not irritate the eyes of the animal. Wool after bathing has a delicate aroma of green tea.

Care Wool, leather
For kittens Yes
Wool length Any
  • affordable price;
  • large volume;
  • good fragrance;
  • convenient packaging.

Great shampoo, effectively removes fleas. The bottle is equipped with a convenient dispenser. It lathers well and rinses off completely with water. The skin becomes soft, effectively shines in the sun.

Ms.Kiss Graceful Sphynx for hairless cats

The product is suitable for bathing hairless cat breeds. The shampoo uses the latest Swiss formula, which provides reliable, high-quality care for the skin of the Sphynx. A healthy state is promoted by the action of bioactive components. Thanks to biotin, nutrition and softness of the skin are provided, itching and irritation are eliminated.

Restoration of damaged skin, its protection is achieved through the action of D-panthenol. Mild detergent ingredients do not damage the skin, which allows you to use the product quite often without harm to your pet. The composition does not contain dyes, the pH of the shampoo is similar to the pH of hairless cats.

Care Leather
For kittens
Wool length Hairless
  • does not cause allergies;
  • pleasant, unsharp aroma;
  • economical consumption.

We bought such a tool specifically for our pet Sphynx. Washes well, rinses out with water completely. Does not cause allergies or irritation. The smell is pleasant, not sharp, like some other shampoos. It is also economically spent.

Hairless cats, such as Sphynxes, need to be bathed at least once a week.

Tropiclean Papaya and Coconut

Premium shampoo suitable for frequent use. Coconut and mango, which are part of the product, contribute to the cleansing of wool and relaxation of tangles. This ensures ease of combing. Due to the content of kiwi and papaya extracts, dry skin is nourished, a pleasant aroma is preserved for a long time. These components do not allow the formation of tangles.

Shampoo-conditioner is suitable not only for cats, but also for dogs. Regular use of the product makes the coat healthy, soft, elastic and silky.

Care Wool, leather
For kittens Not
Wool length Any
  • coconut flavor;
  • washes well;
  • does not tangle the fur;
  • price-quality ratio.

I think this is one of the best quality shampoos out there. My cat has very sensitive skin and this product works great for him. It perfectly moisturizes, after it the hair is easily combed. I think this is the best value for money.

Celandine Soft

The product contains only mild surfactants, which gently and gently cleanse the skin of the animal. The product does not provoke allergic reactions. Nourishing and moisturizing sensitive skin contributes to the extract of germinated wheat contained in the shampoo. The action of chamomile extract has a calming effect, helps to soften the coat and give it shine.

Care Wool, leather
For kittens Yes
Sher lengthsti
  • soft;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • perfectly washed off;
  • inexpensive.

I took a long-haired, always shedding cat for testing. Now I do not buy other products, this fits perfectly. It lathers well and rinses off completely. Does not cause allergic reactions. Yes, and it seems that our cat shedding has become less intense.

Doctor Zoo

The shampoo is suitable for regular use. The product effectively and gently cleanses the skin and coat of the kitten. The product forms a rich foam, which is then easily washed off completely. Prevents the occurrence of irritation, itching.

Care Wool, anti-itch
For kittens Yes
Wool length Any
  • smells delicious;
  • soft formula;
  • makes the coat fluffy and obedient.
  • not detected.

Great shampoo. The fragrance smells good, the smell on the fur does not linger for a long time, which is good for my cat. Good composition, contains keratin and provitamin B5. The coat after washing is obedient, silky.

Tropiclean berry with coconut for heavy dirt

The tool allows you to wash even the dirt that has stubbornly stuck into your pet’s hair. Thanks to the unique formula based on berries and fruits, the shampoo reliably neutralizes unpleasant odors. Due to the content of natural protein and strawberry extract, the natural water balance of the skin is restored. Wool after use becomes obedient, soft, it is easy to comb out.

Care Wool, leather
For kittens Not
Neck lengthrsti
  • smells delicious;
  • lathers abundantly;
  • hypoallergenic.

Great shampoo. Hypoallergenic, lathers well. After washing, the wool becomes soft and silky. The smell of this product is simply amazing. Expensive, but I think you have to pay for quality.

During the shedding period, bathing and regular brushing will speed up hair loss.

CitoDerm dermatological

Dermatological shampoo effectively cares for cats prone to allergic reactions, itching, irritation. The product has a nourishing and moisturizing effect, accelerates hair growth. With it, you will save your pet from dermatitis. In addition, regular use of this product for a cat will significantly reduce the period of molting.

Shampoo reliably neutralizes an unpleasant smell. Thanks to the action of dimethylfulfon, allergies are reduced. Octopirox, which is part of the shampoo, helps to eliminate dandruff and cleanse the skin. Due to the action of tea tree oil and aloe vera, itching and irritation are eliminated. Restoration, nutrition and hydration of the skin occurs due to the action of hemp seed oil and vitamin E. Oregano oil, which is part of the product, helps strengthen hair roots and reduce shedding.

Care Anti-itch, wool, skin
For kittens Not
Wool length Any
  • excellent foam;
  • completely washed out;
  • does not weigh down the coat.

Bought this shampoo for an allergic cat. From all means he is irritated and itchy. We tried this product, we no longer believed in a miracle, but it fit perfectly. The foam is plentiful, enough to wash the entire body of the cat. Washes out completely. Economic consumption.

Animal Play hypoallergenic with wheat proteins and vitamins

The hypoallergenic shampoo has been pre-tested by multiple biologists. The product carefully cares for the skin and coat of the animal. The fortified complex contributes to the nutrition and strengthening of hair. It also has a softening, toning and soothing effect. Wheat proteins moisturize the skin, have an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect.

Care Wool, leather
For kittens Yes
Wool length
  • hypoallergenic;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • does not dry the skin;
  • rinses great.

Great shampoo. Inexpensive, hypoallergenic, has a pleasant aroma. The main thing is that it does not dry out my cat’s skin. Wool washes well, washed off with water well.


As I already mentioned, there are many varieties of cat shampoos with different purposes and effects. Let’s consider the main ones:

Dry Such products perfectly neutralize unpleasant odors. They are a powder that is sprayed onto the fur. This method is used when water procedures are contraindicated for the animal or to add shine at exhibitions. The disadvantage of the product is that small particles inevitably remain on the cat’s fur and, when licked, they can enter the stomach.
From mats Suitable for long haired cats. Due to the soft composition, the shampoo makes the hair obedient, soft, easy to comb out.
For hairless Such products, on the contrary, are intended for cats that do not have hair, or it is weakly expressed. Such shampoos have a pH similar to that of sphinxes, protect the skin, and gently cleanse it.
Cleaning Designed for deep cleaning of the skin and coat of the animal. As a result, the skin is enriched with vitamins, the coat becomes soft and silky.
Shampoo conditioner Facilitates washing cats. Usually such a product does not contain soap, but it contains many natural ingredients, extracts, herbal complexes.
Therapeutic Such products are used to combat a specific problem. For example, there are shampoos for fleas and ticks, antifungal, dermatitis and allergies.
Preventive They must be used after the treatment of a disease to consolidate the effect.

Therefore, the choice of a particular shampoo for cats depends on the desired result, the presence or absence of health problems.

How to choose

The health of your pet depends on the right choice of cat shampoo, therefore, it is worth approaching this process responsibly. Before buying, pay attention to the following characteristics:

animal skin It is worth, first of all, to build on the type of cat fur and its skin. Some pets have sensitive skin, in which case hypoallergenic products that contain herbal ingredients are suitable.
Compound It is desirable that the product contains non-aggressive surfactants that normalize the functioning of the animal’s sebaceous glands. Herbal extracts in the composition will add shine and gloss to the coat. Additional protection of skin and wool is provided, thanks to an antibacterial complex.
Best before date Shampoo that has gone bad can cause health problems for your pet.
Wool length For short-haired cats, products with oils that gently lay the hairs are suitable. For long-haired animals, appropriate shampoos are suitable that will gently wash the cat’s hair, make it soft, and it will be easy to comb out.

Also, try to choose a shampoo with a neutral scent so that your pet is comfortable.