Holistic grade food is considered the best food option for a pet. Their composition is designed in such a way that it most closely resembles the natural diet of cats. There are no harmful additives, hormones and so on. It is especially important that there is up to 70% of the protein isolated from good meat.

Top best holistic cat food



The composition is impeccable – the content of high-quality animal protein is 50-55%. Corn, wheat and other carbohydrate sources that are useless for cats are not included. Peas, chickpeas, and sweet potato (sweet potatoes) are used instead.

Some cat owners are afraid to buy food containing potatoes, but veterinarians say that the vegetable is specially processed for better absorption by the animal’s body. Other ingredients: chicken broth, salmon oil, herbs, berries and vegetables. A special additive to reduce the smell of excrement is yucca extract. According to the reviews of those cat owners who already use this food as a permanent diet for their pets, they eat it with appetite and do not experience digestive problems. The condition of the coat and skin is noticeably improved.


Grandorf cat food

It contains about 30% protein derived from quality meat without the use of bones and offal. Its variety depends on the taste of the feed, usually several types are used. For example, lamb and turkey. To fill the need for carbohydrates, rice, dried sweet potato are added. Animals get fiber from vegetables and dietary fiber. The composition of food for sterilized cats is slightly different. Allergic cats are advised to purchase completely grain-free varieties.

In addition to the main components, the composition contains many useful additives – flaxseed, taurine, antioxidants, dried cranberries, tocopherols. No synthetic flavors, flavor enhancers or harmful additives are used, which is why veterinarians often recommend this holistic grade food for daily feeding of kittens and adult cats.


Nutram cat food

The amount of animal protein contains about 32%. The content of carbohydrates is quite high, but all of them are well absorbed by the animal’s body – these are green peas, brown rice, lentils, barley. Some veterinarians believe there are slightly more carbohydrate sources than should be in a holistic diet.

The cat’s need for fatty acids is met by salmon oil and chicken fat, preserved with a mixture of tocopherols. There are many useful additives, their type and quantity depends on the type of food – the manufacturer adds pea fibers, alfalfa, algae, cranberries, rosemary as sources of vitamins and fiber. The feed is of high quality, fully satisfies the needs of the animal in all nutrients, therefore it can be recommended as a permanent diet.


Primordial cat food

The range of holistics of this brand is represented by standard food for adult cats, as well as options for kittens, sterilized pets. Separately, you can select food for animals with urolithiasis. Reading the reviews of veterinarians, we can conclude that this is a real high-quality holistic, suitable for constant feeding of even the most capricious breeds. The amount of meat ingredients in dry food is about 40%, there is an insignificant content of vegetable proteins obtained from legumes, but they are not more than 3%.

Carbohydrates – potatoes, green peas. Contains no grains or soy. The need for fatty acids is satisfied by turkey, chicken fat and flaxseed. Not the most common additives are liver hydrolyzate, yeast, seaweed flour, lespedeza capitate concentrate (medicinal component). Some breeders consider this food to be one of the best holistic foods, but it has a small drawback – it is not very common yet, therefore it is not sold in all pet stores.


Carnilove cat food

The total content of meat products in the feed is about 63%. For some holistics, the composition is not quite standard – it includes wild boar meat. Regardless of the taste of the food, the type of meat or fish is always indicated – lamb, wild boar, turkey, chicken, herring, salmon. Although it is possible that a certain amount of offal is used. The food is grain-free, so yellow peas are used as a source of carbohydrates. Chicken and fish oils satisfy the animal’s need for fatty acids.

Further in the composition follow high-quality sources of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and other useful substances. Their concentration is sufficient, unlike cheaper feeds. There are no synthetic or harmful additives in the composition. In the reviews, veterinarians point to a balanced composition, a good content of vegetable protein, and a good combination of vitamin components. Cat owners also have a good opinion about this holistic. According to them, pet hair becomes more shiny, stops falling out, and digestive problems disappear. The only drawback is that the smell of excrement becomes more pronounced.


Applaws cat food

The manufacturer offers a variety of food for kittens, adult cats. There is a specially designed composition for feeding under stress. The feed contains up to 84% meat ingredients – an excellent indicator. There is no vegetable protein at all, cereals are not used. More additives – beet pulp, brewer’s yeast, salmon fat, citrus extract, rosemary, tocopherols. In addition to dry food, the manufacturer offers canned food. They can be given to your pet to diversify his diet.

The owners of cats, who constantly feed them with this holistic, are quite satisfied with its quality. Their pets remain mobile, do not gain excess weight, do not experience digestive problems. When transferring from cheaper feeds, the condition of the coat improves – it becomes thick and shiny. The only negative that some owners indicate is a more pronounced smell of excrement.


GO! cat food

Veterinarians recommend both dry and soft food of this brand as a permanent diet. Their composition is of high quality – in the first place are animal proteins from boneless meat, meat meal, whole dried eggs. The source of carbohydrates is healthy legumes. Due to the peculiarities of their composition, a small amount of vegetable proteins is also present. Necessary and useful additives – chicken fat, tocopherols, rosemary, a complex of vitamins and other valuable substances. The disadvantage is that the manufacturer claims that natural flavoring is used in the feed, but does not indicate which one.

It is one of the most popular holistic foods due to its good composition and affordable price compared to other similar foods. Many cat owners speak very well of it – cats like it, do not cause allergies in them, and improve skin condition. The only drawback is that the granules are too small. Some cats simply swallow it without chewing, which necessitates additional brushing.