There are anti-flea sprays, but they will not help long-haired animals. Flea repellent collars help but have side effects. The most gentle and effective means are special drops from parasites. The composition usually includes such important components as fipronil, permethrin, imidacloprid. They actively fight fleas and ticks at the same time. This is especially important for dogs, as they are usually attacked in tandem. Ticks wake up in the spring and serve as carriers of many dangerous diseases. To ensure your pets are protected, we have compiled a list of the top 10 flea and tick drops for cats and dogs below.

The best drops from imported fleas

UltraGuard Plus Drops

UltraGuard Plus Drops flea drops

For more than 80 years, Hartz has been taking care of pets, releasing only the highest quality products. This confirms their compliance with EPA standards, whose requirements are high. This certificate indicates that the company’s products are completely safe for the environment, which means they are created only from natural ingredients. UltraGuard Plus drops are 85.7% effective phenothrin and 2.3% methoprene.

The tool perfectly kills fleas, ticks, and, within 30 days, repels parasites. It’s simple: as soon as they are on the dog and try to bite it, they immediately die. Ultra Guard is easy to use and comes in dropper tubes. Apply along the spine, starting from the shoulder blades and ending at the tail. To prevent the dog from licking off the drug, you need to wear a special veterinary collar and muzzle. The liquid is approved for use in puppies from 12 months, does not cause side effects.

Bravecto Spot On

Bravecto Spot On flea drops

The American drug Bravecto is used to treat and prevent infection of animals with ticks and fleas. The result of preventive measures is 12 weeks of protection. The drug is produced in convenient pipettes packed in aluminum bags. The action actively develops after 4 hours and reaches its peak after 8-12 hours. Retained protection – 12 weeks.

Ixodid ticks cause acarosis, and fleas cause allergic dermatitis. Bravecto does an excellent job of killing parasites with just one dose of drops. According to the degree of impact on the body, the drug is classified as low-hazard and, if used correctly, does not cause any reactions. Dog and cat owners prefer Bravecto due to its reliable manufacturer and good quality.

Stronghold Phizer

Stronghold Phizer flea drops

The tool is used to eliminate parasites and prevent re-invasion. It is applied from the back of the head to the tail along the entire spine, and after half an hour you can touch the animal. Fast drying due to the absence of oil in the composition. After application, adult fleas die, and eggs stop growing.

Stronghold is allowed for kittens and puppies of different breeds and mixes from 6 weeks of age. It has been tested on many animals and declared to be the safest remedy even in case of overdose. Buyers like the quick effect after one drop and the disappearance of not only external parasites, but also internal ones. Among analogues, the drug distinguishes profitability: it also acts on helminths, which makes it unnecessary to buy another remedy.

Frontline Combo

Frontline Combo flea drops

A well-known drug is suitable for dogs weighing from 10 to 20 kg. An animal with parasites constantly itches and experiences terrible discomfort. The effective composition of Frontline Combo S kills them at the stage of eggs and larvae, which does not allow them to quickly breed throughout the apartment. The medicine interrupts the transmission of nerve impulses between insects and paralyzes them.

Drops act quickly (after 24-48 hours the parasites die), the duration of protection lasts up to 30 days. Before use, wash the animal with shampoo two days before the procedure, transfer the next bath to two days after. The drug destroys fleas and ticks on the dog itself, its effect extends to its favorite habitats. The effectiveness of Frontline Combo S has been proven by clinical studies and positive customer reviews.

The best drops from fleas of domestic production

Inspector Total K

Inspector Total K flea drops

Safe and effective drops Inspector Total K fight against different types of parasites: fleas, withers, sarcoptoid and ear mites, roundworms and ixodid ticks. In addition to treatment, they are used for prevention. Apply the product to the dry, undamaged withers of a dog or cat. Do not use the drug before the onset of 7 weeks of age. It is important to ensure that the animal does not lick off the applied medicine.

For ease of use, each pipette is marked with a volume that is suitable strictly for a certain body weight. Within two days after application, you can not touch the pet. Inspector Total K has won the trust of customers and has collected many of the most positive reviews about successful treatment and prevention. The product does not have an unpleasant odor, most cats react calmly to it. Side effects are not observed.


Leopard flea drops

While walking, it is very easy for a pet to pick up fleas and ticks. Coming home, you should carefully examine the skin. The Russian remedy Bars effectively fights uninvited guests in dogs and cats, retaining its effect longer than its counterparts – for two whole months. This is caused by the accumulation of the drug in the epidermis and sebaceous glands. Bars has no negative reactions, and the only contraindication is a sick or recovering animal.

Inexpensive Bars drops quickly eliminate itching, burning and skin irritation in animals. Can be used from 8 weeks. This tool is the least toxic among similar ones. You can choose the amount of medicine depending on the weight of the pet. The owners of furry friends repeatedly declare the high quality of the drug Bars, speaking positively about the ratio of cost and quality.

Dana Ultra

Dana Ultra flea drops

Drops on the withers of Dana Ultra relieve pets from attacks of fleas, lice, withers, ixodid and scabies, and the effect lasts for 2 months. The drug has an optimal composition, due to which it is safe to use and does not cause allergic reactions. It successfully interrupts the development cycle of insects at the larval stage.

Destruction of parasites occurs 24 hours after application. You can use Dana Ultra drops from the age of 10 weeks. The only drawback is a specific smell, but after a couple of hours after application, it disappears. Most of all, customers are satisfied with the ease of use due to dropper-droppers with an exact dosage according to the weight of the animal. Effect, availability and safety are the strengths of the drug.

Ms. Kiss

Ms.Kiss flea drops

Ms.Kiss has a wide range of cat care products with effective flea and tick drops. In total, the product is presented in 4 types, depending on the weight of the pet: 2-4 kg and more than 4 kg – one pipette per pack, up to 2 kg and animals over 2 kg – 3 pipettes each. After applying the drops, the cat should not be touched for a while – only 2 hours. This is especially convenient for families with children who are eager to play with their furry friend as soon as possible.

An important advantage of Ms.Kiss is not only getting rid of annoying parasites, but also the possibility of using the drug for preventive purposes. Drops are completely safe and effective at the same time. Two hours after application, in most cases, dead fleas begin to fall out without exception. Convenient use due to the large bottle, which is easy to hold in your hand. Drops of the Ms.Kiss line for cats are one of the best in reviews.