Nibelung - what kind of animals they are, how much they cost, features of the breed and care

In the mid-1980s, a new breed of cat was bred in the United States, which was named the Nibelung. Her parents were an ordinary black yard cat and a cat with Russian blue features. Both the appearance of these pets and the history of the origin of the name of the breed are interesting.

Nibelung – who is it?

The first Nibelung cat was born in the American city of Denver from an ordinary domestic mother and father of the Russian Blue breed. The kitten was picked up by programmer Cora Bobb and named Siegfried. That was the name of the protagonist of Wagner’s opera Der Ring des Nibelungen. After a while, his mother gave birth to other kittens. Cora named her little sister, who looked very much like Siegfried, Brunnhilde. It was they who became the ancestors of the unusual “foggy” breed of the Nibelung.

Cora herself described the standards of the new breed, which many breeders refused to accept. Until now, some experts believe that this is only a long-haired version of the Russian Blue. However, in Canada, the USA, Russia and some European countries, they are enthusiastically breeding these pets, but so far “foggy” cats have not become widespread.

who is the nibelung

How much does the Nibelung breed cost?

In Russia, one specialized nursery in St. Petersburg is engaged in breeding the breed. The price of a kitten starts at $750. Finding out how much a Nibelung cat brought from abroad costs, breeders name the initial price from $1000. To be completely sure of the purebredness of the kitten you like, it is better to look after the pet at specialized exhibitions. On them you can find out the opinion of experts and get acquainted with the metrics and pedigrees of the parents of a furry friend.

Often on the Internet, breeders offer various long-haired breeds with a bluish color under the guise of Nibelungs. The price of such kittens is relatively low – $50-225. In order not to fall into the clutches of scammers, you need to carefully read the standards of this rare and majestic breed, especially if you are buying a pet for further breeding.

Nibelung cats – features of the breed

These cats have an aristocratic and at the same time soft appearance and character. Distinctive features of the breed:

  1. Small wedge-shaped head with a high forehead and strong chin.
  2. Large erect ears set wide apart.
  3. The eyes are round, large, bright green. Kittens are born with a yellow iris, but by the first birthday, it acquires the traditional green color.
  4. The Nibelung cat has an athletic, dry build.
  5. Paws are long with miniature gray-blue pads.
  6. The straight tail is slightly pointed towards the end and has a luxurious plume.
  7. Body features affect the weight of the animal. Cats weigh 2.5-3.5 kg. Cats can reach 5 kg of weight.
  8. A distinctive feature of pets is a silky, very soft and flowing coat. With a dense undercoat, it does not form tangles.

Nibelung – color

The main and only color of the Nibelung breed is blue with a distinct silvery overflow. The end of each hair is discolored. In the rays of sunlight, it seems that the cat is swimming in a silver misty cloud. Any color other than blue is considered a marriage, with which the pet is subject to disqualification from the competition and is withdrawn from breeding.

nibelung color

Nibelung cat breed – character

The gentle disposition of the Nibelungs captivates from the very first meeting:

  1. They are moderately independent. This breed gets along well with other animals.
  2. It takes a long time to get used to a new home, while choosing their favorite family member at the same time. He will get all the devotion and love of the pet. The Nibelung will follow his master, keeping an aristocratic distance without importunity. Because of such devotion, a pet cannot be left alone for a long time. With the rest of the household, the cat will be playful and sociable, but no more.
  3. She is advised to families with children, since the cat will not respond with aggression even to serious children’s pranks.
  4. He has a sharp mind, easily remembers the rules of behavior in the house and simple commands.
  5. Some novice breeders are concerned about the question of why Nibelung kittens do not hiss. This is another characteristic feature of these pets – silence. Only occasionally can they serenades their beloved master with a sonorous, melodious voice.

Nibelung – hair care

The luxurious hair of the Nibelungen cats, which by its nature is not prone to tangles, requires careful care:

  1. Combing with a comb with rare teeth at least three times a week. During the autumn and spring molting, the procedure should be carried out daily.
  2. Bathing no more than once a season. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the shampoo and the dyes included in its composition. Red and pink pigments can spoil the unique bluish color.
  3. Colors can be adversely affected by exposure to direct sunlight. Wool may turn red or yellow, lose its natural luster.
  4. To maintain a luxurious head of hair, a pet needs to be given special vitamin complexes twice a year with a high content of B vitamins, A and sulfur. Popular 8 in 1 Excel Brewer’s Yeast, FeliDerm (AniVital) and Gimpet Beauty-Kiss.

What to feed the Nibelung?

The unusual coat color dictates its own conditions in the diet of pets. You can choose from natural food, as well as super premium factory food or holistic food, such as Monge or Brit Care. The diet should be dominated by high-quality animal food with the optimal amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and amino acids. A Nebelung cat can acquire an undesirable red shade of wool if its diet contains:

  • buckwheat grain;
  • brown seaweed;
  • carrot;
  • liver and kidneys;
  • beet;
  • apples;
  • spinach;
  • soy.

Nibelung kittens eat at least five times a day. With growing up, the number of feedings is gradually reduced, smoothly going to two meals a day in adult pets. With an unbalanced diet, special fatty acids that support coat health, moderate amounts of vitamin A and B vitamins can be added to food.

what to feed the nibelung

Nibelung – diseases

The Nibelung cat is a healthy animal with strong immunity, devoid of hereditary diseases. Proper care, timely vaccination and regular preventive trips to the veterinarian lead to the fact that the pet may not get sick at all. Such health guarantees a long life expectancy of a pet of the order of 15-20 years. The oldest Nibelung was 36 years old.

The Nibelung cat is a representative of a rare breed with an aristocratic appearance and a soft, docile character. He gets along well in a small apartment with a family where there are children and pets. Cannot bear long separation from the adored owner. The special coat of a pet requires special care and diet. Excellent health allows cats to live to a ripe old age.