Smooth-haired dog breeds: description and care nuances

Dogs are one of the very first and most devoted friends of man from time immemorial to the present day. Over many centuries of coexistence next to a person, four-legged helpers have acquired a large number of professions, ranging from the main hunting and security to a companion dog, and different types that differ not only in appearance and size, but also in the length of their hair. There are long-haired and short-haired individuals. Most often, the length of the dog’s coat does not matter to the owner, because the character of the dog does not depend on this. But for some, it is very important how long the coat is, and what are the options for caring for it.


Many future owners, considering the possibility of keeping a dog in a city apartment, opt for dogs that have a short and smooth coat. The reason for this is the opinion that smooth-haired dogs shed less and do not leave such an amount of hair on upholstery and carpets, so that they do not cause allergic reactions.

Unfortunately, this view is fundamentally wrong. The length and quality of the animal’s coat does not affect the number of molts, so seasonal changes occur in both long-haired and short-haired dogs. The only difference is the length of the hair that has fallen out. Much more important is the density of the undercoat. Least of all leave hair on the things of a dog with a sparse undercoat or without it at all.

With regard to allergies, the same can be said: the negative reaction of the human body is not caused by the length of the dog’s coat, but by the smell emanating from the animal.

What you should really pay attention to when deciding what length of coat is best for keeping in an apartment is the possibility of caring for his fur coat.

Long-haired dog breeds, regardless of size, require more thorough grooming., which includes frequent combing, taking a lot of time. If you are a busy person and do not have much free time, then short-haired dogs will suit you best.

There is a large selection of dog breeds with short hair, differing in size, character and purpose.

Small breeds and their description

Small dogs are best suited for apartment keeping.


The world’s smallest and very brave Chihuahua dog breed comes from Mexico. The ancestors of this miniature dog were companions of man, accompanying him not only during life, but also after death. Modern representatives of the breed are also companion dogs and perform decorative functions. Many bohemians carry a Chihuahua with them, since the size of the dog allows it to comfortably fit even in a small handbag.

The weight of an adult Chihuahua ranges from 500 g to 3 kg, and the height at the withers is from 10 to 20 cm. The dogs of this breed have rather large erect ears, located high and wide, and large eyes without protruding. There are two subspecies of the Chihuahua: the short-haired and the long-haired. The color of the dog can be any.

Chihuahuas are very mobile, curious, hardy, friendly to others and do not know what fear is.


A small companion dog originally from ancient China has gained great popularity due to its calm nature and cheerful disposition.

Low, from 28 to 32 cm, weighing from 6 to 8 kg, compact, with a proportional physique, the dog has a short, soft and silky coat. Breed standards allow three color options:

  • black;
  • silvery;
  • yellow-yellow.

Light-colored dogs have a dark mask on a square flattened muzzle with drooping ears and large protruding eyes.

Due to the peculiar shape of the muzzle, pugs have problems with the respiratory system., so they need to be protected from hypothermia and not overloaded with physical exertion. These calm dogs are perfect for those who cannot devote much time to long and active walks.

Obesity can be a particular problem for a sedentary dog, as pugs are prone to it. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor the diet of your pet.

French Bulldog

A strong, compact dog, whose ancestors were fighting dogs, retained from them a strong-willed character and a certain tendency to aggression. Therefore, if you decide to get a French Bulldog, then you will need some time to properly raise a dog.

The size of a strong, with an excellent reaction, the dog is small. The growth of adults varies from 27 to 35 cm in males, females are 3 cm lower, weight is in the range of 8–14 kg.

The appearance of French Bulldogs resembles pugs and ignorant people often confuse them. But, unlike the pug, the bulldog has erect ears on a large head and a characteristic muzzle shape with a forked upper lip and a wide nose.

The coat of the Frenchie is thick, short, hard, shiny, without down. Acceptable colors:

  • rufous with or without brindle stripes and with or without white spots;
  • brindle;
  • pale yellow;
  • black brindle;
  • white combined with brindle, fawn or spotting.

By nature, the bulldog is loyal to people, but can be aggressive towards other animals. The dog is very fond of children, easy to train, active and friendly. She is attached to the owner with all her heart and serves faithfully, with courage rushing to the defense, not looking at the size of the danger.

Because of the short coat in cold weather, it is necessary to wear overalls for the dog, but you can’t deprive the dog of walks. He needs daily active walks at any time of the year.

Also, you can’t leave the Frenchman alone for a long time, as he misses his owners very much.

Miniature Pinscher

The dwarf or miniature pinscher is a native of Germany with more than three centuries of history. Small dogs lived in the stables, hunting various rodents and guarding property. Over time, small dogs moved into homes and became companion dogs.

The growth of an adult miniature pinscher or miniature pinscher is 25–30 cm, and its weight is from 4 to 6 kg. Six is ​​smooth, shiny and close to the skin. According to the standard, only two color options are allowed: red and black and tan. Due to the short coat, the dog must be protected from hypothermia.

A feature of the pinscher is its gait, when the movements of the front paws resemble the stepping of a riding horse.

The overall impression of the miniature pinscher is refined elegance. But although the dog looks thin, its muscles are quite strong and do not create a feeling of weakness.

The Miniature Pinscher is quite active, quick-witted and easy to train. With the owner’s family, the dog is quite playful, although somewhat reserved. He is wary of strangers, clearly showing his protective qualities.

Jack Russell Terrier

A burrow hunter originally from England, the Jack Russell Terrier has not lost his hunting skills to this day. This breed was specially bred for hunting a burrowing animal, where the dog climbed in its entirety in order to drive out or grab the animal.

Today, this small dog with a hard short coat is involved in hunting not only foxes and badgers, but also hares and water rats. Farmers use the dog to protect against rodents that damage stocks and crops.

Small, 25–30 cm tall and 5–6 kg in weight, the dog is not only a wonderful hunter and reliable companion. This is an intelligent, trainable, agile and brave dog. Some use Russells as guard dogs: Jacks hear the slightest noise well and react to it with ringing barks.

According to the color of the short coat, Jack Russells are white with red or black spots.


Participating in more than a dozen films, the beagle dog attracted the attention of the audience not only for its appearance, but also for its cheerful, kind disposition, which is characteristic of this breed not only on the screen, but also in life.

The Beagle is a specially bred dog for hunting hares and rabbits. The birthplace of this miniature hound is England. Dogs of this breed have a very delicate sense of smell, so they are often used to search for drugs and surveillance.

The medium-sized smooth-haired dog has a short and dense coat characteristic of hound colors. The height of an adult dog at the withers is from 33 to 40 cm, weight – from 9 to 14 kg.

A distinctive feature of the Beagle are:

  • the ability to bark loudly, loudly and melodiously;
  • long soft hanging ears, the ends of which should reach the tip of a curious nose;
  • obligatory white tip of the tail, regardless of the general color of the coat.

Beagles are very good-natured, trustful, sociable and energetic. The curiosity of the dog leads to the fact that she cannot sit still and is quite capable of getting lost, rushing after an object that interests her. Therefore, when walking, do not let your pet off the leash.

In raising a puppy, it is worth being persistent and making it clear to him that the owner is more important than his desires. If this is not done, then the addictive nature and rather stubborn nature of the dog will lead to the fact that the dog will ignore orders.

A properly raised dog gets along well with children, gets along well with other pets, although occasionally it can show aggression towards strangers.

In maintenance and care, the beagle is unpretentious and very clean. Best of all, he will feel in a private house, where he will have a lot of free space for movement.

Smooth Fox Terrier

England, with its rich history, is rightfully considered the birthplace of most hunting dogs. Another native of this country is the smooth-haired fox terrier, a burrowing hunting dog designed for catching foxes, badgers, raccoon dogs and hunting rodents. The ancestors of the Smooth Fox Terrier lived in the British Isles as early as 5,500 years BC.

Today, the Smooth Fox Terrier is used as a burrower, watchdog and companion. A cheerful, agile and inquisitive dog, with the right upbringing, gets along well with people. The favorite activity of a healthy dog ​​is the game, which he is ready to indulge in tirelessly all day. The dog treats family friends kindly, but is quite capable of showing aggression towards people that he did not like. Alert, responsible and brave, the Fox Terrier is aggressive towards other animals. The dog really appreciates the respectful attitude of the owner and tries to be aware of what is happening around.

Small in size (height up to 39 cm, weight – from 7 to 8 kg), the dog has a thick, smooth and abundant coat that protects it from adverse conditions. The main color of the Fox Terrier coat is white with the addition of red, black spots, or a combination of both. In care undemanding.

Boston Terrier

A descendant of the English Terrier and Bulldog, the Boston Terrier has been the symbol of the US state of Massachusetts since the late 1980s.

Small, 22-38 cm tall, smooth-haired dog is an ideal companion, good with children, very gentle and loving. The coat of the pet is short, it fits tightly to the skin, there is no undercoat. Because of such a poor fur coat, the dog does not tolerate low temperatures well, needing extra clothing.

The temperament of the dog is stubborn, so the upbringing of the puppy must be dealt with from an early age. Boston Terriers are very sensitive to negative criticism from the owner, they perceive it quite painfully, so you should not take harsh measures in the process of training.

A smart and quick-witted dog perfectly understands the limits of what is permitted and does not cross them. She gets along well with other dogs, including them in her games. It can be alone for a long time, but prefers the company of a person, accompanying him wherever possible.

Russian Toy

In 2017, a new breed of decorative companion dogs was officially recognized, called the Russian Toy.

Cheerful, thin-legged, graceful dog with a height of 20–28 cm is ideal for apartment keeping. Light weight up to 3 kg makes it easy to pick up a pet in your arms. Short, dense, without undercoat and bald patches, the coat is not particularly difficult to care for.

The dog easily gets used to the tray and does not need frequent walks. With such dimensions, the territory of the apartment is quite enough for movement and games.

The dog is very devoted to the owners and easily gets along with others, but communication with noisy children leads to nervous shocks, from which it is better to protect the dog.


The smallest of the group of greyhounds, the greyhound or small Italian greyhound has been known for a long time. Representatives of this breed can be seen on canvases depicting European royalty and in the paintings of Renaissance masters.

Graceful, thin, well-muscled dog, will serve as an ideal companion for an elderly person.. With a height of 32–38 cm and a weight of up to 5 kg, the Italian greyhound will easily find a place for itself even in a small apartment.

Greyhound is gullible, treats people without fear, but due to the delicate constitution of the body, communication with children should be limited, since the pet is easy to injure.

Since the greyhound belongs to the greyhounds, she needs to move a lot and walk in the fresh air.

The Italian Greyhound does not have a good sense of smell, but it has excellent eyesight and a highly developed hunting instinct. He is well oriented in space, but can easily get lost in the crowd, chasing the object he likes. Therefore, the dog should not be let off the leash when walking.

In the car, the Italian Greyhound behaves restlessly, cannot sit in one place, so it is better to use a carrier cage for transportation.

Varieties of dogs of medium and large sizes

Small dogs are best suited for apartment living, but some prefer medium or large breed dogs.


A primitive dog from the Spitz group that lived in Central Africa 3000 years BC, the Basenji or Congolese bush dog served the pharaohs in ancient Egypt, where it was considered a talisman.

The first representatives of the oldest breed came to Europe only at the beginning of the last century, appearing before zoo visitors as exotic animals. After some time, already as a pet, the dogs were brought to England, where the breed standards were approved. The African barking dog began its spread around the world after the first pair of Congo Terriers was brought to the United States.

The Basenji is an ideal companion for keeping in an apartment. Medium height – males up to 43 cm, females up to 40 cm – a short-haired dog at home was an excellent hunter. Having found a new place of residence, the basenji has retained its instincts, which can take over on the street, so the dog must be educated.

The dog is easy to train, has a flexible mind and affectionate character. Feels great in the spotlight, moves easily and gracefully, quickly gaining speed.

Basenji is suitable for people with allergies, as the dog does not smell. Another distinguishing feature is silence. Basenji does not bark, but makes soft purring sounds, and then only when excited.


An average dog designed for hunting a hare is capable of speeds up to 70 km / h. Everything in her appearance is aimed at speed:

  • narrow elongated head;
  • strong, long legs;
  • short, smooth, close-lying coat that does not resist headwinds.

A strong nervous system and easy learning make it possible to get a reliable companion from the Whippet.

English bulldog

The appearance of the bulldog is severe, causing respect for the strength of the dog. But, despite this appearance, the bulldog has a good-natured disposition and is well suited for home keeping. Short dense coat without undercoat does not require special care. The main thing is that the folds on the skin must be carefully cleaned, preventing the development of various skin diseases.

Because of the overweight physique, physical activity is contraindicated for the bulldog, so he is considered a “dog for lazy people.” The dog does not really like to walk, preferring to spend time in his favorite place. Initially a fighting breed, over time it became decorative.

The dog gets along well with children, does not show aggression towards other pets and has an unflappable character.


The skin, covered with short, coarse hair without undercoat, which is collected in large folds on a Shar Pei, is enough for two or even three medium-sized dogs. The owner of such a pet will be the center of attention everywhere. Since in the homeland of the Shar-Pei the dog belonged to the fighting breed, it is necessary to educate puppies from an early age, instilling in them the correct behavioral habits.

A kind, devoted family, independent dog is distinguished by distrust of strangers and may show aggression towards other dogs.


White with black or brown spots the size of a two-ruble coin, scattered over a short, thick and hard coat, the dogs will not leave anyone indifferent.

Dalmatians are excellent hunters, loyal family friends and wonderful actors. Dogs are easy to train, they are happy to perform various tricks.

A large, harmoniously built lop-eared dog with a calm character is suitable for keeping in an apartment, but it would be better for her in a country house, where there is room for active games.

Like many thick-coated dogs, Dalmatians shed all year round, but they don’t smell like a dog.


Tall, strong, with elegant outlines, the dog is considered an aristocrat among dogs. The height at the withers in an adult varies from 59 to 70 cm in males, females are 2–5 cm lower. The allowable weight of a healthy dog ​​is 30–40 kg for a male and 25–35 kg for females.

According to accepted standards, there are two subspecies of Weimaraner: short-haired and long-haired.. The shorthair subspecies has a thick, coarse coat with little or no down. The coat is silky, without waviness. For purebred Weimaraners, three coat colors are allowed: gray with silver, smoky gray and gray with a copper sheen characteristic of deer.

Weimaraners have a calm temperament, they are easily trained and able to make independent decisions. These are loyal, obedient and absolutely non-aggressive dogs.

German dog

The generally recognized giant among dogs is the Great Dane. The representative of this breed is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest dog in the world. The minimum height of an adult animal is more than 0.8 m in height and about 1 m in length.

The majestic, noble and harmoniously built Great Dane has a surprisingly gentle character. He is obedient, loves children and is very kind. But the dog is wary of strangers.

The only problem is that the dog, not calculating its strength, can easily knock down the owner, which is not aggression at all.


A beautiful large dog with a short, rough coat is one of the most easily trainable dogs. Despite the impressive size and serious appearance, the Doberman is a kind, obedient and peaceful dog. He loves children very much and with the right upbringing of the dog, he can be safely left with the kids. Dobermans are excellent bloodhounds and guards.

Male Dobermans are 68–72 cm tall and weigh 40–45 kg, females are slightly smaller. According to the standards, the shiny dense fur coat of the animal can be black or dark brown. Rust-red tans of clear, defined shapes are required.

How to choose?

Deciding to take a puppy into the house, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the breed and the conditions for its maintenance. It is advisable to consult with knowledgeable people and specialists.

To see what an adult dog of the selected breed looks like, you can visit exhibitions and kennels.

If the dog is planned to be kept as a pet, then any individual will do. But if future owners plan to take part in exhibitions or become breeders, then when choosing a pet, you need to take a closer look at how it meets the standards accepted for the breed.

When making a decision, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe apartment where the dog will live. You should not take a puppy from a large breed dog if you have little space in the house. Remember, no matter how cute and small a puppy looks as a child, an adult large dog will take up a lot of space.

For those who are often absent for a long time, it is better to choose a dog that is prone to independence and self-sufficiency, which does not require constant attention.

Those who find it difficult to walk often and for a long time and move actively should not take into the house a dog that requires long walks with active games.

When buying a purebred dog, ask the seller for the pet’s pedigree, metrics and veterinary passport. A healthy puppy must have all the necessary vaccinations at the time of sale.

If possible, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the pedigree and medical documents of the puppy’s parents.

General rules for maintenance and care

Any dog ​​living with you in the apartment, requires some care:

  • bathing as needed;
  • combing at least once a week;
  • nail trimming and teeth cleaning;
  • walking from two times a day;
  • preventive visits to the veterinarian once a year and as needed;
  • feeding.

Every dog ​​must have:

  • two bowls: separately for water and food;
  • towel, comb and toothbrush;
  • for dogs that do not tolerate cold, a special jumpsuit is needed for walking.

For feeding pets, you can use natural products, or super-premium or holistic dry food, selected according to the breed.

Top 10 smooth-haired dog breeds, see the following video.