Names for turtles - the best names and nicknames you can think of

Common are exotic pets, such as turtles, which are easy to care for and maintain. It is very difficult to choose nicknames for your pets. There are different names for turtles that you can choose based on gender, traits, behavior, and so on.

What is the name of a turtle?

There are several criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a name for a pet:

  1. individual traits. The name for the turtle can be selected according to its character. If the pet behaves actively, then the nickname Shustrik and Jumper will do. When, on the contrary, he is calm, then consider the option of Quiet or Slow.
  2. The size. At home, turtles can reach a length of up to 30 cm or more, it all depends on the species. For dwarf breeds, the name Kid, Sharik or Fluff is suitable. For large specimens, choose the following nicknames: Giant, Fortress, Napoleon and so on.
  3. Shell color. Interesting names for turtles that have a light shell: Blonde, Snow White or Snowball. The following options are also suitable: Chernysh, Zebra, Striped, Cube, Chess Player and others.

Names for red-eared turtles

Many perceive these animals as amoebic and slow, but this does not apply to red-eared turtles, which are mobile and able to move on land and water. Interestingly, they even hear and respond to their nickname. If you are thinking about how best to name the red-eared turtle, then consider the following options: Hamlet, Burger, Luntik, Snowflake, Caesar, Marshmallow, Tail, Hector and others. In addition, such animals have a cool character and they are born hunters, so you can choose the following names: Pirate, Barmaley, Bandit and so on.

What is the name of a land tortoise?

It should be said right away that it is impossible to single out any fundamental difference between the names of land and aquatic turtles. Features can be emphasized based on behavior, speed of movement, habitat and other nuances. Cool nicknames for turtles that people crawl on land: Sand, Haze, Wind, Slider, Schumacher, or, conversely, Brakes.

how to name a land tortoise

How to name a turtle girl?

If you don’t want to spend time watching your pet in order to follow the features of his character, then just use beautiful nicknames. For females, it is recommended to choose soft and melodic names for turtles, which at the same time will emphasize the calmness and slowness of the animal. We suggest paying attention to such nicknames for turtles: Margo, Michelle, Ariel, Vasily, Greta, Michelle, Zosya, Zhuzha, Daisy, Lucy, Leila, Monica, Maggie, Kylie and so on.

How to name a turtle boy?

The most popular names for male turtles are taken from the popular cartoon: Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael. For those who are not a fan of the cartoon, there are other names for turtle boys, for example, Admiral, Alf, Jasper, Zhorik, Clyde, Marty, Oswald, Romeo and so on. When choosing, many are guided by the names of Greek gods, heroes of cartoons and fairy tales, for example, Orpheus, Zeus, Jack, Kuzya or Beethoven.

English names for turtles

Lovers of everything foreign can choose names of English origin. For example, you can use male and female names: Bob, Samantha, Claire, Simon, Clinton, Catherine, Nick, and many others. Yes, just turn on any foreign series and you can hear many different names there. English turtle names can also be associated with ordinary objects or objects, such as Sky, Zero, Snow, Apple and the like. If a person loves English and the vocabulary allows, then there should be no problems with the choice.

What’s the coolest name for a turtle?

Thinking about what nickname to choose for your new friend, then focus on the following options:

  1. For pets that look graceful and have “royal” habits, the names of heroes from literature and cinema are suitable: Hamlet, Ophelia, Lilith.
  2. If you are interested in what names are given to turtles, then pay attention to the nicknames in honor of the famous characters of cartoons, movies and various works of art: Ostap, Nemo, Johnny, Leopold.
  3. The names of writers, actors, poets and other famous personalities are common: Freud, Darwin, Ozzy, Leonardo, Rachel, Angelina.
  4. “Edible” nicknames sound original: Cupcake, Coconut, Bun, Candy.
  5. When choosing a name for a turtle, you can consider options among the ancient gods and goddesses, and other heroes: Cleopatra, Penelope, Hermes, Hercules.

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