The most beautiful dog breeds

If you ask a question about the most beautiful breed of dogs in the world to any dog ​​breeder, he will defend the merits of the particular breed that he breeds. Dogs are like children – they are the most beautiful for their owners. There, more than that, the relativity of the concept of beauty is obvious. Someone likes one type of dog, someone completely opposite. There are a lot of decorative type breeds, but many hunting, service dogs can successfully compete with them. However, there are standard signs, thanks to which unconditionally beautiful breeds of dogs are identified.

beauty criteria

From a philistine point of view, it is quite difficult to call many breeds beautiful outwardly. For example, puppies and adults of a pug, a boxer or a bull terrier are unlikely to cause affection of all passers-by without exception. Each breed has its own beauty criteria, which are called the standard. Due to these features, the varieties differ from each other.

There are quite a few breeds in the world that were bred specifically for decorative purposes. The pleasure of an aesthetic nature was put at the forefront here. Basically, these dogs are distinguished by their miniature size, expressive, spectacular appearance. Each breed of handsome men has its own attractive features: unusual eye color, fluffy type of coat, snow-white color or original spots, grace and grace, elegance and stateliness.

The easiest way to classify dogs is to classify them by size: small, medium, large.

Each group has its recognized beauties. But in addition to external data, all dogs have serious advantages. They are excellent servants, guards, companions, nannies, hunters. Beauty is by no means the main advantage of these breeds.

Top Small Breeds

The cutest dogs are small. They are different, but absolutely all are incredibly cute and charming. Small varieties are those whose body weight does not exceed 12 kg and height 28 cm. We offer you the names and descriptions of breeds that are recognized as the most spectacular in the world.


These butterfly dogs live an average of 13 to 15 years. They became known in the 17th century, when they were brought to France and Belgium. The adorable creature immediately became popular among noble families. This is one of the most ancient small breeds of decorative type. In addition to its small size, the dog is famous for its complaisant, peaceful nature. They are extremely smart and smart. It is quite rare among miniature animals. Papillon body weight does not exceed 4 kg, height varies from 20 to 28 cm.


Another elder among small decorative breeds. They live from 12 to 15 years. These fluffy beauties were bred in China, the breed was considered imperial for a long time, only members of the royal family could start it. The Chinese greatly honored the small animal, attributing unusual properties to it. The Pekingese came to Europe in the 19th century. The unique origin left its mark on the nature of pets. They love to be the center of attention and require a lot of grooming.

Raising such a dog requires consistency and discipline, as they are easily spoiled. This breed is distinguished by arrogance and love of freedom.

Japanese Chin

They live an average of 12 to 14 years. This cute decorative breed is also called Japanese spaniels. There is evidence that the ancestors of the animal were, among others, lions and tigers. Chins can meow like cats and speak dog language quite well.

The size of the Japanese Chin is very tiny – body weight ranges from 1.8 to 3.5 kg. Their disposition is quite docile, submissive and friendly, although there are also representatives of this breed with an independent and proud character. Khins are very cheerful, sociable, cheerful. They get along well with children and other animals. They feel great even in small spaces.

American Cocker Spaniel

Released in the USA live from 12 to 15 years. Very smart dog with a lively, cheerful character, inquisitive, loving to play, have fun. This breed is prone to obesity, so it should never be overfed. Ideal for families with children as these dogs are very sociable and patient..

This is one of the most affectionate and peaceful breeds.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Dogs live from 12 to 15 years. The breed was bred in England as a shepherd variety. Information about her ancestors is not accurate, perhaps they were Icelandic dogs or walzounds. The breed first became popular in the 10th century. The Pembroke is a smaller version of the Sheepdog. They were excellent shepherds, deftly handling the flock and preventing attacks. Very peaceful, friendly, loyal.


They live on average up to 15 years. They bred the breed as a hunting breed, but over time, bilgs became good companions. Nevertheless, they retained the best qualities of a hunter, a wonderful scent, energy, and intelligence. Currently, the beagle’s amazing sense of smell is used to search for explosives and narcotic substances. This breed is successfully used for the development of cosmetics and medical experiments.

Very sociable and human-oriented, beagles get along well with people and children. However, their energetic and stubborn disposition will require perseverance in training.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Their life expectancy varies from 9 to 14 years. This is one of the smallest spaniels. This dog breed is extremely loyal to its owner. Her intelligence is very high, in addition, the dog is tactful by nature. The character is friendly, soft, flexible. Very attached to all family members. The compact size and unpretentiousness in care make this breed very popular. Brought her out to England, where she is considered the best companion and friend, creating a cozy, comfortable atmosphere in the house.


With proper organization of care, the orange able to live up to 16 years. This decorative dog is similar to the German Spitz, but even visually they are distinguishable. The Pomeranian has a short muzzle, a softer type of wool, somewhat reminiscent of cotton wool. The German, on the other hand, has an elongated muzzle, the coat of the outer type. Pomeranian was also bred in Germany. They are very loyal to their owners, quite active, cheerful, cheerful. They require a serious approach to training, as an inquisitive and energetic disposition prevents them from concentrating.

If you do not educate the dog, it will not obey, it may even show aggression. Workouts should be consistent and persistent. Good intellectual abilities make the process of training with a dog quite exciting.

Be sure to provide high-quality physical activity for this breed. Otherwise, the activity of the dog will be directed in a destructive direction. Also, you will immediately have to wean the Pomeranians from barking, not on business. They get along well with other animals, although they are not very sociable with them. They get along well with children if they behave correctly.

dwarf poodle

This representative of poodles can live up to 15 years if properly cared for. This breed is decorative, very common in different countries, is one of the most popular. The dog is very smart, takes second place in the list of intellectual dogs. Very active, inquisitive, attentive. All the habits of a poodle speak of a great sense of self-worth. It is very easy to train a poodle due to his curiosity, interest in new knowledge, excellent quick wit. No wonder the dog is often used in circus performances.

Border Collie

Very energetic dog, loves active games, moves a lot. Loyalty to the owner of the boarders is very high. The breed is distinguished by insight, perfectly perceives commands, easily learns skills. It is necessary to do a lot with a representative of this breed, developing not only his physical abilities, but also mental ones.

If you do not provide the dog with quality classes, it will be prone to destruction, it can harm itself physically, ruin things and furniture in the house. You should not buy a Border puppy for those who have not previously been involved in raising dogs. Also, it is not recommended as a companion, especially for children’s games.

Top medium breeds

This is the most common group of dogs, the most versatile. Dogs from this group often combine a spectacular appearance with excellent service, hunting qualities. It refers to animals weighing from 12 to 25 kg and growing from 28 to 60 cm.


The Siberian handsome man lives from 12 to 14 years. At first, this dog was used as a sled dog; it was bred in the North. Currently, Huskies have proven themselves to be excellent companion dogs. They are actively used at exhibition forums. Huskies are absolutely devoid of aggression, incredibly patient, sociable. They are often used as therapy dogs for children and people with special needs. They are very fond of communication, games, smart, think perfectly.

The dog is almost impossible to piss off, so it is safe to leave it alone with children.. Because of this, it cannot be used as a watchman, a hunter. Caring for huskies is simple, they are undemanding in feeding, living conditions.

They need human attention and regular active walks, loads.


They belong to one of the oldest breeds, are very energetic, active, require regular walking with physical activity. By nature, they are cheerful, love to play, have fun. They were brought out in the north of Russia, so they are perfectly adapted for any, even the most frosty weather. Perfectly combine working and aesthetic qualities. Very affectionate, gentle, love people, faithful. They can be safely trusted with a child, the breed is absolutely devoid of aggression and is very patient.


This dog lives from 10 to 13 years. They are distinguished by a spectacular spotted color, immediately attracts attention. This is a fairly ancient breed that has always been in great demand and has been popular. The dog is very energetic, active, the owners will have to walk it for a long time, frolic, play with it. It is not recommended to plant it for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. This is a very loyal, peaceful, friendly breed.

chow chow

Chow Chow is a very fluffy dog. depending on the quality of care he can live both 9 and 15 years. The name is translated as a shaggy lion, this similarity is obvious, one has only to look at the red-haired handsome man. It was bred in China as a guard breed, but is also an excellent companion. One of the oldest breeds, created from Spitz and Mastiff. Another distinguishing feature of the appearance of the Chow Chow, in addition to wool, is the tongue of a bluish tint.


This breed is very reminiscent of a collie, but somewhat smaller. They live from 12 to 13 years they were brought out a long time ago, but exact information about the origin has not been established. The purpose of their breeding was to protect the herd. The shepherd dog has become one of the most beloved due to its spectacular appearance, peaceful, cheerful disposition, complaisant character. They are very devoted to the owner, love to play, frolic. Very responsive, the intelligence of the dogs is quite well developed.

English Springer Spaniel

Its lifespan varies 12 to 14 years old. This variety was singled out from the general group of spaniels not too long ago, so in fact the breed is quite young. These dogs, like spaniels in general, were bred as a hunting breed. The nature of the dog is cheerful, energetic, playful. Loyalty and intelligence are developed at a high level. Aggression is unusual for this breed, so you can safely start such a dog for families with children, but it requires active walking.

scottish setter

Live an average of 10 to 12 years, belong to the group of hunting dogs. The breed was bred in the second half of the 19th century. The dog is distinguished by physical strength, hardy, efficient, hardworking. It is not easy to train her, since her temper is quite freedom-loving, independent. Patience and consistency in education are required. Beautiful coat requires constant care. You can safely start both in a private house and in an apartment, but subject to high-quality walking and serious physical exertion.

plus size dog top

Thoroughbred dogs of the largest sizes in the world are distinguished by a variety of appearance. Among them there are many spectacular, truly beautiful dogs. The body weight of this group on average exceeds 25 kg, height – 60 cm.

hungarian hound

Live up to 15 years, belong to the oldest breeds. Among their ancestors are hounds. Dogs of this breed are quite active, practically do not sit still, so you need to do a lot with them, play, and organize rich leisure. At the same time, they are quite balanced, friendly, practically devoid of aggression. Hungarians get along well with people, they are quick-witted, they train well, it is interesting to train them, since the dedication from them is quite large. Among the characteristic features of the breed, courage, devotion, high intelligence can be distinguished.


Live on average up to 12 yearsthe breed was bred as a hunting variety. A very intelligent dog that can make independent decisions, while being quite obedient. She is well trained, can be both a guard and a search dog.

The versatility of service qualities makes the Weinmaraner a very popular and versatile dog.

Giant Schnauzer

This is the largest schnauzer among the entire group. They live up to 15 years, were bred from German shepherd breeds.. This animal has excellent qualities of a service nature, they make excellent watchmen. The dog is brave to the point of recklessness, will always stand up for his master. The breed is energetic, smart, loyal to the owner. It is necessary to organize such dogs high-quality physical activity, long active training. He does a great job as a companion dog.use their abilities in the police, search work, as a family friend, watchman.

German Shepherd

Dog life expectancy varies from 9 to 13 years old. This is one of the most common breeds in the world. Dogs have proven themselves as police dogs, security guards. They are considered one of the smartest dogs on the planet. According to experts and amateur dog breeders, the breed can be considered almost perfect. For all its qualities she is very balanced, patient, perfectly finds a common language with children.

Central asian shepherd dog

For large breeds, these dogs live quite a long time, up to 15 years old. The breed is considered ancient; it was bred in Central Asia for security and service purposes. The dog is fighting in nature and very strong, while being soft, balanced, tolerant. Shows amazing restraint towards animals and people, if properly educated. At the same time, it is able to repel an attack, protect the owner or the territory entrusted to her. It is easy to train a shepherd dog, she is very smart and curious, not too energetic, but attentive.

Alaskan malamute

The maximum life span of dogs is 12 years. This handsome man has one of his own looks. It is similar to the husky and the wolf, the latter, by the way, is one of the ancestors of the modern Malamute. Such an unusual ancestor formed the breed’s inability to bark, these dogs can only growl. The breed was bred in the north and used as a sled dog. By nature, Malamutes are cheerful optimists who love to play and have fun. The older the dog, the more restrained and less energetic it is.

Rough Collie

Their life expectancy varies from 14 to 16 years. One of the most graceful, spectacular long-haired breeds. It was bred as a shepherd, has excellent working qualities, is very hardworking, able to protect a whole herd alone. Great for training. Commands are given by collies very easily, but it is necessary to train a moving dog a lot and with high quality.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These dogs live relatively short lives – from 6 to 8 years. They are also called Bernese Shepherds. They were bred as shepherds and guards. Enough empathic creatures, benevolent, love people, peaceful, strong and hardy.

They are distinguished by the strongest attachment to the owner, but at the same time they are careful with strangers.

The breed is alien to aggression, but she will stand up for defense without hesitation. Barks a little and always for a reason.

australian shepherd

A very beautiful variety of shepherd dog, such a dog lives from 13 to 15 years old. Among her ancestors there are Collies, Basque Shepherd Dogs, Pyrenean Shepherd Dogs. Especially popular in the USA, where it was bred as a guard and a shepherd. The breed is very energetic, active, but human-oriented, obedient, likes to be useful. Very smart, great learner. Playful, likes to move a lot. It is impossible to start her in an apartment, since she cannot live without space.


These dogs live on average from 10 to 12 years old, very fluffy and cute creatures. There is so much hair on the dog that it even closes their view. At the same time, the bobtail perfectly guards the herds. Today, this breed is more used as a companion and nanny, as it gets along well with children and likes to communicate. The acquisition of such a dog obliges to carefully care for its coat. In addition to good nature, this dog is endowed with quick wit, high intelligence, obedient, peaceful towards other animals..

Despite the external massiveness, the dog does not require too much space, so they are willing to start it in apartments.

golden retriever

Golden handsome lives on average from 10 to 12 years old. This is not the largest dog in the large group. It was bred as a hunting British breeders. They are energetic and strong, efficient, well developed scent, memory. They swim great. Modern retrievers are used not only for hunting, but also as a search dog, companion, and therapist. They get along amazingly with children, are not aggressive, are as patient as possible, they can be trusted with a child of any age. Very smart, peaceful, love people. Thanks to beauty and obedience, they are often filmed in commercials and movies.

Labrador retriever

They live about the same as golden retrievers. The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the world. She was bred as a worker, but later her hunting abilities began to be as valued as the abilities of a companion, guide, therapist, rescuer. This is a unique dog, smart, patient, kind, sensitive, sociable. It is extremely difficult to piss off a Labrador.

She is very helpful, gets along well with children, is considered one of the safest breeds.

hungarian kuvasz

Kuvasz lives from 10 to 12 years. Hungarian breeders bred her as a guard shepherd. Kuvasz wool is short, it will not cause difficulties in care, despite the white color. A rather patient dog, but her temper is harsh. It is necessary to educate her very patiently and competently. These dogs are used for hunting, home guarding, protection and as a companion dog.

Tibetan mastiff

One of the oldest breeds lives approximately from 10 to 12 years old. Bred in Tibet, it is extremely hardy and strong physically, adapts to any conditions. The nature of the dogs is reserved and calm, but there are situations when the Mastiff is stubborn. In families, he gets along with all members, becomes a true friend to them. Wherein Great for protecting your home from intruders. Highly smart, well trained.

If the mastiff is not brought up, the animal is potentially dangerous, it can be aggressive.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The maximum life span of a dog about 11 years old. A very large breed, it was bred in the Caucasus as a shepherd dog. Shepherd’s coat is incredibly thick, so she feels great in any frost. Dogs by nature are very persistent, independent, brave, resolute. At the same time, they are calm and restrained, attentive. Used as guards excellent guard duty. Good for training subject to the consistency and tolerance of the host.

German dog

They don’t live too long up to 8 years and are among the largest dogs on the planet. The breed is distinguished by excellent qualities, it can be both a protector and watchman, and a companion. Despite the formidable appearance, the Great Dane is an affectionate and kindest creature. The noble appearance of the dog catches the eye, the grace of the animal is impeccable. He is very devoted to the whole family, especially highlights children, never hurt them. From dogs are obtained great nannies and companions. A well-bred dog is completely devoid of aggression.

afghan hound

These dogs live up to 14 years old, bred as a hunting breed. The dog’s coat is extremely thick, pleasant to the touch, tall – up to 70 cm. Quite an ancient breed, it is difficult to train. They love to play, have fun, need care and communication. Borzoi’s wit is low, in addition, she is cowardly. It is not recommended to take such a dog in a family with children. It is better to bring up this breed to people who have experience and the ability to correct the behavior of dogs.

english mastiff

The mastiff, bred by British breeders, lives on average up to 12 years old. This is the largest mastiff of all existing. The character of the dog is complex, stubborn, so it is not easy to educate it. It is impossible to predict how difficult it will be to deal with a mastiff, they are very individual. Some of them are almost impossible to force to learn. Some representatives of the breed are active, some are calm.

The training of such a dog should be undertaken only by an experienced dog breeder, persistent and patient. At the same time, the dog is very devoted and faithful to the owner.

Akita Inu

These dogs can live up to 15 years. The breed is considered quite ancient, it was bred by Japanese dog breeders. Among her ancestors there are Mastiffs, Chinese Spitz. They created a breed for the purpose of hunting a large animal. The dog is very determined, bold, attentive, optimistic and active.. Incredibly devoted to the owner.

It was to this breed that the legendary Hachiko belonged, even after death he did not leave the owner.


Live on average up to 9 yearsquite large are characterized by increased fragility. Among the positive qualities of the breed are fearlessness, poise, devotion. Leonberger is used as a companion, family friend, watchman. Among his ancestors are Landseers and St. Bernards.


The graceful animal lives approximately up to 13 years old. The breed was bred and used as a service breed. The abilities of the Doberman have found application in the search, the police service. The dog’s sense of smell is simply amazing. They are smart, quick-witted, very balanced. If the dog is properly raised, it will turn out to be a devoted family friend who can be safely left with children. Without appropriate training, a dog can become annoyed by the inappropriate behavior of young children.


german pointer lives up to 14 years old, German breeders bred it, among the ancestors there are also German cops. A very beautiful spotted dog was bred for falconry and bird hunting. They are excellent swimmers, energetic, active, love to move, play. They are very smart, easy to train, but need physical training on a regular basis. Very hardy, perfectly tolerate cold, swim even in cold water due to high-quality undercoat.

They are unpretentious in maintenance, they can be kept in an apartment and a private house, but on the street they will need an insulated booth and an aviary. Curious, peaceful, love to play with children.

Selection Tips

Even the most spectacular and beautiful appearance is not a reason or a reason to get a dog. First of all, you must assess your readiness and all family members to be responsible for the future pet. If you decide to choose a dog among the most beautiful breeds, analyze your options and compare with the following factors.

  • The size. This is one of the most important criteria. It affects the amount of feed, for example. In addition, decorative and medium-sized dogs are better suited for keeping in small apartments. The larger the dog, the more space it needs for comfort.
  • Character. Another important factor. The more active and energetic the breed, the more space and time it needs for games and exercise. In addition, there are noisy dogs, it will be difficult to have them in a city apartment. Whether you can provide the dog with a long walk, active training – you need to think about this before acquiring it. If the answer is no, it is better to prefer a calm and sedentary breed.
  • Wool. This is both molting and regular care. If you are intolerant to wool or suffer from allergies, you should avoid breeds with a thick undercoat. If you are not too eager for daily care, choose short-haired pets.

In addition to all of the above, evaluate the genetic predisposition of the breed to diseases, salivation, nutritional habits, the need for communication. There are breeds that are completely incapable of enduring loneliness. If you work a lot and are rarely at home, it is better to opt for less sociable dogs. Small children and too fragile or impatient breeds are incompatible. The first baby can cause irreparable harm, the latter themselves are a danger.

Not always small dogs get along better than large ones in an apartment. Many breeds are too noisy, active, require serious training, and can hunt other animals.

If you decide to get a large dog, you will have to take care of a sufficient area for the pet, properly organize his life. Despite the power, height and weight, large dogs are often less aggressive, more balanced, calm, friendly. However, analyze how much free time do you have to allocate it to raising a large dog. Many dogs without proper training can change their behavior for the worse.

Big dog needs enough space to walk and you will have to walk it at least twice a day. In addition, catering for such an animal will be quite expensive.

Medium-sized dogs are more versatile and can be kept in an apartment, with the exception of overly active hunting varieties. If we are not talking about too shaggy representatives, then caring for dogs in this group is easier. These dogs eat less.

Decorative dogs are adapted for life only in apartments, many of them do not need a long walk, they can be taken with you on trips. Please note that small dogs are often unbalanced, vicious, barking a lot. It is necessary to study the negative character traits of the animal and learn how to correct them.

Top 10 most beautiful dogs, see below.