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Types and choice of door for a cat

For many, the appearance of a cat or a cat at home is a pleasant event, because pets bring a lot of joyful emotions. But along with this, there are many small everyday problems that require a quick solution. The comfort of not only people, but also the cat itself depends on this. First of all, the issue of displacement must be resolved. And in this case, special doors become great helpers. To make the door comfortable, you need to explore all kinds of options and choose the most suitable one.


Doors for cats play the same role as a similar item designed for people. With it, pets can enter or exit somewhere, as well as get from one room to another. The door itself may look like a through hole or an opening closed with shutters. It is usually used in cases such as:

  • if the cat needs to get from the street to the house and back;
  • to move between rooms.

In fact, street doors are being installed less and less now, since self-walking cats are no longer so popular. Interior doors for cats can be an effective tool for moving an animal inside a house or apartment without the help of the owners. Depending on the purpose, the door must meet the following requirements:

  • first of all, be comfortable for the cat;
  • keep dust, drafts and odors out;
  • fit well into the interior of the door or wall;
  • easy to install and dismantle;
  • have additional functions – a lock, a brush to collect wool, tracking sensors, and so on.

It is best if the door appears in the house at the same time as the kitten. If the animal is an adult, certain difficulties may arise. If the cat cannot adapt or is afraid to use such an opening, time, patience and training will help.

It can be lured with delicious food or interesting items. For starters, it is better to remove the frightening door completely. When the cat learns to pass through the through opening, it can be hung with a soft cloth or a transparent film. As soon as this obstacle is overcome, you can hang a solid door.

Pros and cons

When deciding on the need for a cat door, it is necessary to take into account both its pros and cons. There are several positive aspects.

  • Releasing owners from having to open doors or keep them open all the time. No need to jump up and drop everything if the pet wants to enter or leave the room. It is believed that this device was invented by Newton, who had no time to open the entrance for his pets.
  • Cats and cats feel more free, especially if there is access to all the right places. If the tray is in the closet, the bowls of food are in the kitchen, and the toys are in the living room, closed doors can cause constant stress. It is not surprising if the impatient animals begin to scratch the walls or do not have time to go to the tray. In the case of unimpeded passage, there are no such problems.
  • Unlike permanently open interior doors, doors with built-in passages protect against dust, odors and other environmental influences.
  • The freedom of the pet can be controlled at the request of the owner. If the room needs to be isolated, then a regular or magnetic lock can be put on an existing cat door.
  • Self-walking on the street, if it is approved by the owner, has its advantages. There is no smell of the tray at home and problems with the filler. On the street, living conditions are close to natural, cats can climb trees, freely run, jump, hunt. The street has a positive effect on health due to fresh air and vitamins.

Negative factors are mainly associated with street doors, because the majority of accidents occur outside the home.

That’s why most animal rights activists urge to give pets only to houses without self-walking. This is especially true for the urban environment, where, in addition to dogs and parasites, machines and even people can cause significant health damage. The disadvantages of interior passages for cats are mainly related to the imperfection of the design and material.

In this case, it is only necessary to choose a more convenient model that fully meets the requirements.


Depending on the design features, all cat doors can be divided into two groups. The first group includes all kinds of manholes, which are a through passage. This is the simplest model, characterized by the following positive characteristics:

  • the size of such a hole can be any;
  • their low location is especially convenient for cats;
  • nothing restricts the transition of animals between rooms;
  • the edges of the manhole can be trimmed at your discretion, as well as equipped with brushes or a fleecy cloth to clean the animal;
  • no need to spend money on installation, all manufacturing steps can be done independently;
  • in such a simple design there are no parts that can break at the wrong moment, there are no obstacles for the cat – they are not afraid to pass through such a passage and easily get used to it.

Laz is more suitable for moving between rooms, but even in them it will not completely protect against cold or loud sounds. In addition, other animals can enter through the opening in the front door. Despite the convenience, the reliability of such an entrance leaves much to be desired. Yes, and you can block the hole only with the help of foreign objects.

The second group includes passages with sashes. Here, the simplest model looks like the same manhole, but already equipped with a door. The principle of operation is quite simple – the cat comes up, pushes it and gets where it needs to be. The shutters open in both directions. The pros are as follows:

  • there is protection from insects, animals, debris, cold and so on;
  • the cat can move quite easily if the door opens easily;
  • you can install a latch and close the passage for a certain time;
  • it is possible to do it yourself – to attach a sash on any fasteners to a regular hole;
  • installation is possible both on an entrance door, and in the house.

Despite protection from external factors, such a hatch will not be absolutely tight, so there is a possibility of foreign objects, cold air and unpleasant odors. This problem can be solved with a seal. Installation at the right height is not always possible due to the nature of the doors. In addition, you should take care to when opening and closing the sash did not make popping sounds.

The most reliable are cat doors, which are a complex system of frames, seals, fixtures and sashes. They are made on the principle of real doors, but only in a reduced form. Their strengths are as follows:

  • when closed, they completely isolate the premises;
  • opening and closing without noise;
  • can be mounted both in the door and in the wall (for double doors or thick walls there are transitions in the form of a small tunnel);
  • there are models equipped with sensors that allow you to control the arrival of a cat or restrict the access of other animals (all data is read from a cat collar);
  • a large selection of materials, colors, sizes with different prices;
  • they cannot be made by yourself, but factory production is a guarantee of good work, reliability and durability.

Inserting a similar cat door requires a certain skill. Breakdowns, although rare, will require professional repair. However, these costs pay off with a pleasant appearance and good functionality.

How to choose?

Choosing a door for a cat only at first glance seems simple. Having made a hasty decision, in the process of using the manhole, shortcomings may be revealed. And it is not so easy to dismantle an existing passage and replace it with another one – both means and forces are needed for this. Yes, and the pet will have to be limited during the repair. Therefore, you need to take into account several nuances.

  • First you need to determine the areas that your pet needs to visit. In ordinary life, this can be: a street or a balcony for walking, a bathroom with a tray, a kitchen with a place for eating and a room where all family members communicate, and there is also a sleeping place. If all these rooms are separated, 3 to 5 cat doors should be installed.
  • Next, you need to determine the degree of complexity of such inputs. For example, ordinary manholes can be placed in a living room. Passages to the kitchen and to the toilet must be closed with doors. And in the balcony or front door you need special mortise systems with good sealing and thermal insulation.
  • Many questions are caused by the size of the hole. Narrow passages will make it difficult for other, larger animals to access, and they look more aesthetically pleasing. But it is necessary to take into account the growth of the pet and look for information about sizes at different ages. For cat owners, it is necessary to take into account the possible pregnancy. Factory products have a fixed dimensional grid, but with your own hands you can make absolutely any dimensions.
  • Doors for cats are made of plastic, wood or metal. Usually they are selected for an existing door or are guided by the appearance of the interior. In addition to beauty, strength must also be appreciated. The most reliable metal in this respect, but the cost of such a product will be quite decent. In addition, such a sash when opening can be too heavy. The tree is not suitable for placement from the side of the street. In contrast, plastic is more resistant to moisture and washes well, but it is less durable.
  • If the pet is not afraid of crowded places, you can take it with you to the store and try out the passage on the spot. Before buying on the Internet, you can additionally study existing reviews.
  • Any door must be carefully inspected for defects, sharp edges and parts. Be sure to check the operation of the hinges – the sash should open easily. The weight of the moving parts should not be heavy so as not to pinch the tail or limbs.

Installation rules

The complexity of the installation depends on the material from which the large door is made, as well as the presence of stiffeners, panels, glass inserts, and so on. If the door is wooden, installing a cat hole is not difficult by following these steps:

  1. it is necessary to remove it from the hinges and make markings along the frame from the manhole;
  2. at a window cut with an electric jigsaw, it is necessary to process all the edges;
  3. then a frame is fixed in the hole or it is covered with a soft cloth, do not forget about the other side; so that the internal cuts in the door leaf are not visible when open, it is better to pay attention to the tunnel doors or stock up on additional materials, for example, self-adhesive tape in color;
  4. then the door is put in place and the sash is attached.

Working with an entrance or balcony door requires completely different tools and proper calculation. If possible, such a hole must be discussed already when ordering new door panels. In the case of going outside, there must be a lock in the cat door so that thieves cannot use it when the owners leave.

Sometimes design features do not allow making a hole low – in this case, the height should be quite comfortable for the animal.

Passages in the walls are far from uncommon. It’s just that punching them, especially when it comes to the supporting structure, is quite difficult. Moreover, here it is necessary to take into account the presence of pipes, wires and other nuances. In partitions inside walls, it is better to think over such holes in advance – at the construction stage, or at least before repair. A hole in the wall is a good alternative when one cannot be made in the door.

How to install the door with your own hands, see below.