The best small pets

Caring for animals brings up the best qualities in us: kindness, compassion, responsibility. A pet is able to keep company with a person who lives alone. Most often, dogs or cats are kept at home, but in city apartments it is not always possible to provide them with the necessary conditions for a comfortable life, especially when the owners are busy at work. An alternative could be small animals that even children or the elderly can take care of. You can choose a pet suitable for your requirements from the proposed list.

The most inexpensive

Not everyone is able to afford to buy an animal worth several thousand, or even tens of thousands of rubles. It should be borne in mind that caring for such a pet will require significant investments. But there are no less cute small animals that are inexpensive and at the same time undemanding to care for.


Hamsters – ohdays of the most common small pets. Their cost depends on the type and place of purchase, but on average it is 200-500 rubles. Of course, keeping them in a glass jar, as some “owners” suggest, is by no means impossible. Hamsters are active animals, and they will need a fairly voluminous cage with high-quality filler and items for play. But compared to other animals, these costs are relatively low (about 3 thousand rubles).

Representatives of large species of hamsters, as a rule, are more peaceful. For children who like to take animals in their hands, it is better to choose, for example, Syrian ones. But it must be borne in mind that these animals are active mainly at night.

And you need to imagine that their life is very short (up to 3 years).


Another pet that is inexpensive is the rat. Even an animal with a rare color costs no more than 500 rubles. The average price is 200 rubles. You can keep rats one at a time or in same-sex pairs, opposite-sex couples will breed too quickly. There are up to 18 rats in one litter.

These are smart animals that can be trained. But the cage for them must be strong, and you should not let the animals out of it for a walk. Rats are capable of chewing on very hard materials.

Unfortunately, they do not live long, rarely live longer than 3 years.

The cleverest

If the price is not of decisive importance and it is important for you to communicate with the animal, and not just admire it, then in addition to rats, you can pay attention to the following pets.

Guinea pig

These animals are larger than hamsters and rats, but in adulthood they weigh no more than 1.2 kg. You can buy a guinea pig relatively inexpensively, although the cost of representatives of rare breeds can reach several thousand rubles. A cub up to a month old can be purchased for an average of 500 rubles, but it will require more attention than an adult. It is best to buy 5-week-old gilts. If the breed does not matter, then such a pet can be found for 1000 rubles, and even cheaper.

Guinea pigs love the company, it is better to keep them in groups (male and 3 females). But even one animal will feel comfortable if the owner communicates with him more often.

With good care, these animals live up to 7 years.


The domestic ferret, or ferret, is a smart and cunning animal, and at the same time very cute. He has a soft, fluffy coat that is pleasant to the touch, and the palette of colors is quite wide. Such a pet will require a lot of attention, but it will not let you get bored either. With patience, a ferret can be trained and even toilet trained.

The main disadvantage is the unpleasant smell. But it should be noted that if you are not going to breed ferrets, then the animals must be sterilized, and during this operation, the musk glands are usually removed. It will be inconvenient for a ferret to live permanently in a cage, so the apartment should be prepared so that both the owner and the pet feel comfortable in it.

The average lifespan of a ferret is 8 years, but ferrets have been known to live up to 15 years.


This animal has a characteristic black color with white stripes, so it can hardly be confused with someone else. In terms of habits and conditions of detention, it is similar to a ferret, but, according to the owners, is even friendlier. The problem with the smell is also solved in a similar way.

Skunks are also able to give a lot of positive emotions to their owners.

Without smell

In nature, there are no odorless animals, because with the help of smell they recognize each other and communicate. At home, with proper care, it is possible to avoid unnecessary “flavors” of pets. But there are still animals, the smell of which, at least for the human nose, is practically not noticeable.


You can get, for example, a chinchilla. This animal, of course, will be quite expensive, as it has valuable, very beautiful fur, but it will give its owners a lot of pleasant moments. He likes to swim, but in the sand, not in the water, and does not smell at all. But keep in mind that under stress, a chinchilla can go bald, so it is important to create a calm environment for your pet.

The life expectancy of the animal can reach 20 years.


This small exotic animal resembles a mixture of a mouse and a gopher. He is easily tamed and toilet trained, so he can sometimes walk around the apartment. But you need to watch the gerbils carefully, as they like to gnaw on various objects, and, for example, pieces of wood should be placed in a cage specifically for this. They should be kept in groups, the animals feel uncomfortable alone, but even from the company of gerbils there is almost no smell.

Unfortunately, they do not live long – up to 3 years.


Not everyone is ready for the fact that a pet dies. Children are especially worried. In the top long-lived animals, in addition to the chinchilla and the ferret, you can include the following animals.


This cute pet is familiar to many. He is not very picky about the content, but his activity and natural curiosity must be satisfied. That’s why a running wheel should be placed in the cage, and a tamed pet should sometimes be let out for a walk around the apartment.

Although in nature, chipmunks live no longer than 3 years, at home they can live up to 10.


It should be said right away that it is dangerous to bring hedgehogs home from the forest, as they often get rabies or have other infections. It is better to purchase a pet from a trusted breeder. Hedgehogs are rather calm animals and do not like increased attention to themselves, but they get used to the owners and gladly expose their belly to be scratched. It must be taken into account that These animals are active mainly at night and can hibernate during the winter.

With proper care, hedgehogs live up to 10 years.

You can learn how to care for chinchillas by watching the video below.